Administrative Law Greenberg, S. Timothy R. Henwood
Administrative Law Krent Mark D. Brookstein
Advanced Property: Real Estate Zenoff Stuart F. Primack and Todd E. Wallace
Advanced Research Blake/Rauch Alyson L. Lanzer
Advanced Research Maher Paige Dollinger
Advanced Research Aamot Mitchell B. Gordon
Advanced Research Morris Elsa Y. Trujillo
Advanced Research Ragus Scott L. Spiegel
Advanced Research Quinn Donna S. Bentley and Paolo Rivera
Advanced Research/Drafting for the Business Lawyer Simons Shnea R. Rosenkranz
Advanced Research/Drafting for the International Lawyer Strzynski Ayman Nour and Anca M. Tamas
Advanced Topics in Business/ Corporate Law Hill Michael Valentine Kern
Advanced Torts Brill Kevin S. Horwitz
Alternative Dispute Resolution Ginn Barbara K. Reindl-Walter
Alternative Dispute Resolution for LADR Kentra Nathan E. Ferguson
American Legal History Hart Andrew L. Youngquist
Antitrust Leslie Eric Robert Moran
Bankruptcy Mason/Pollick Paul J. Ferak
Basic Securities Law Newman William W. Thomas
Business Organizations Conviser Cynthia S. Kisser
Business Organizations Brown, G. Stephanie Elsener
Business Organizations Hablutzel, P. Deborah A. Laughton
Civil Procedure Lien Molly Joyce
Civil Procedure Laser Adrianne K. Zahner
Civil Procedure Marder Scott S. Winter
Collective Bargaining and Arbitration Stanton Michael J. Busse
Commercial Law: Payment Systems Corre Jeffrey W. Gott
Commercial Law: Sales Spak Alison P. Sandel
Commercial Law: Secured Transactions Corre Jennifer A. Henrickson and Marios R. Rush
Complex Litigation Steinman Anthony R. McClure
Conflict of Laws Green Ellen M. Avery
Conflict of Laws Perritt Benjamin T. Barr
Constitutional Law Eglit Sunith V. Kartha
Contracts Warner Christine L. Falls
Copyright Law Staudt Sunith V. Kartha
Corporate Taxation Villmow Jeffrey R. Blumberg
Criminal Procedure: The Adjudicative Process Godfrey Tracy L. Ekl
Criminal Procedure: The Adjudicative Process Thomas Carl M. Schultz
Employee Benefit Plans Siske/Ewer/Klein Edward X. Clinton
Employee Benefits Law Sherman Jamie E. Markowitz
Employee Benefits Law Koch John L. DiJohn
Employment Discrimination Norton Thomas K. Barton
Energy and Telecommunications Siddon  Nancy A. Buzzard
Entertainment Law Strand Nathan E. Ferguson
Environmental Law and Policy 2 Musiker Michael S. Roubitchek
Estate Planning Harrison Julie A. Hendricks and Jeffrey A. Miller
Estates and Trusts Strubbe John Abramic
Evidence Kling, R. Elsa Y. Trujillo
Evidence Baker David T. Ballard
Family and Employment-Based Immigration Practice Tapia-Ruano/Bristol Grandon P. Benton
Family Law Greene Michelle L. Israel
Federal Courts Roy Nikoleta Lamprinakos
Federal Courts Streseman Max A. Stein
Financial Services Holding Companies Brennan/Freechak Hope Schall
First Amendment Nahmod Donald W. Sullenger
Gift and Estate Tax Sherman Heidi J. Azulay
Health Care Law Hafemeister William P. Sullivan
Immigration Law and Policy Kempster Lance T. Hall
Insurance Law Heyman, R. Marc H. Feldman
Insurance Organizations and Businesses Seligman Jeffrey A. Miller
International Business Transactions Lavin Zachary P. Rustad
International Commercial Litigation Voelker/Howard Cindy A. Meinert
International Human Rights Brown, B. Edward C. Harris
International Telecommunications Johnson Alyson L. Lanzer and Anna Pahl
Jurisprudence Samar Heather L. McDermott and Carl M. Schultz
