Comparison of elements of procedural due process,
APA requirements and Fed.R.Civ.P.
Friendly Fed.R.Civ.P. APA
1. unbiased tribunal judge, master, magistrate 556(b) iden + "impartial"; appointment


2. notice of proposed action and grounds asserted for it service

notice pleading

554(b)(2), (3)
3. opportunity to present reasons why shound not occur answer

motion to dismiss

motion for s.j.

554(c)(2) = right to 556,557 hearing

555(b) "in person"

4. right to call witnesses discovery


555(d) subpoenas

556(d) "oral evidence . . . may be received"; "party is entitled to present case by oral . . .; " in RM may adopt procedures for submission in written"

5. right to know opposing evidence discovery

open trial R.43

557(c) submission of findings, record shows rulings
6. right to have decision based exclusively on evidence presented open trial R.43

open records

556(d); 556(e)
7. right to counsel implicit 555(b)
8. making of record   556(d), (e)
9. availability of statement of reasons R.52 557(c)
10. public attendance R.43 ?
11. judicial review structure; juris of § 706