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Center for Law and Computers
Headlines for the Week of April 9, 2007

A message from the CLC department:

To assure your experience at Chicago-Kent College of Law is a positive one, the Center for Law and Computers is available to assist you with your computer and technical questions and concerns. You can reach a member of our staff by calling (312) 906-5300 (6-5300 house phones)
or sending an email to We are located in suite 540 if you would like to stop by our offices.



Help Links

CLC Debuts a New Help Desk Ticket Tracking System

On Friday, March 30, 2007 the Center for Law and Computers (CLC) will begin using a new Help Desk Ticket Tracking System (Numara Footprints).  This help desk software should greatly improve the way requests for assistance (i.e. “tickets”) are managed and tracked in order for the CLC to provide better service to our community.
As a user, this system will benefit you as follows:

  • Chicago-Kent students will continue to be able to send emails to to request assistance. 
  • You can also create a ticket online, if you wish, at   For your convenience, this link is available on the Chicago-Kent website under the student drop-down menus.  Simply click on “PChelp”.
  • You will be able to check the status of your ticket on-line through the web.
  • You will also be able to add additional information to your original requests on-line through the web.
  • In order to view and print out the documentation on how to use the Help Desk Ticket Tracking System, please click on the the link below.


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    Windows Vista and Office 2007 Information

    The CLC would like to make certain all users of Chicago-Kent’s network resources are aware which editions of these products are best suited for use with the Law School’s network.

    Windows Vista
    The Windows Vista operating system is available in four different editions for either retail purchase or pre-installed on new computers.  It is important to note that only the “Business” and “Ultimate” editions of Windows Vista are capable of utilizing Chicago-Kent services such as network printing, and H: drive home directories, and exams on computer.

    Please see the link below for additional information on the different editions of Windows Vista.


    SofTest Compatibility with Windows Vista
    The maker of the SofTest program has informed Chicago-Kent that it will likely be late March or early April before an official decision is reached as to whether the SofTest program is supported when used on the Windows Vista operating system.
    Chicago-Kent will consider the use of SofTest on Windows Vista as unsupported until the vendor, ExamSoft, officially states that they support this combination.  Regardless of vendor support status, Chicago-Kent reserves the right to not support the use of SofTest on Windows Vista if the Administration determines that this combination would prove detrimental to the accuracy or efficiency of computer delivered exams.
    Even with full support, it is important to remember that only the “Business” and “Ultimate” editions of Windows Vista will meet Chicago-Kent’s technical requirements for taking exams on computer.

    Office 2007
    Microsoft Office 2007 is available in eight different editions.  It is important to note that the “Home & Student” edition does NOT contain the Microsoft Outlook email program.  Without Microsoft Outlook, users of the Chicago-Kent network are limited exclusively to Webmail for all of their email functions.
    Please see the link below for additional information on the different editions of Office 2007.


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    Print Accounting System on Kentnet

    Information on Print/Copy System

    On July 20, 2006 the Chicago-Kent Center for Law and Computers in cooperation with the Downtown Campus Library has implemented a system for managing the law school computer lab printing and library photocopying services. There are two significant changes to the new system:

    The system will utilize centrally stored accounts that are linked to your photo ID card. All students will have a "cash account" into which personal funds may be deposited for use with library photocopiers or law school computer lab printers.

    Law school students will have an additional "printing account" which will be reset to the equivalent of 400 pages of printing at the start of each semester. The print release stations in the law school computer labs will allow you to choose which account each of your print jobs is charged against.

    All students enrolled in classes which utilize IIT Downtown Campus facilities (Chicago-Kent College of Law, Stuart Graduate School of Business, Masters of Public Administration) must obtain a new photo ID card in order to utilize library photocopying services and/or law school computer lab printing services. In order to pickup your new photo ID cards, please go the Registrar's office on the 2nd floor during normal business hours.




    1. Press ‘Buy Card / Logout’ button.
    2. Insert a $1, $5, $10 or $20 bill into the bill acceptor. (The card costs 60 cents)
    3. You must Swipe the dispensed card to activate and receive the remaining balance.
    4. Press ‘Buy Card / Logout’ button.


