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Marc A. Grinker, Visiting Associate Professor of Law and Director of the Ilana Diamond Rovner Program in Appellate Advocacy, Chicago-Kent College of Law, Illinois Institute of Technology.

I would like to thank Professors Suzanne Ehrenberg and Molly Warner Lien for their support of this project. I am especially indebted to Professor Susan Adams for her careful reading and editing of an earlier draft. Her suggestions have made this a better learning and teaching tool. Rosemary Shiels, Director of the Chicago-Kent College of Law Center for Law and Computers, and Jeff Harrison, a second-year law student working for the Center, provided invaluable support in creating and programming the computer-software version of this guide. I am also grateful to Dominick Grillo, Manager of Chicago-Kent's Electronic Publishing and Computer Resources Group, for his important contributions in the editing and testing of this program.