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Center for Law and Computers
Week of March 15, 2010

A message from the CLC department

To assure your experience at Chicago-Kent College of Law is a positive one, the Center for Law and Computers is available to assist you with your computer and technical questions and concerns. You can reach a member of our staff by calling (312) 906-5300 (6-5300 house phones)
or sending an email to We are located in suite 540 if you would like to stop by our offices.

Student Printing and Network File Share Maintenance: Thursday, March 18th

From 8:00am to 10:00am on Thursday, March 18th, the CLC will be conducting maintenance on printing and network file sharing services for students and student organizations.

It is possible that the work being performed may impact your ability to access files stored on the network in locations such as your personal "H: drive" home directory as well as other locations such as the P: or S: drives. Please see below for details of the work being performed and how this work may affect you.


Work Being Conducted
Network printing services for the computer labs, student lounge, and student organizations will be moved from their current server to a new server. Testing of the new server has shown that it will alleviate multiple printing related issues which have been brought to the CLC's attention.

How the Work May Affect You
The names and associated "network paths" of the Lab 900, Lab 760, Lab 700, Student Lounge, and student organization printers will not change. Use of these network printers will remain the same after the upgrade and maintenance work. No additional action should be required on computer lab PCs or your own personal computer.

Network File Shares

Work Being Conducted
Files stored on the network in locations such as your H: drive personal home directory, and the S: drive used for certain classes, will not be moved or altered. These network-based files will remain as they are on the same server which they currently reside.

The "network paths" which point to these network file locations will change as a result of the work being performed. Please see below for how this change may affect you.

How the Work May Affect You
The "paths" associated with network file storage areas such as the H: drive, P: drive, and S: drive will be changing as a result of the work being performed. The manner in which this change may affect you depends on the type of computer you use.


If you have a Mac computer which was configured during a formal orientation session or with the assistance of a CLC staff member, the computer has likely had a connection to your Kentlaw network home directory configured. Due to the network path changes mentioned above, this connection to your Kentlaw network home directory will no longer function and will need to be reconfigured. Instructions for doing this can be found at:


No action is required if you automatically see network drive locations such as H:, Z:, P:, and S: when you login to the Kentlaw network. The network login mechanism that automatically connects you to these locations will be updated with the appropriate new network paths during the maintenance period. This applies to your own personal computer as well as computer lab PCs.

If you have manually connected a drive letter to location on the network, you will need to manually reestablish this connection using an updated "network path." Instructions for doing this can be found at:

Please feel free to contact the CLC Help Desk at or 312-906-5300 or stop by room 540 if you have any questions or concerns about the work being performed.

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New myIIT Password Reset Tool

IT Office of Technology Services (OTS) has rolled out a new tool for the myIIT portal that allows individuals who forget their portal password to reset it themselves, rather than going through the OTS Support Desk.  This new tool requires individuals to set up two secret questions and answers.  When the questions are answered correctly, users will have the ability to reset their own password and access the portal.

The tool was activated on at 9:30 pm on Friday, January 8.  Upon logging into the portal for the first time after activation, users will be prompted to set their secret questions before accessing their myIIT account.

Users who have already set up their portal secret questions will not need to take any action.

Adding this level of security will allow users to access IIT technology services 24/7, even if they forget their password. Contact OTS with any questions.

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IIT Print Channel is for MC printing only and not for use at the DTC

Please note that student printing at Chicago-Kent is separate from the process used on Main Campus - you should not use the IIT Printing Channel in the portal. If you have used the channel to add money for printing, please contact Nancy Caruson at for a refund. At Chicago-Kent, students receive credit for 400 pages worth of free printing per semester; any printing beyond 400 pages is charged at a rate of $0.07 per page.  All Chicago-Kent printing – both free and charged – is managed by the Law School’s own printing system. You can add money to your account at the station located in the 9th floor photocopy room in the Library.

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Revised Web Hosting Policies

Chicago-Kent has revised its policies for web hosting.  Chicago-Kent's web hosting policies can be viewed online at

Web pages and multimedia must conform to the file naming conventions as outlined here,

Requests to store multimedia on any Chicago-Kent server must be pre-approved.  A form for requesting storage space can be found on the CLC's web site at

Failure to follow these new policies will result in web pages and/or multimedia being removed from the server without notification.

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Reminder: Apple Computer Support & Services Documents

The CLC has created support & services documents for configuring Apple computers to the following resources (Wireless, Folder Shares, Printers & Mail).  Follow the links below for a basic guide to assist you with various options available to Apple users.


For questions or concerns, please contact the CLC help desk at or 312-906-5300.

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Network Maintenance Schedule

Chicago-Kent's Internet Service Provider (Illinois Century Network) backbone maintenance window is on Fridays from 2:00am - 7:00am.  During this maintenance window it is possible that the Downtown Campus building may experience intermittent Internet connectivity.

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Latest McAfee DAT file as of 03/11/2010 is sdat5916


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