Justice and the Legal System Malin Daniel J. Nickel
Justice and the Legal System Wright Jon R. Neuleib
Justice and the Legal System Harding Sanjay J. Agrawala
Labor Advanced Research/Legal Drafting Woulfe Victor H. Perez
Labor Advanced Research/Legal Drafting Grossman Edward L. Ross
Land Use Tarlock John D. LaBarbera
Law and Bioethics Gatter Richard A. Janney
Legal Drafting Zamparo David L. Goldberg
Legal Drafting Silvestri Paul J. Bartusiak and Mack C. McCullin
Legal Drafting Farber John J. Weathers
Legal Drafting Cahill Marc H. Feldman
Legal Drafting Moltz Sheila M. Griffin
Legal Drafting Meschino Nancy H. Dove
Legal Drafting McConville Mohammed A. Nofal
Legal Drafting Krebs Darby A. Carley
Legal Writing 2 Heyman, R. Lindsay M. Shuman
Legal Writing 2 Valentine Jeffrey Enright
Legal Writing 2 Schrager Erika Swanson
Legal Writing 2 Lavin Jeffrey D. Gardner
Legal Writing 2 Adams Molly Joyce
Legal Writing 2 Godfrey Tracy S. Cassidy
Legal Writing 2 Greene Becky L. Ginsburg
Legal Writing 2 Streseman David E. Kronenberg
Legal Writing 2 Gatter Dorislee Jackson
Legal Writing 2 Strubbe Rebecca A. Levin
Legal Writing 2 Hafemeister Margaret L. Begalle
Legal Writing 2 Green John J. Marhoefer
Legal Writing 2 Ehrenberg Christopher T. Collins
Medical Malpractice Richardson Mary R. Chelotti-Smith
Negotiations Schoenfield Renee C. Robak
Partnership Tax 2 Levun Emily J. Nicholson
Patent Office Practice Hulbert Deborah A. Laughton
Personal Income Tax (day section) Chapman Cheryl L. Heiss
Personal Income Tax (twilight section) Chapman Constance Ludtke
Professional Responsibility (day section) Gross  Stephanie Elsener
Professional Responsibility (twilight section) Gross Arie B. Zoller
Property Baker David E. Kronenberg
Property (day division) Tarlock Allison A. Krumhorn and Troy D. Hoyt
Property (evening division) Tarlock Mark E. Turek
Property Hart Erika Swanson
Property Harding Karl E. Masters
Public Sector Employees Malin Cynthia S. Kisser
Remedies Eglit Anthony R. McClure
Remedies Ehrenberg Samantha L. Hunter
Russian Legal System Lien Brian R. Caldwell
School Law Hablutzel, N. Kathleen C. Fuhrmann
Scientific Analysis of Environmental Problems Nagle/Mucha John D. LaBarbera
Sports Law Ham  Scott J. Gartner
State and Local Government Law Rosen Christopher M. Heintskill
Tax Planning for S Corporations and Closely-Held Businesses Minear David H. Lowenthal
Tax Procedure Abbott, W. Michael L. Ulleweit
Taxation of Business Entities (day section) Brody Paul J. Ferak
Taxation of Business Entities (evening section) Brody Joshua E.T. Becker
Telecommunications Law and Policy Kraft/Voges Edward J. Tunelius
Tort Damages and Tort Reform Wright Rana H. Haghighat
Trademarks and Unfair Competition Renner Jana B. Krupoff and David J. Schodin
Trial Advocacy 1 Thorp Angel M. Krull
Trial Advocacy 1 Rodgers Cynthia J. Pruim
Trial Advocacy 1 Leckrone Neal S. Johnson
Trial Advocacy 1 Meyer Marci Cohen
Trial Advocacy 1 Mcnerney Jeremy R. Thompson
Trial Advocacy 1 Wolfson, Lauretta Faye M. Hizon
Trial Advocacy 2 Kottaras Therese C. King
Trial Advocacy 2 Gevirtz Bethany N. Schols
Trial Advocacy 2 Grossi Tracy L. Ekl
Trial Advocacy 2 Hibbler Jessica A. Bank
Trial Advocacy 2 Burnham Kevin P. Nolan
Unfair Competition Quentel Brett M. Sarason
White Collar Crime Schrager Kevin S. Horwitz

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