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Center for Law and Computers

Headlines for the Week of January 19, 2009

A message from the CLC department:

To assure your experience at Chicago-Kent College of Law is a positive one, the Center for Law and Computers is available to assist you with your computer and technical questions and concerns. You can reach a member of our staff by calling (312) 906-5300 (6-5300 house phones)
or sending an email to We are located in suite 540 if you would like to stop by our offices.

Welcome Back Chicago-Kent Students

The CLC welcomes you back to the new semester. We hope that you enjoyed the holiday break.

To all Chicago-Kent new and transfer students, please contact the CLC help desk for all computer related services that are available to you on the C-K network. You can reach us at 312-906-5300 or at or come to our office suite 540.

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Print Account balances were reset on Fri., Jan. 9

The Center for Law & Computers reset print accounts to 400 pages on Jan. 9, 2009. Any print jobs on or after Jan. 9, 2009 will count towards your 400 page limit for the Spring semester.

Please contact the Center for Law & Computers at 312-906-5300 or at if you have any questions.

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Printing & Email/Network Accounts for December 2008 Graduates

December 2008 graduates may now print to Chicago-Kent’s network printers only via their student ID card’s “cash account.”  ID card “printing accounts,” and any remaining complementary pages within them, have been eliminated for December 2008 graduates.

Email and network login accounts for December 2008 graduates will continue to remain active through the Spring 2009 semester.  Accounts for both December 2008 graduates and May 2008 graduates will be terminated shortly after the July, 2009 Bar Exam.

Detailed information on account termination dates and alumni-specific email services will be posted to this CLC Record page and emailed at the end of May, 2009.

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Kentlaw Email Forwarding Now Available

The center for Law and Computers is pleased to announce the ability to forward email to external email addresses.  By following the steps in the linked document below, you can send copies of every message your email account receives to another email address of your choosing.

Before you establish forwarding of your Kentlaw email, the following four items should be understood:

The forwarding of Chicago-Kent email to external email accounts and/or access to Chicago-Kent email via a mobile devices are unsupported services provided only as a convenience to users.

All users of Chicago-Kent email accounts are expected to continue routinely checking and reading email via Microsoft Outlook or Chicago-Kent’s Webmail service.  Chicago-Kent will not be held responsible for missed information or lost data due to problems associated with external email accounts and/or mobile devices.

Following the procedure described below will send a copy of every single message your Chicago-Kent account receives to the destination address you specify.  If the destination address is associated with a mobile device, it is possible the mobile device could run out of space if your Chicago-Kent account receives a large number of messages or several messages with large attachments.  Chicago-Kent will not he held responsible for lost data or missed information should this occur.

An unlimited bandwidth data plan is highly recommended when using a mobile device to receive copies of Chicago-Kent email or otherwise access your Chicago-Kent email account.  Chicago-Kent will not be held responsible for any charges you may incur from usage of your mobile device.


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CLC Apple Mac Support Information

In response to the concerns of the increasing number of Apple Mac users at the law school, the CLC is pleased to announce support for Mac computers. Follow the link below for a basic guide to assist you with various options available to Mac users.


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CLC Monthly Network Maintenance Schedule

The Center for Law and Computers will conduct regular monthly maintenance windows on the first Tuesday of every month (5a.m. - 7a.m. in the morning) for "Patch and\or Update" management on systems that need to be rebooted.

Remember too that there may be "emergency" times when manufacturers release "critical" update patches that need to be installed immediately. The CLC will make every attempt to send out an announcement in advance when the "critical" updates need to be installed and systems rebooted (however, we cannot always guarantee advance notice since certain patches/updates need to be applied ASAP before a breach is made).

All network services including Internet access, email, web mail, network drives, and network printing will be down during the above scheduled time.

Maintenance will be conducted on the following days:

Tuesday, Jan 13, 2008

Chicago-Kent's Internet Service Provider (Illinois Century Network) backbone maintenance window is on Fridays from 2:00am - 7:00am. During this maintenance window it is possible that the Downtown Campus building may experience intermittent Internet connectivity.

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Latest McAfee DAT file as of 1/19/2009 is sdat5497


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