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2001-2002 Academic Year

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Important Information for 2001-2002 Chicago-Kent Scholarship Recipients

If you have been awarded a Chicago-Kent scholarship for the 2001-2002 academic year, please refer to the Scholarship Policies from the current Student Handbook for important information concerning your award.  Please direct any questions about your scholarship to the Office of Admissions, Suite 230.

External Scholarships

Throughout the year, the Office of Admissions receives notices of scholarships that are offered through external organizations. Information about the scholarship awards that are currently available is listed below.  Award notices are listed by the date on which they were posted.  For a complete list of the scholarships that were posted in the Record last year, click here.

You may also find information on other outside scholarship awards on the Internet. The following sites are useful for finding scholarship and financial aid information:

Date Posted Application Deadline Award Information


April 15, 2002 USA Funds "Access to Education" Scholarships
USA Funds, the nation's leading student-loan guarantor, will award renewable $1,500 scholarships to full-time graduate students with financial need. Up to 50 percent of the scholarships will be targeted to students who, in addition to demonstrating financial need, are members of an ethnic-minority group or are physically disabled. USA Funds will renew these scholarships until students complete their degrees or until the total amount awarded to each student reaches $6,000, whichever comes first, as long as the student remains continuously enrolled and maintains a 2.5 grade-point average on a 4.0 scale. Applications and additional information are available on the USA Funds website at or by faxing an application request with your name and mailing address to 888-546-4107.
March 1, 2002 Jewish Vocational Service, Gertrude and Harry G. Fins Scholarship Fund
The Jewish Vocational Service of Metropolitan Chicago will award scholarships from the Gertrude and Harry G. Fins Scholarship Fund for the 2002-2003 academic year. Awards typically range from $1,000 to $5,000. To be eligible, you must: be Jewish; be enrolled full-time at Chicago-Kent or one of the other designated law schools; be domiciled in the Chicago metropolitan community; establish financial need; and demonstrate career promise. All applicants must be available for a personal interview at the JVS offices prior to May 1, 2002. Applications are available on the Jewish Vocational Service website at (click on "Scholarship Services"), or by contacting the JVS at (312) 357-4500 or by e-mail at An informational brochure is available in the Office of Admissions, Suite 230.
June 25, 2002 Polish Women's Civic Club, Inc. Scholarship
The Polish Women's Civic Club, Inc. is a philanthropic organization of American women of Polish descent interested in discovering the richness of their Polish heritage and sharing it with others. Realizing that education is the main tool for deepening an appreciation of culture and advancing a people, the Club supports educational activities and the personal efforts of Polish American students, male and female, through financial scholarships. To qualify for a scholarship, applicants must (1) be a United States citizen; (2) have at least one parent of Polish heritage; (3) be a Chicago area resident enrolled as a full-time student in their second year or beyond; (4) exhibit definite financial need; and (5) have acceptable grades. Scholarship applications are available in the Office of Admissions, Suite 230, or by enclosing a self-addressed stamped envelope and writing to: Polish Women's Civic Club, Attn: Therese Brzezinski, Education Committee Chairman, P.O. Box 31967, Chicago, Illinois 60631-0967.
March 31, 2002 National Federation of the Blind Scholarship Program
The National Federation of the Blind will award thirty scholarships to high-achieving legally blind students. Awards range from $3,000 to $10,000 and recipients will be notified in May. All scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic excellence, service to the community and financial need. Applications and additional information are available in the Office of Admissions, Suite 230.
March 1, 2002 ABA Legal Opportunity Scholarship
The mission of the ABA Legal Opportunity Scholarship Fund is to encourage racial and ethnic minority students to apply to law school and to provide financial assistance to ensure that these students have the opportunity to attend law school for three years. The scholarship fund will award $5,000 of financial assistance annually to each scholarship recipient attending an ABA-accredited law school. An award made to an entering first-year student may be renewable for two additional years, resulting in financial assistance totaling $15,000 during his/her time in law school. Applicants for the scholarship must be entering, first-year law students in Fall 2002. Students already in law school are not eligible to apply for the award. Applications are available online at or in the Office of Admissions, Suite 230.
11/19/01 March 1, 2002 Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago Academic Scholarship Program
Educational scholarship funds from the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago are available for law students for the 2002-2003 academic year.  Scholarships are available for Jewish students legally domiciled in the greater Chicago metropolitan area who are identified as having promise for significant contributions in their chosen careers, and who are in need of financial assistance for full-time academic programs.  The largest fund is the Marcus and Theresa Levie Educational Fund.  Applicants for the Levie Educational Fund must be legally domiciled in Cook County.  Other awards are available to residents of the greater Chicago metropolitan area and the Yonover awards are open to residents of Northwest Indiana.  Additional information is available in the Office of Admissions, Suite 230.  Applications are available after December 1, 2001 and may be obtained by contacting:  Scholarship Secretary, Jewish Vocational Service, Phone: (312) 357-4521; Fax: (312) 553-5544; e-mail:  Additional information is also available at by clicking on the link for "Scholarship Services."
The application deadlines for the following scholarship awards have already passed.  This information is provided to assist you in determining the time of year that various awards are typically offered.  Awards are listed in chronological order by their application deadline.
Date Posted 2001-2002 Deadline Award Information


September 14, 2001 Justinian Society of Lawyers Scholarships
The Justinian Society of Lawyers of Cook County awards scholarships annually to Italian-American law students who demonstrate financial need, Italian ancestry and academic achievement. Students interested in applying for scholarships must complete the scholarship application, and submit a law school transcript, financial information and 500-word essay. Applications are available on the Justinian Society Web site at, or in the Office of Admissions, Suite 230.


