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2004-05 Academic Year


Chicago-Kent Scholarship Opportunities


NEW! Bohemian Lawyers' Association Scholarship - Deadline, April 11, 2005

All persons of Czech, Moravian, Ruthenian, Silesian or Slovak ancestry enrolled in an accredited law school in the greater Chicagoland area are eligible for a Bohemian Lawyers’ Association of Chicago (BLAC) annual scholarship. 

A 250-word essay is required and the application must be filled out and submitted.  The application can be found at:



NEW! Minority Corporate Counsel Association (MCCA)

Lloyd M. Johnson, Jr. Scholarship Program - Deadline, June 1, 2005

During 2004, MCCA launched the Lloyd M. Johnson, Jr. ("LMJ") Scholarship Program, which is open to college seniors who have been accepted into law school for the fall of 2005 and will be J.D. candidates in 2008. The goal of the program is to promote academic excellence and diversity in law schools by awarding ten newly accepted law students from disadvantaged backgrounds with scholarships to help defray their education expenses.

The LMJ Scholarships will provide each of the ten students with $10,000 a year for three years. Other exciting components of the LMJ Scholarships include providing prominent members of the legal community as mentors, and MCCA's support in locating first-year, summer legal employment at a leading corporate law department. As a result, LMJ scholars will make excellent candidates for future employment, and will be well-equipped to meet the high expectations of the practicing legal community. In addition to the ten selected scholars, three to five runners-up will receive a one-time award of $10,000 to assist with their first-year expenses.

Successful applicants to the scholarship program, who are reviewed by its Selection Committee, will be outstanding individuals who have been accepted to an accredited U.S. law school, and have demonstrated leadership and an interest in and commitment to diversity. While it is anticipated that many of the recipients will be students of color, the program is open to non-minorities as well. Students from disadvantaged backgrounds, who have had to overcome significant obstacles, or may be among the first in their family to graduate college will be given special consideration.



External Scholarships

Throughout the year, the Office of Admissions receives notices of scholarships that are offered through external organizations. Information about the scholarship awards that are currently available is listed below.  Award notices are listed in the order in which they were received.

You may also find information on other outside scholarship awards on the Internet. The following sites are useful for finding scholarship and financial aid information:


Rotary Foundation Scholarships
Application Deadline: varies per Rotary district — check with your local Rotary Club

The Ambassadorial Scholarships program seeks to further international understanding and friendly relations among people of different countries. The program sponsors several types of scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students as well as for qualified professionals pursuing vocational studies. While abroad, scholars serve as ambassadors of goodwill to the people of the host country and give presentations about their homelands to Rotary clubs and other groups. Upon returning home, scholars share with Rotarians and others the experiences that led to greater understanding of their host countries.

Academic-Year Ambassadorial Scholarships provide funding for one academic year of study in another country. This award is intended to help cover round-trip transportation, tuition, fees, room and board expenses, and some educational supplies up to US$25,000 or its equivalent.

Multi-Year Ambassadorial Scholarships are for either two or three years of degree-oriented study in another country. A flat grant of approximately US$12,500 or its equivalent is provided per year to be applied toward the costs of a degree program.

Cultural Ambassadorial Scholarships are for either three or six months of intensive language study and cultural immersion in another country.

Individuals interested in applying for an Ambassadorial Scholarship should contact their local Rotary Club for an application and to inquire about scholarship availability. Since scholarship availability is determined by Rotarian contributions at the local level, not all Rotary clubs will offer scholarships, nor will all types of scholarships necessarily be available in a given year.  Application deadlines are set by individual clubs. Detailed information and applications are available on the Rotary Foundation website at www.rotary.org.


Award Archive

For a complete list of the awards that have been posted in the 2004-05 Record, click here. Although the application deadlines for these awards have already passed, this information can aid you in planning for next year by assisting you in determining the time of year that certain awards are typically offered.  You may also access a complete list of the 2003-04 scholarship notices by clicking here.


Important Information for 2004-05 Chicago-Kent Scholarship Recipients

If you have been awarded a Chicago-Kent scholarship for the 2004-05 academic year, please refer to the Scholarship Policies from the current Student Handbook for important information concerning your award.  Please direct any questions about your scholarship to the Office of Admissions, Suite 230.






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