    1. Swipe the card with the magnetic stripe to the right. The current amount of copy credit is displayed.
    2. Insert bills into the Bill Acceptor ($1, $5, $10, or $20).

    When you are finished adding value, press the ‘Buy Card / Logout’ button.


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    Free E-Mail available to Chicago-Kent alunmae/i at

    December 2006 Graduates:

    For those of you leaving us for greater ventures, we would like to wish you the best. We'd also like to share the below information with you regarding your email, network, and printing accounts

    For Dec. 2006 graduates, your printing account will be terminated after commencement on Dec. 22, 2006.

    We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that your user account will expire on July 31, 2007. Now that you have graduated, it is time to think about closing this portion of your law education. Please help us by removing all email messages and files from the C-K network as soon as possible so we can make room for the incoming students.

    By being an alumnus of Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago-Kent College of Law it is our pleasure to offer you free email service. A separate e-mail message with details on alumni e-mail will be sent to your account.

    Alumnae/I Account Information

    By being an alumnus of Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago-Kent College of Law it is our pleasure to offer you free ( email service. Your account will be automatically created by July 1st, 2006 and will be accessible at No sign up is necessary.

    Since these accounts are hosted by IIT Main Campus, your e-mail address may be in a format different than what you were used to at Chicago-Kent. The address will be in the form of: [IIT Unified Name] For convenience, your account will also have a second e-mail address of [IIT Unified Name] The password for your account is the last six digits of your IIT Campus Wide ID number. Your IIT Unified Name as well as your IIT Campus Wide ID number, can be found on the welcome page of the Chicago-Kent "Web for Students" system.

    Best wishes and good luck to all!

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    How to transfer your existing Chicago-Kent e-mail to your new alumnae/i account.


    Note - All alum account quota limits are 11MB. Please delete all unwanted emails from your Chicago-Kent account prior to transferring any of your messages.

    Note - This process moves your email messages from your Kentlaw account to your alum account, keeping a copy or removing them from the Kentlaw Account as selected. If you have more emails in your account than your alum account quota will allow, it will download emails till your quota has been filled, and it will leave the remaining on Kentlaw Account.

    Note - If you fill your mail quota on the alum account, you will not be able to receive messages. It is suggested that you delete messages you no longer need.

    * To transfer your email messages you must perform the following steps:

    * Open your web browser to:

    * Enter your login (IIT Unified Name)
    * Enter your password (Last six digits of IIT Campus Wide ID/CWID)
    * Press Login

    Note - Your IIT Unified Name as well as your IIT Campus Wide ID number can be found on the welcome page of the Chicago-Kent "Web for Students" system.

    *Click the Inbox, Folder, Sent Mail,or Trash tab.
    *Click Collect External Mail, in the bottom right of the Inbox or Folder tabs.

    *Enter the following information:

    • Pop Server:

    • POP user ID: (your Kentlaw login name)

    • Password: (your Kentlaw password)

    • Delete Messages from Server: If you want the mail you are collecting to be deleted from the server from which it's being collected, click the checkbox to select it.

    • Save to folder: From the drop-down list, choose a folder to which you want the mail copied.

    * Click Collect

    * If you receive a message indicating that your alumni account is reaching its quota, please start deleting some of the emails you no longer require. After deleting the messages, click on the 'Options' tab.

    * This will show you your allotted disk space (your quota) and how much you have used. It is ideal to keep at least 2MB free within your email account to ensure that you can receive all emails that are sent to you.

    * After you have finished, click on the 'Logout'.



    CLC Policies - Students are required to show C-K photo ID card for loaner computer equipment

    Help Desk Policy! The CLC has implemented a procedure that requires all students to present their Chicago-Kent ID card for service..