September 15, 2001 NAPABA Law Foundation Scholarships
The NAPABA Law Foundation, created by the National Asian Pacific American Bar Association, will award scholarships this fall on a nationwide basis to law students who demonstrate a commitment to serve or contribute to the Asian Pacific American community as future leaders. Applicants must be currently enrolled in an accredited U.S. law school at least half time, and must submit a completed and signed NAPABA Law Foundation Scholarship Application form.  Applicants must also submit an official law school transcript (or for first-year students, a statement from their law school certifying that they are law degree candidates enrolled at least half-time), a resume and two letters of recommendation.  Applicants who wish to demonstrate financial need may also submit a copy of their financial aid application. NAPABA Law Foundation Scholarship applications and additional information are available on the Foundation's Web site at The Foundation also has several fellowships, in amounts up to $5,000, available for students who will be working in public interest or community service organizations benefitting Asian Pacific American communities. The deadline for fellowship applications is March 31, 2000. Fellowship applications and additional information are available on the Foundation's website at
October 8, 2001 Hellenic Bar Association Scholarships
The Hellenic Bar Association of Illinois (HBA), an organization of Illinois attorneys of Hellenic descent, will award scholarships to second- and third-year law students of Hellenic descent based upon academic performance and demonstrable financial need.  This year, HBA will award at least three scholarships of $2,500 each.  Applicants must submit the HBA Scholarship Application, official law school transcripts and proof of financial need. Applicants will be required to complete an interview on the evening of Tuesday, October 16, 2001. Scholarship recipients must attend the awards ceremony on November 3, 2001 to receive their award.  Applications for HBA Scholarships are available in the Office of Admissions, Suite 230.
October 15, 2001 DuPage Association of Women Lawyers Foundation, Judge Helen C. Kinney Scholarship
To honor the memory, vision and leadership of Judge Helen C. Kinney, the DuPage Association of Women Lawyers has established a not-for-profit foundation to award the Judge Helen C. Kinney Scholarship. All second and third-year women law students who are present or past residents of DuPage County and who are enrolled in an accredited law school in Illinois are eligible for this scholarship. The Foundation anticipates awarding two $1,000 scholarships to deserving women law students. Applications are available in the Office of Admissions, Suite 230.
10/18/01 November 5, 2001 South Suburban Bar Association Scholarship
The South Suburban Bar Association Scholarship Committee will award a $1,500 scholarship to a deserving law student of an accredited local law school.  Applicants must be a resident of the South Suburbs of Cook County and must have a present interest to practice law in the South Suburbs upon graduation. Financial need will be considered by the Scholarship Committee and applicants must document their financial need when requested to do so by the Scholarship Committee. Students interested in being considered for the scholarship award must submit a brief resume for review by the South Suburban Bar Association Scholarship Committee. The Committee may conduct interviews of applicants or, alternatively, may in its discretion, recommend a candidate to the Board of the South Suburban Bar Association based upon a review of the resumes submitted.  In order to receive the Scholarship Award, the student must attend the South Suburban Bar Association's Installation Dinner Dance in December 2001.  Additional information about this scholarship is available in the Office of Admissions, Suite 230. Applicants should forward a letter of application, resume and financial information directly to Dennis G. Gianopolus, Attorney at Law, 18511 Torrence Avenue, Lansing, Illinois 60438.
11/19/01 January 4, 2002 Northwest Suburban Bar Association Foundation
The Northwest Suburban Bar Association Foundation will award scholarships for the Spring semester, 2002.  Third year law students will be eligible for a $1,500 scholarship; second year students for a $1,000 scholarship; and first year students for a $500 scholarship. Applicants must be residents of the Northern District of Illinois, Eastern Division, who have expressed a commitment to the highest scholastic standards. Factors considered will include scholastic achievement, involvement in school activities, extra curricular activities as well as financial need. Applications are available in the Office of Admissions, Suite 230.
January 31, 2002 Scholarship Foundation of Santa Barbara
The Scholarship Foundation of Santa Barbara has scholarships available for the 2002-2003 academic year. Applicants for the awards must be: 1) a graduate of a high school in Santa Barbara County, California OR an adult reentry student who has resided in Santa Barbara, California for a minimum of the last three years as a non-student; and 2) a full-time student in a standard academic program. Applicants must complete a Scholarship Foundation application and submit all supporting materials. A personal interview in Santa Barbara, California is required in March 2002. To obtain an application, send a self-addressed, double-stamped long envelope with your request to: Scholarship Foundation of Santa Barbara, PO Box 3620, Santa Barbara, CA 93130 or visit the Foundation web site at


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