Administrative Law Greenberg, S. Anthony R. McClure                                                          
Administrative Law Krent  Paul J. Bartusiak
Advanced Income Tax Maynes Stuart Thiel
Advanced Research Blake Mary J. Owen, VII
Advanced Research Clemons John A. Lanoue
Advanced Research Maher Robert William Bahr
Advanced Research Quinn Cherish L. Hairrell
Advanced Research Van Dam Matthew A. Baker
Advanced Tax Transactions Brenman/Rubenstein Oleg Liker and
Slava Rozhko
Agency Law Harris, D. Mary R. Chelotti-Smith and
Bethany N. Schols
Alternative Dispute Resolution Wolfe Rosalie S. Nowak
Appellate Advocacy Greenberg, S. John J. Marhoefer
Appellate Courts Steinman Angel M. Krull and
Max A. Stein
Bankruptcy Harris, S. Anthony R. McClure
Business Entity Formation Brown, G. Scott D. Stewart
Business Organizations Conviser Robert M. Lanning
Capital Punishment and Judicial Process Hartman Marc J. Mangoubi and
Jason P. Stiehl
Civil Procedure Marder Linnea Stack
Civil RICO Foster Nicholas A. Caputo and
Michael J. Grant
Commercial Law: Payment Systems Spak Marc H. Feldman
Commercial Law: Survey Spak Bernadette Freeman
Comparative Law Lien Ulrike Koschtial
Complex Litigation Steinman Pamela M. Quigley
Bethany N. Schols
Conflict of Laws Dinwoodie David J. Schodin
Constitutional Law Eglit Kimberly B. Penner
Constitutional Law Harding Kelly M. Grekstas
Constitutional Law Rosen Eric A. Priest
Constitutional Law Stewart Esther D. Mashiach
Constitutional Torts/Section 1983 Nahmod Laura Kieszkowski
Construction Law Stein Steven C. Boren
Consumer Health Benefits Kraus Stephanie Elsener and
Lauren D. Shapiro
Contracts Hill Andrea V. Williams Wan
Contracts Leslie Rebecca J. Hanson
Contracts Smith Allison Kirk and
Suzanne L. Lindbergh
Copyright Law Staudt David J. Schodin
Copyright Law Voges-Piatt Stuart F. Primack
Corporate Finance Brown, G. John A. Lanoue
Corporate Reorganization LeDuc Kathleen Carol Schlenzig
Criminal Law (day section) Rudstein Adam M. Grant
Criminal Law (evening section) Rudstein Daniel R. Paulsen
Criminal Law Sowle Suzanne L. Lindbergh
Criminal Procedure: The Investigative Process Rudstein Anthony R. McClure
Criminal Procedure: The Investigative Process Thomas Matthew C. Jardine
Emerging Technologies Voges-Piatt Rachel L. Oesch and
Denise Williams
Employment Relationships Leader Vera Beil-Adaskin
Employment Relationships Smith Stephanie Elsener
Environmental Law and Policy 1 Tarlock Denise Remele
Estates and Trusts Sherman Ellen M. Girard
Evidence Kling David E. Kronenberg
Evidence Nance John R. Clayton
Federal Transfer Taxes Campbell Kimberly Whalen
Forensic Sciences Kling Andrea Ricker Wolfson
Futures Regulation Reibman Shannon P. Eidman
Genetics and the Law Andrews Maya J. Moore
Health Care: Legal and Business Issues Corpuz Angela D. Nelson
Illinois Civil Procedure Goroff Stephen P. Ellenbecker
Illinois Civil Procedure Preston Diane M. Moshman
Immigration Law and Policy Adams Natalie A. Bautista
Intensive Trial Advocacy 1 (August 2000 session) Faculty Ryan P. Nestor and
Jason R. Moyer
Intensive Trial Advocacy 1 (January 2001 session) Faculty Nicole Dunn and
Stephanie S. Seay
International and Comparative Antitrust Gerber Kristen McAhren
International Human Rights Brown, B. Zachary P. Rustad
International Law Lien Edward C. Harris
