Types of Materials

The Legal Research Tutorials presented on the Legal Writing Website include
  1. multi-media library tours;
  2. quizzes; and
  3. lecture notes.
Below are brief descriptions of the different types of media you will encounter in each topic:

Multi-media Library Tours

The Legal Writing Program has developed video/audio presentations that can be viewed over your computer from anywhere your computer has access to the internet, although the most reliable access is within the law school. These presentations are made available using RealPlayer technology.

RealPlayer must be installed as a plug-in on your web browser.

NOTE: All lab computers have RealPlayer installed.

How do I tell if RealPlayer is on my computer
How do I download and install RealPlayer



These quizzes test your knowledge of the information imparted to you in the library tours. You should take the quiz after you go through a library tour. The quizzes are also taken through the web browser.

When you click on the "Quiz" link under any subject area, the actual Quiz starts in another version of your default web browser. If you do not have another instance of your web browser already open, your computer automatically opens one. If you do have another instance of your web browser open, the quiz will begin in that instance of the program. You may not know it has begun, so be sure you check all instances of web browsers that you have open to see if the quiz has begin there.

Lecture Notes

We have provided lecture notes for each of the library tours that you can save on your personal computer (or H: drive) in either Microsoft Word or WordPerfect format for your future reference.

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