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The CLC main office is in room 775 and our hours are: 
Monday - Thursday  8:30 AM - 6PM
Friday 8:30 AM - 5 PM

When you have a question or need help, please email us at HELPDESK. HELPDESK is your main link to computer support. When your message is received, one of our Customer Service staff members will respond to you at their earliest convenience. If your email is inaccessible, you can also reach us by dialing 6-5300 or stopping by room 775. 


Chicago-Kent is making Office 2000 available to all students of the law school. Specifically, here are the products available:

Office 2000 Professional.
Includes the newest versions of Word, Excel, Outlook, Publisher, Small Business Tools, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Shared Clip Art, Access and PowerPoint AND a bonus application: FrontPage!

You can only install this software on ONE MACHINE. You must register the software on-line with Microsoft in order to use the software. You can start the software 50 TIMES without registering it, but you will be locked out thereafter if you do not register the software.

Here's how all students can get this new software:


We've been able to make these applications available to 1st year students at absolutely NO COST!! Once registered, you are the fully registered OWNER AND USER of this software, just as if you purchased it.

If you did not pick this up last week on the 3rd floor when we were distributing it, you may pick up your copy from 775 during our normal business hours (M-Th: 8:30a - 6:00p and F: 8:30a - 5:00p).

2Ls, 3Ls and 4Ls

You can purchase these applications at the greatly reduced cost of $25.50/year for your remaining years at Chicago-Kent.

Beginning Tuesday, September 7th, you can stop by the Office of Administration and Finance (Room 265) and pay $25.50 by cash/check or credit card and then pick up the software. For each year thereafter that you are at Kent, your need to pay $25.50 a year. (Thus, if this is your last year at Kent, then you will not be charged any more for this software).


All those casebooks getting heavy to carry around all of the time?

You can have your books "unbound" and hold-punched and put into binders and then only carry the section that your currently using for your class, substantially lightening your load.

Here's a place nearby where you can have this done for a mere $4.50 per book.

A&H Bindery
954 West Washington

Their hours are M-Th 7:30a - 3:30p and F 7:30a - 2:30p.

Chicago-Kent does not assume any responsibility for the quality of A&H Bindery's services. Please direct any questions you have regarding the unbinding of books to A&H Bindery.

Student Workers Needed

Help develop Chicago-Kentís new Distance Learning Program!

Donít miss this exciting opportunity to help shape the future of distance learning at Chicago-Kent! Learn to master the latest WEB authorizing and educational software and show off your legal writing skills. Use your design skills to enhance the Distance Learning presence on the Web. This is your chance to find out what happens behind the scenes of distance learning - from hardware to software!

Take advantage of this opportunity to work closely with faculty leadership in distance learning and support vital programs such as the Justice Web Collaboratory. The JWC - founded by The National Center for State Courts and Chicago-Kent College of Law - was designed to provide a tool for communication and learning exclusively for U.S. judges and to establish a legal system resource center to be used by the public.

Attention Creative Thinkers and Visionaries:
To apply, please forward your resume to Todd Pedwell, Education Application Development Specialist, at or give him a call at 6-5328.

FYI: Network Maintenance

Regular general maintenance of the network is necessary to ensure greater performance, both in terms of speed and the prevention of any serious problems. To achieve these goals, the Center for Law and Computers will periodically take down the network to perform this maintenance. We've scheduled the maintenance on a monthly basis, for only 1.5 hours on days and at times to inconvenience the least amount of users. 

Here are the dates that we will be taking the network down. On these days, the network will not be available between 5:30am and 7:00am.

Tuesday September 7, 1999 

Tuesday October 5, 1999 

Tuesday November 2, 1999 

 Answers to some of the most commonly asked questions of the CLC:

  1. What is the website address to check my email outside of the school? 
  2. What is the website address to get my grades? 
  3. What do I do if I can't find my pin number, or if my pin number is not working? 
  4. How can I check my printing balance? 
    • To check student balance within the LAW SCHOOL on Windows 95/98 computers: i.e. email stations, and lab computers: 

    • From the Kentnet Menu select STUDENT SERVICES 
      Then select STUDENT PRINTING and the "current semester". This will pull up your individual account. 
  5. How can I get a credit on my account for printing problems? 
    • If you experienced a problem printing due to a network, computer or printer error, please send an email to HELPDESK and include the date, time, lab, number of pages, and cause of problem.  (User error does not constitute reason for credit.)  Please keep th epages in question (especially if it was due to low toner);  you may be asked to present them as proof. 
  6. Some of the printing is for a Professor, for Moot Court Competition, for a student organization, etc. Can I get a credit to my account for these pages? 
    • Yes. This is the procedure to follow: 

    • 1) print a copy of your most current printing account, (See above question: How can I check my printing balance?) 
      2) circle or hi-light and total the # of pages of the jobs that pertain to work performed for the organization, professor, moot court competition, etc. 
      3) obtain advisor, professor, etc. signature and account # to be charged, 
      4) bring the signed printout to Michael Bentkover in Room 709. Those pages will be deducted from your account. 

       The remaining balance is the responsibility of the student who has two weeks into the following semester to pay off the balance. Each student with a balance will receive an email stating a specified date and time that payment in full must be received. If payment is not received by the specified date, network rights will be terminated until full payment is received. 

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