Advanced Evidence Wolfson, W.                                                      Ellen M. Girard                                                         
Advanced Income Tax Maynes Sean King
Advanced Research Clemons Nicole Carter Gerenstein
Advanced Research Fisher Tiffany M. Brown
Advanced Research Gnoffo Diane M. Garcia
Advanced Research Moore Thomas D. Vaitys
Advanced Research Viner Karl R. Anderson and 
Angie S. Lee
Advanced Tax Transactions Brenman/Rubenstein Michael L. Ulleweit
Agency Law Harris, D. Sidney S. Silhan
Alternative Dispute Resolution Wolfe Richard S. Shippee
Appellate Advocacy Greenberg, S. Catherine H. Tognazzini
Appellate Courts and Procedure Steinman Patricia L. Boye-Williams
Bankruptcy Harris, S. Zane L. Zielinski
Business Entity Formation Brown, G. Steven M. Weiss
Business Organizations Brown, G. Tracy S. Cassidy
Business Organizations Conviser Jeremy N. DeMuth and
Burke J. Nihill
Capital Punishment and the Judicial Process Hartman Keisha M. Hooks and
Nicole M. Loucks
Civil Procedure Laser Robin E. McReynolds
Civil RICO Foster David J. Piell
Commercial Law: Secured Transactions Harris, S. Zane L. Zielinski
Commercial Law: Survey Spak Lindsay M. Shuman
Comparative Law Gerber Santiago Aversa and
Gregor Strojin
Complex Litigation Steinman Kelly M. Neff and
Cindy S. Stuyvesant
Conflict of Laws Rosen Michael S. Vojta
Constitutional Law Nahmod Cindy S. Stuyvesant
Constitutional Law Rosen Michael S. Shapiro
Constitutional Law Stewart Daniel S. Mayerfeld
Construction Law Stein Bryan Seifert
Consumer Health Benefits Kraus Mark E. Turek
Contracts Hill Leone S. Carameli
Contracts Leslie Kimberly M. Zielinski
Contracts Warner Ada W. Dolph
Copyright Law Staudt Sofia M. Zneimer
Copyright Law Voges John P. McCorry and
Eric A. Priest
Criminal Law Heyman John W. Guzzardo
Criminal Law (day section) Rudstein Leone S. Carameli
Criminal Law (evening section) Rudstein Margaret L. Hudgins
Criminal Law Sowle Erik J. Anderson and
Kevin A. Smith
Criminal Procedure: The Investigative Process Rudstein Mark R. Facchini and
Daniel S. Mayerfeld
Criminal Procedure: The Investigative Process Thomas Stacy D. Justic
Emerging Technologies Voges Margaret L. Begalle
Employment Discrimination Gonzalez Ellen M. Girard
Employment Litigation Strubbe/Casazza Michael A. Grant
Employment Relationships Smith Mary J. Owen, VII
Environmental Law and Policy 1 Bosselman Catherine H. Tognazzini
Environmental Law and Policy 1 Tarlock Eaton R. Weiler
Estates and Trusts Sherman Cherish L. Hairrell,
Robert M. Lanning,
Karl E. Masters
Evidence Kling Anna M. Strange
Evidence Nance Erika Swanson
Family Law Baker Tina M. Kuska
Family Law Greene Allison A. Krumhorn
Federal Transfer Tax Campbell Maureen Duffy
Forensic Sciences Kling Crystal M. Morrison
Futures Regulation Reibman Lynda T. Villarreal
Genetics, Law and Public Policy Andrews Christopher D. Freeman and
Donna L. Kennedy
Illinois Civil Procedure Preston Mark Brosius
Intensive Trial Advocacy 1
(January 2002 session)
Faculty Robyn M. Haynes and
John P. Mack
International and Comparative Antitrust Gerber Carla M. Suffi
International Human Rights Brown, B. April F. Tabangay
International Law Brown, B. Kristen A. Baugher
Introduction to the American Legal System Lazar Martin Goering and
Marcin Kedziora
Justice and the Legal System Sowle Stoytcho Dontchev Draganov and
Matthew Stanton
Juvenile Law Mondala Christine L. Falls
