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Center for Law and Computers

What We Do

The Center For Law and Computers provides both hardware and technical support for current faculty, staff, and students of Chicago-Kent College of Law.  Areas serviced by the CLC staff are faculty and staff computers, labs, common computer stations and network printers.


Laptop Loans

Help Desk Policy! All C-K students are required to present their Chicago-Kent ID card for service.

The CLC Help Desk does provide the service of temporarily loaning laptops to students. This service is restricted to those who have purchased their own laptop and the laptop has been serviced by a technician at the CLC Help Desk. Once the technician has determined that the laptop needs to be sent to the manufacturer for repairs or is inoperable a student will be loaned a laptop.  The laptop loans are for a one (1) week period only.  In addition, the CLC Help Desk does not loan power adaptors or any other laptop accessories for laptops. In order for this service to benefit everyone, this policy must be strictly adhered to.

Once a user returns a laptop, that same user cannot have another laptop loaned to him/her for at least two (2) consecutive weeks.

The Help Desk will make a photocopy of student's ID when loaner computer equipment is requested. The procedure was implemented to best serve the needs of all Chicago-Kent student's.

We appreciate your cooperation in adhering to this policy.


Install Symantec Endpoint Protection

Virus protection for all students is provided free of charge in Room 540.  You can access the installation file for Symantec Endpoint protection in two locations.  For Macs please map a drive to smb://knfiles/programs/networkconfig and double click the Mac Antivirus folder and double click the .dmg file located in the folder. For Windows users please map a drive to \\kentnet2\printing. The antivirus is located in the Symantec Antivirus folder and you can choose Win32 or Win64 depending on whether you have a 32 or 64 bit version of Windows.  All students can choose unmanaged when they are installing antivirus.  Note: Symantec Antivirus is not compatible with Mac Lion as of yet.  We will inform everyone once this is compatible. 


Laptop Configuration

The Help Desk will configure personal laptops for the purpose of enabling them to be used in the Chicago-Kent environment.  This includes ensuring all necessary software applications are installed and network properties are set correctly.   However, personal and other non-related software will not be installed.  In addition, users are responsible for acquiring any external peripherals, drives, cables or other devices that may be needed.  If a laptop configuration is needed, the Help Desk will need an advance notice of one (1) hour or the scheduling of an appointment in Room 540.


Installation of New Hardware

The Helpdesk will install new hardware devices (such as printers and network interface cards) that will be used for business/school purposes and which have been approved by the necessary managers/supervisors.  However, if a hardware installation is required, the Help Desk will need at least four (4) days advance notice.  If less than four (4) days advance notice is given, staff members will do their best to have the installation performed before the due date.

Sale of Microsoft Office CDs

Students are able to purchase the MS Office 2010 for Windows or Mac Office 2011 for a fee of $25.50.  There is no charge for faculty.  Faculty and students must present Chicago-Kent identification cards at the time of purchase. If you would like to purchase media please visit the Bursars office on the 2nd Floor.  Once you have purchased this please come to the Help Desk, Room 540 with your receipt to pick up your copy.

Scanning of Documents

The Help Desk will allow faculty and staff members to use the scanner for scanning their own text/graphic documents.  However, because the scanner operates at a very slow speed, the Help Desk staff members are not required to scan documents on their time. The center computer in the student lounge has been setup with a cd burner and a scanner for student use.

Technical Training

The CLC conducts a training session for student organization representatives on the proper way to edit a Record page.  This training is usually held during the first month of the fall semester and is approximately 1.5 hours in duration. A 3 hour basic HTML and web design (directory/file layout) class is available for departments/organizations with advance notice.  Please contact the Unix Manager for more information.


Repair and maintenance of non-IIT hardware including:

  • WESTLAW and LEXIS printers
  • Scheduling of Computer Labs for student and/or staff functions
  • Creating Webpages for faculty staff and students
  • Any extensive repair of personal computers/laptops or devices
  • Distribution (written or verbal) of hardware/software recommendations for personal use that is not business/school related.
  • Sale of personal computers or laptops
  • Support of any outside vendor applications, or non-business/non-school related software applications.



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