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1998-99 Academic Year

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Did you receive a Chicago-Kent Scholarship this year?  Do you have questions about your award?  Review Chicago-Kent's scholarship policies. 
Searching for financial assistance for law school?  Consider exploring outside scholarships.
Throughout the academic year, the Office of Admissions receives notices of scholarships that are offered through external organizations.  This page will be updated weekly and will include information on all of the external scholarship notices that we have received. 

Another good source of information about outside scholarship awards is fastWEB on the internet.  This site maintains a searchable database of over 400,000 scholarship awards for which you may apply.  You can visit the fastWEB site at

1998-99 Outside Scholarships
Date Posted Deadline Award Information
October 15, 1998 Just the Beginning Foundation 
Scholarships are available for full- and part-time students currently enrolled in an Illinois law school who are in need of financial assistance.  Scholarship awards must be used during the 1998-99 academic year.  To be considered, applicants must submit a completed scholarship application, a resume, a law school transcript, two letters of recommendation, a letter of good standing, and a three page essay.  The scholarship application and additional information are available in the Office of Admissions, Suite 230.
Chicago-Kent Scholarship Policies 
Chicago-Kent provides a range of scholarships to reward academic performance and to help lessen financial need.  The following scholarship policies concern these awards and appear in §13.3 of the 1997-98 Student Handbook. 
(a) Students who received renewable scholarships upon admission to the College are automatically considered for renewal based on their academic performance.  In order to continue to receive a renewable scholarship, the student must maintain the specified rank or GPA at the end of each academic year, on a continuing basis.  The class rank or GPA required for renewal, as well as other terms of renewability, are set forth in the scholarship acceptance form signed by the student. 
(b) Merit scholarships are generally awarded to students who rank in the top 25% of their graduating class.  The number of merit scholarships awarded, and the amount of the awards, are not guaranteed and are limited by funds available in the scholarship budget in any given year. 
(c) Full-tuition scholarships, half-tuition scholarships and other scholarships based on a percentage of tuition, are calculated based on the cost of tuition for a 28 credit hour year for day-division students and a 20 credit hour year for evening-division students. 
(d) All scholarships are distributed one-half in the fall semester, one-half in the spring semester, and only in the semesters in which the student is enrolled.  Scholarships may not be applied to summer sessions.  Students who visit at another school or who accelerate their graduation will forfeit a portion of their scholarship award. 
(e) Scholarships may not be completely transferable from one division to another division.  Students transferring divisions should consult with the Director of Admissions to determine the percentage of their scholarship which is transferable. 
(f) Renewable scholarships, merit-based scholarships and student activity scholarships are not cumulative and students will receive only the highest award for which they qualify.  For example, a student receiving a renewable scholarship, who then qualifies for a merit scholarship, based on class rank, will receive the higher of the two awards.


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