Administrative Law Greenberg, S.  Tognazzini, Catherine H. 
Administrative Law Current Berkshire, Ellen G.
Advanced Evidence Wolfson, W. Hammoudeh, Matthew Z.
Advanced Issues in Family Law Feldman Dragoi, Priscilla M. and 
Weiner, Jessica L.
Advanced Research Moore/Glenn Pezzuto, Christian M.
Advanced Research Gnoffo Draganov, Stoytcho Dontchev
Advanced Research Weiss Angres, Jeffrey A.
Advanced Research Freedman Pinzur, Geri L. and
Vyas, Ujjval K. and
Ward, Melissa A.
Advanced Research Wit Williams Wan, Andrea V.
Advanced Torts Brill Abbott, Debra A. and
Burzawa, Martin W.
Alternative Dispute Resolution Ginn Pezzuto, Christian M.
American Legal History Fuentes-Rohwer Sarhaddi, Darius C.
Antitrust Hannay Kim, Wonah
Antitrust Bauer Abate, Alex D.
Bankruptcy Mason/Pollick Beckman, William A.
Business Organizations Morrissey Lindbergh, Suzanne L.
Business Organizations Hill Storm, Jon-Erik G.
Civil Procedure Marder Meyer, Christopher K.
Civil Procedure Stewart Schwartz, Karol A.
Civil Procedure 2 Laser Ellis, Mark E
Collective Bargaining and Arbitration Stanton Rioux, Karen M.
Commercial Law: Payment Systems Spak, D. Justic, Stacy D.
Commercial Law: Secured Transactions Litowitz Heinle, Michael J.
Conflict of Laws Greenberg, S. Dafnis, Argie
Constitutional Law Eglit Talathi, Adwait S.
Consumer Protection Law Krislov DuVall, Lindsay J. and
Williams Wan, Andrea V.
Contracts Smith Hudgins, Margaret L
Corporation Taxation Villmow Woll, Christopher
Criminal Procedure: Adjudicatory Process Godfrey Iveljic, Mario M. and
Mayerfeld, Daniel S.
Criminal Procedure: Adjudicatory Process Thomas Warta, Jennifer L.
Current Issues in Education Law Adams Riekes, Ari D.
Current Issues in Environmental Law Murawski/Ketzback Bahr, Robert William
Cybercrime Henderson Mayerfeld, Daniel S.
Disability Law Hablutzel, N. Davey, Terrence E.
E-Commerce Warner Moseby, Michael
Employee Benefits Law Hahn Hughes, Michael Francis
Employee Benefits Law Sherman Collins, Christopher T.
Employee Benefit Plans Siske/Klein/Ward Johnson, Matthew M
Employment Discrimination Eglit Stack, Linnea
Employment Relationships Leader Skalinder, Wilson
Energy Law Bosselman Paulsen, Daniel R.
Entertainment Law Strand Camhi, Rebecca L.
Environmental Law and Policy 2 Henning Storm, Jon-Erik G.
Environmental Law Clinic Harley/Gordon Polz, Timothy W.
Estate Planning Harrison Dallas, Dimitra and 
Zayed, Nadim
Estates and Trusts Hablutzel, P. Greer, Hatton G.
Estates and Trusts Livingston Baugher, Kristen A. and
Cassidy, Tracy S.
Estates and Trusts Decatorsmith Paccagnini, Scott R.
European Union Orebech Cassidy, Tracy S. and
Margalit, Ainat N.
Evidence Baker Shapiro, Michael S.
Evidence Kling McCorry, John P.
Famous American Trials Nance Loucks, Nicole M.
Federal Courts McCormick Rosenberg, Seth M. and
Shapiro, Michael S.
Federal Courts Roy Zillmer, John R.
First Amendment Nahmod Kile, Amy L.
First Amendment Theory Heyman Alkhouja, Laura N. and
Vyas, Ujjval K.
Gender and the Law Smith Zahner, Adrianne K.
Gift and Estate Tax Sherman Belen, Jeffrey S.
Illinois Civil Procedure Preston Paulsen, Daniel R.
Immigration Law and Policy Kempster Tabangay, April F.
Insurance Chaskin, et al. Ellenbecker, Stephen P.
Intellectual Property for Corporate Lawyers Dicig Schulhof, Scott H.
Intellectual Property Trial Advocacy Levinson Begalle, Margaret L
International Business Transactions Gerber Worster, William T.
International Commercial Litigation Voelker/Howard Sakharuk, Dmytro
International Criminal Law Brown, B. Lawless, Craig M.
International Human Rights Brown, B. Frano, Sarah E.
International Law Orebech Schroeder, Kara
Internet Law Staudt Parker, William G.
Introduction to the American Legal System Lazar Voigt, Christian
Jurisprudence Samar Calabrese, Jeffrey
Justice and the Legal System Wright Myers, Ricky L.
Justice and the Legal System Nance Smith, Kevin A.
Justice and the Legal System Harding Hill, Randolph K.
Land Use Peters Staudacher, Edward J.
Latin American Business Law del Granado Koontz, Bryan K, Jr
Law of Privacy Piatt Schroeder, Kara
Law of Trade Secrets Parkhurst Kreppel, Rachel S.
Legal Drafting McConville Njenga, Peris W.
Legal Drafting Moltz Anderson, Karl R.
Legal Drafting Silvestri Tognazzini, Catherine H.
Legal Drafting Farber Takada, Joji
Legal Drafting