Labor/Employment Class Strubbe Kyle B. Johansen and 
Leslie J. Johnson
Labor Law (day section) Malin Christopher T. Collins
Labor Law (evening section) Malin Gonzalo Gomez
Land Use Tarlock Christian M. Pezzuto
Legal Drafting Cahill Christian M. Pezzuto
Legal Drafting Farber Earl B. Johnston
Legal Drafting Krebs Renee M. Burek
Legal Drafting McConville Gina T. Marotta
Legal Drafting Moltz Madelina C. Ma
Legal Drafting Silvestri Karol A. Schwartz
Legal Drafting/ Research for the Business Lawyer Gilbert Hallina Rolleder
Legal Drafting/ Research for the Intellectual Property
Surrette Nabeela McMillian
Legal Drafting/Research for the International Lawyer Strzynski Julie L. Sirlin
Legal Drafting/ Research for the Litigator Greenberg, E. Brian C. Cuttone
Legal Drafting/ Research for the Litigator Morris Susan P. Meczyk
Legal Rights of Children Hablutzel, N./Feldman Kathleen C. Fuhrmann
Legal Writing 1 Adams Megan E. Laser
Legal Writing 1 Bauer Scott A. Schneider
Legal Writing 1 Current Kimberly M. Zielinski
Legal Writing 1 Godfrey Chad J. Husnick
Legal Writing 1 Greene Marc E. Bouchard and
Nicholas C. Oros
Legal Writing 1 Henderson Christopher K. Meyer
Legal Writing 1 Henning Ryan J. Liebl
Legal Writing 1 McCormick Patrick R. Casey and
Robert M. Mellican
Legal Writing 1 Morrissey Matthew A. Bredesen
Legal Writing 1 Pingree Alexis L. Michael and
Neil M. Rosenbaum
Legal Writing 1 Strubbe Kristin A. Klaczek
Mediation Levitz Naser Baseer
Negotiations Schoenfield Matthew A. Sidor
Partnership Tax 1 Frost Robert S. Steere
Patent Law Holbrook Jason R. Braswell
Patent Law Hulbert Bradley W. Crawford
Personal Income Tax (day section) Chapman Michael S. Shapiro
Personal Income Tax (evening section) Chapman Mark E. Turek
Practice Before the Federal Circuit Hulbert Nabeela McMillian
Pretrial Litigation Gonzalez Diana M. Abruzzi and
Paul J. Stewart
Pretrial Litigation Leader David F. Benson
Privacy Rights in Employment Rosenblum Brendan T. McMahon
Products Liability Plunkett Tiffany D. Booker
Professional Responsibility Gross Diana M. Abruzzi and
Misti H. Floyd
Remedies Eglit Rebecca A. Levin
Remedies Gillis Michelle M. Venci
Reproductive Technology Andrews Sherizaan Minwalla
Sales and Exhcanges O'Neill Ryan L. Pierce
Securities Regulation Moylan Megan A. Flaherty
Sexual Orientation and the Law Samar Erickson R. Albrecht
State and Local Taxation Gaggini/Biek Colleen Morgan
Tax Fraud and Related Crimes Decatorsmith David L. Berkley and
Roseann Kiddell
Tax Procedure Decatorsmith Michelle C. Kauppila
Tax-Exempt Organizations Clark Ina S. Winston
Topics in Comparative Constitutional Law Harding Santiago Aversa and
Adrianne K. Zahner
Torts (day section) Brill Bradley H. Weidenhammer
Torts (evening section) Brill Margaret L. Hudgins and
Dmitri V. Kovalenko
Torts Heyman Jeffrey S. Rinkov
Torts Wright Igor Bilmes
Trademarks and Unfair Competition Renner Sheng Wu
Trial Advocacy 1 Erickson John J. Marhoefer
Trial Advocacy 1 Lekrone Dennis F. Esford
Trial Advocacy 1 Martin Dragana Djordjevic and
Michael J. Chmelar
Trial Advocacy 1 Sudendorf Melissa A. Wilson
Trial Advocacy 1 Thorp Patrick B. Conlon
Trial Advocacy 1 Wolfson, Lauretta Cynthia H. Al-Khouja
Trial Advocacy 2 Burnham Frank C. Gradishar
Trial Advocacy 2 Gevirtz Michael Francis Hughes
Trial Advocacy 2 Kottaras Jon R. Leuleib
Trial Advocacy 2 Wolfson, Lori James J. Pigott
Workers Compensation Law Eagle Amy E. Epton
revised 4/11/02