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Office of International Law and Policy Development,

Assistant Dean Lydia Lazar

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Week of August 25, 2003

As the assistant dean for international law and policy, it is my pleasure to welcome you to Chicago-Kent. In today's column I plan to give you a "heads up" on international stuff which you may want to start thinking about for next summer and next year. In future weeks, I will use this space to draw your attention to upcoming internationally oriented events at the law school, to dialogue with some of our professors and students regarding their research projects, and to comment on international events and legal issues. I would welcome your feedback on my comments. My office is on the 3rd floor, room 320B and I encourage you to come and see me if you'd like to talk about international courses, finding internships in international law, practicing international law, issues you find thought provoking, etc.


The academic program for first year students is set for the first year so everything I am going to say about courses falls in the "think about it later" category.

We have a wide range of international law courses and seminars, and while not everything is offered every year, there is always something internationally oriented to take. For those of you who are interested, there is a Certificate in International and Comparative Law that you can earn while you earn your JD degree. The requirements for this Certificate can be found outside my office and also on the website for the Office of International Law and Policy.

Basically, to earn the Certificate you must take 14 credit hours of which 9 must be from a set list of core courses, complete an application for the program, and meet with me to get approval for the courses you intend to apply toward the Certificate.

Study Abroad

Many of you will be interested in studying abroad either during the summer or one of your law school semesters. There are a wide variety of summer programs offered by many different law schools. Chicago-Kent has its own summer study abroad program in Mexico City, in partnership with the Tec de Monterrey law school. For more information about this program, you should contact Professor Howard Eglit, as he is responsible for this innovative and exciting program.

Summer Programs: You can learn more about summer law study programs by checking out our collection of announcements - it's in the Career Services office.

Special exchange programs: We have created several special exchange programs for students who are very focused on international law and want to study law abroad for more than a summer. Students can choose to study for a semester in Argentina, Denmark, England, Germany, Italy or Norway, and earn law credits that will count toward your degree here at Kent.

Externship at Mexican Consulate

We have an ongoing relationship with the Mexican Consulate here and several students have already served as externs there. If you speak Spanish and think you might be interested in this opportunity, the person to speak with is Professor Vivien Gross.

International Programming at Chicago-Kent

During the course of the school year you will hear about international programs here in the building and I want to encourage you - as long as you are keeping up with your classes - to come to the brown bag lunches and other speaker events that you will see in the Record or posted on the walls and on our bulletin board

International programming here is often sponsored by something called "GLAPI" - which stands for the Global Law and Policy Initiative. We schedule free events and speakers and usually ask for students to RSVP so that we can better anticipate the headcount and get the right room, but if you don't RSVP for an event that doesn't mean you can't come - we always make room!

International Students

You may notice that there are international students integrated into your classes. We have a growing number of LL.M. (Master's in Law) students coming to Chicago-Kent, and more than 15 countries are represented in this year's class. These international students add diversity to our school and through their participation in our classes, help broaden our perspectives on the law.

International Law Students Association

Finally, I want to tell you about ILSA, the International Law Students Association. We have a chapter of ILSA here and you can learn more about ILSA from the Record. ILSA meets regularly and being involved with ILSA is a great way to meet students with similar interests and to learn from their experiences with summer study programs or professors teaching courses here.

I am thrilled to welcome you to Chicago Kent and want to encourage you to come see me if you have any questions about studying international law at Kent or elsewhere, or if you just want to chat about the prospect of being an international lawyer, whether as a corporate attorney, an international litigator or a human rights activist.





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