Administrative Law Dean Perritt Spring, 1998 Syllabus
date unit  subject assignment 
1/12 1 state/local inspection - agency action?  Inspection problem; related materials on Web for first day 
1/14 2 background, description  1-50 (emphasize 1-30); APA §551(1) [casebook p.1133] 
1/21 3 role of statutes, delegation, vagueness  51-79; language for hypos
1/26 4 legislative veto  79-100
1/28 5 delegation of adjudicatory authority  101-114
2/2 6 statutory precision, irrebutable presumptions; Delaney clause  114-140; telco Bill of Attainder case
2/9 7 techniques of legislative and executive control  140-159 (skim); 
Acquaint yourself with the following materials for 2/9; read them more carefully before 2/11 and 2/16 classes: 
Constitutionality of trade disputes panels: 
NAFTA constitutional issues; 
WTO constitutional issues; 
ACCT case
Constitutionality of multinational military engagements 
Presidential Decision Directive 25;  
Winner article
Hoskins article
2/11 seminar in comparative institutions - 1745-2100 10th Floor Events Room,; buffet dinner Abbott "echo" February, 1998; review international materials assigned for 2/9
2/16 8 executive supervision; appointment power  160-195; international hypo
2/18 9 Congr power to limit executive control  195-229
2/23 techniques of executive control  229-265; Exec.Ord.12866; [optional] OMB report on regulation; War Powers Resolution [will be used in class]
2/25 12 intro, Friendly list, Goldberg, M. v. Eldridge  266-303
3/2 no class
3/4 13 interests protected - Roth, Perry, Loudermill  303-334
3/9 14 fed stat. hearing rights  334-352; comparison of procedural due process, APA requirements and Fed.R.Civ.P.--chart;  
[use in class: yamasaki.html]
3/11 15 roadmap of record, sep of functions  352-373; APA §§554-557; CDA language for class dicsussion 
3/16 19 controlling adjudication through rulemaking; obligation to follow rules  397-414; 567-570; fuel consumption chart (for class); note on procedural rules; note on age 60 rule
3/23 20 rulemaking - intro, authority to make  417-431
3/25 21 informal RM procedure  APA § 553; 431-432; 437; 440-481; [to be used in class] HHS organ transplant proposed rule 
makeup complete by last day of class 1. find a notice of proposed rulemaking 
in the Federal Register or on an agency 
Web page 
2. write and submit a comment to the agency 
3. send a copy to HHP 
4. you *may* work with *one* other person; if you 
do, submit to HHP a statement saying what work 
each person did. 
you can look at sample comments filed with the FCC 
to get an idea as to format
4/6 22 negotiated rulemaking; sources of info and analysis; hearings; politics & rationality - ex parte contact  486-495; 571-576, 1171-1178; 495-533 (Vt Yankee and other cases); Federal Advisory Committee Act (for use in class); adsl diagram
4/8 25  making policy without rules; through adjudication Chenery  542-559 adsl diagram - revised
Judicial Review 
4/13  intro; Overton Park; 
interp. of law
703-740; NCUA v. First Nt'l Bank & Trust (defer standing sections); Allentown
4/15 30  facts & substantial evidence; science, policy, Benzene case 740-785
4/20, 4/22 no class  
4/27 32  availability of review 785-816; NCUA v. First Nat'l Bank & Trust (concentrate on standing sections)
4/29 - makeup 
33 review lecture
  1. Unless you are told otherwise, each class session will cover the next "unit." The first class will cover Unit 1.
  2. page numbers without preceding letter = pages in Mashaw, Merrill, & Shane 3d ed
  3. Other references point to supplementary materials on the Web page for the course, reachable through
  4. * = handout, to be available on the Web page before class
  5. You are encouraged to participate in the electronic study group for this course