    The CLC Help Desk does provide the service of temporarily loaning laptops to students. This service is restricted to those who have purchased their own laptop and the laptop has been serviced by a technician at the CLC Help Desk. Once the technician has determined that the laptop needs to be sent to the manufacturer for repairs or is inoperable a student will be loaned a laptop.  The laptop loans are for a one (1) week period only.  In addition, the CLC Help Desk does not loan power adaptors or any other laptop accessories for laptops. In order for this service to benefit everyone, this policy must be strictly adhered to.

    Once a user returns a laptop, that same user cannot have another laptop loaned to him/her for at least two (2) consecutive weeks.

    The Help Desk will make a photocopy of student's ID when loaner computer equipment is requested. The procedure was implemented to best serve the needs of all Chicago-Kent student's.

    We appreciate your cooperation in adhering to this policy.

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    Windows Update

    It is critical to update your Windows operating system and Internet Explorer software regularly. Just as it is important to update the virus definitions of your antivirus software, it is equally important to update the Windows operating system and Internet Explorer software on your computer. Just like virus definitions, Windows and Internet Explorer should be updated weekly. Fortunately, Microsoft makes this process fast and easy with their "Windows Update" web site.

    Please click on the link listed below under instructions to print out the full documentation on how to update windows.


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    Remove Unnecessary Files on the Network

    The Center for Law and Computers provides access to the Network for Chicago-Kent students, faculty, and staff in support of the educational mission of the university. In recent months we have noticed an increase in the amount of personal storage space being consumed on our network. As we continue to maintain and scan the network drives we are noticing numerous occurrences of non-educational types of materials (i.e., MP3, .wav, .mov, .avi). We understand that there are occasions when storing these types of files on the network for educational use is legitimate.

    As you may well be aware, court decisions potentially makes us liable if members of our community engage in infringing activity. As a reminder to all students, a portion of the IIT Computer Use Policy states, "Network users must abide by the terms of all software licensing agreements and copyright laws, and may not make copies of or make available on the network copyrighted material, unless permitted by a license. Network users must not perform acts which are deliberately wasteful of computing resources or which unfairly monopolize resources to the exclusion of others..." The complete Computer User Policy can be found at:

    When you save and store large music, image, video, or other types of non-educational related material on the network it increases the time it takes for system backups and virus scanning; the large downloads also consume unnecessary bandwidth. Please be considerate of your colleagues and remove or transfer to your laptop ALL files in violation. If files are not removed, the Center for Law and Computers is authorized by the administration to permanently remove them for you.

    We ask that you purge all unnecessary messages and files as often as possible from your network and email accounts to help us preserve space on the C-K server. As a reminder, in Outlook mail, you must delete messages from your "Deleted Messages" folder for them to be permanently removed from the mail server. It is also a good maintenance procedure to delete any unneeded messages in the "Sent" folder.

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    CLC Monthly Network Maintenance Schedule

    The Center for Law and Computers will conduct regular monthly maintenance windows on the first Tuesday of every month (5a.m. - 7a.m. in the morning) for "Patch and\or Update" management on systems that need to be rebooted.

    Remember too that there may be "emergency" times when manufacturers release "critical" update patches that need to be installed immediately. The CLC will make every attempt to send out an announcement in advance when the "critical" updates need to be installed and systems rebooted (however, we cannot always guarantee advance notice since certain patches/updates need to be applied ASAP before a breach is made).

    All network services including Internet access, email, webmail, network drives, and network printing will be down during the above scheduled time.

    Maintenance will be conducted on the following days:

    Tuesday, May 1, 2007
    Tuesday, June 5, 2007

    Chicago-Kent's Internet Service Provider (Illinois Century Network) backbone maintenance window is on Fridays from 2:00am - 7:00am. During this maintenance window it is possible that the Downtown Campus building may experience intrmittent Internet connectivity.

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    Latest McAfee DAT file as of 4/9/2007 is sdat5001


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    CLC Contact Information and Office Hours

    Technical Support Help Desk Hours of Operation - Office 540
    Monday - Thursday: 8:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
    Friday: 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.


    Phone: (312) 906-5300
    Fax: (312) 906-5177

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