International Trade Callahan David F. Fanning and
Mohammed A. Nofal
Internet Law Warner Robert Motta
Introduction to the American Legal System Rudnick Farzad Damania
Justice and the Legal System Harding John J. Marhoefer and
Mark E. Turek
Juvenile Law Mondala Angie L. Crabtree
Labor Law Malin Karl E. Masters
Land Use Tarlock Laura R. Shure-Hauser
Legal Drafting Cahill Keisha M. Hooks and
Christopher Tichenor
Legal Drafting Farber Matthew C. Jardine
Legal Drafting McConville Alissa Cardona
Legal Drafting Moltz Esther D. Mashiach
Legal Drafting Silvestri Amy E. Epton
Legal Drafting Trester Mark L. Radtke
Legal Drafting/Research for the Business Lawyer Simons Thomas L. Meyers
Legal Drafting/Research for the Intellectual Property Lawyer Surrette Charmagne Topacio
Legal Drafting/Research for the International Lawyer Strzynski Thomas C. Wendt
Legal Drafting/Research for the Litigator Greenberg, E. Amy B. Christiansen and
Tracey J. Lencioni
Legal Drafting/Research for the Litigator Morris Lauren B. Conen
Legal Rights of Children Hablutzel Amy B. Christiansen
Legal Writing 1 Adams Catherine H. Tognazzini
Legal Writing 1 Corre Marek Badyna and
Alison A. Dieterichs
Legal Writing 1 Ehrenberg Ryan A. Horning
Legal Writing 1 Godfrey Ari D. Mintzer
Legal Writing 1 Green, Sonia Dina Dagrizikos
Legal Writing 1 Greene, Suzanne Tamara O. Rosner and
Adwait S. Talathi
Legal Writing 1 Heyman, R. Tonda V. Lee
Legal Writing 1 Schrager Daniel R. Paulsen
Legal Writing 1 Streseman John P. McCorry
Legal Writing 1 Strubbe Andrea V. Williams Wan
Mediation Levitz/Nathanson Mark L. Radtke
Negotiations Schoenfield Julie L. Campbell
Partnership Tax 1 Swibel Christopher N. Messina
Patent Law Holbrook David J. Schodin
Patent Law Hulbert Kurt J. Fugman
Personal Income Tax Brody David E. Harvey
Personal Income Tax Chapman Cherish L. Hairrell
Pretrial Litigation Norton Robert D. Fink
Privacy Rights in Employment Friedman Faye M. Hizon and 
Cathy L. Rath
Procedure, Practice, and Issues Before the Federal Circuit Whealan Mohammed A. Nofal
Professional Responsibility Gross Heidi Hennig Rowe
Remedies Conviser Tracy L. Ekl and
Megan E. Gervase
Remedies Warner Slava Rozhko and
Amy K. Weisberg
Securities Regulation Moylan Marek Ciszewski
Sexual Orientation and the Law Samar Scott A. Reinglass
Max A. Stein and
Adrianne K. Zahner
State and Local Taxation Gaggini/Biek Kathleen Carol Schlenzig
Tax Policy Brown, G. Marsha O. Johnson
Taxation of International Transactions Yoder/Rehmke Jeffrey Shamberg
Tax-Exempt Organizations Clark Christopher J. Roberts
Torts (day section) Brill Kevin A. Gordon
Torts (evening section) Brill Leslie J. Gogan and
Jeremy R. Holbrook
Torts Chapman Bret C. Jessee and
Daniel S. Mayerfeld
Torts Wright Seth M. Rosenberg
Trademarks and Unfair Competition Renner Mark Brosius and
Sunith V. Kartha
Trial Advocacy 1 Erickson Jeanne J. Prendergast
Trial Advocacy 1 McNerney Margaret J. Rhiew
Trial Advocacy 1 Rogers Andrew B. Nelson
Trial Advocacy 1 Wolfson, Lauretta Robert J. Cardillo and
Michael J. Goldberg
Trial Advocacy 1 Wolfson, Lori Jeffrey D. Gardner
Trial Advocacy 2 Burnham Cynthia J. Pruim
Trial Advocacy 2 Gevirtz Tracy A. Gregar
Trial Advocacy 2 Hibbler Zainab Hasan
Trial Advocacy 2 Kottaras Cameron M. Nelson
Workers Compensation Eagle  Patrick N. Ryan and
Stephen W. Vertucci
a/o 3/23/01