Legal Drafting

Brest van Kempen
Nihill, Burke J.

Marhoefer, John J.
Legal Drafting/Research for Litigation Morris Rubin, Jennifer L.
Legal Drafting/Research for Litigation Gilbert Laramie, Erin C.
Legal Drafting/Research for International Business Strzynski Kedziora, Marcin
Legal Drafting/Research for Litigation Greenberg, E. Morgen, Nicole J.
Legal Drafting/Research for Labor and Employment Law Woulfe Williams, Samuel L.
Legal Drafting/Research for Labor and Employment Law Allen English, Dawn C.
Legal Writing 2 Greene Cassidy, Patrick F. and
Robinson, Adrien T.
Legal Writing 2 Current Zielinski, Kimberly M.
Legal Writing 2 Henning Liebl, Ryan J. and
Vanesse, Beth A.
Legal Writing 2 McCormick Prince, Katherine
Legal Writing 2 Pingree Grossman, Yaakov T.
Legal Writing 2 Henderson Meyer, Christopher K.
Legal Writing 2 Adams Langefeld, Kirk D.
Legal Writing 2 Bauer Carameli, Leone S.
Legal Writing 2 Morrissey Hudgins, Margaret L
Legal Writing 2 Godfrey Schutzenhofer, Megan Q.
Legal Writing 2 Strubbe Fleischer, Ronald P. and
Smith, Kevin A.
Legislative Advocacy Kling, W. Brown, Tiffany M. and
Wilhelm, Degee
Litigation Technology Rogers Hammoudeh, Matthew Z.
Mediation Levitz/Nathanson Stack, Linnea
Negotiations Schoenfield Ulijasz, Pamela C.
Partnership Tax 2 Levun Schamis, Jeffrey B.
Patent Litigation Holbrook Crawford, Bradley W. and
Laughton, Deborah A.
Patent Office Practice Hulbert Jacobs, Jeffrey K.
Personal Income Tax (day section) Chapman Pinzur, Geri L.
Personal Income Tax (evening section) Chapman Jabbari, Kamyar
Professional Responsibility Pingree Benson, David F. and
Priest, Eric A.
Professional Responsibility Gross Pruden, Michael B.
Property Bosselman Ostrand, Ernst H.
Property Tarlock Snode, Nicole R.
Property Harding Surdo, Peter N.
Property Holbrook Rohrer, Adrian T. and
Wechtler, Jill M.
Public Sector Employees Malin Epton, Amy E.
Race and the Law Fuentes-Rohwer Albrecht, Erickson R. and
Kuehl, Steven W.
Remedies Conviser Kelmanson, Svetlana
Remedies Warner Bogle, Edward H.
Securities Regulation Hablutzel, P. Sirlin, Julie L.
Sports Law Ham Rosenberg, Seth M.
State and Local Government Law Rosen Conklin, Jason M.
Tax Practice and Procedure Conlon/Silets Tomic, Ivan
Taxation of Business Entities Brown, G. Hairrell, Cherish L.
Telecommunications Law Piatt Weiss, Steven M.
Trademarks and Unfair Competition Renner DuVall, Lindsay J.
Trial Advocacy 1 Desierto Dafnis, Argie
Trial Advocacy 1 Walsh Goldenson, Nathan H. and
Paler-Amaya, Catherine M.
Trial Advocacy 1 Fletcher Moshman, Diane M.
Trial Advocacy 1 Sudendorf Iveljic, Mario M.
Trial Advocacy 1 Milan Pinzur, Geri L.
Trial Advocacy 1 Lekrone Karaca, Jacob H.
Trial Advocacy 1 Martin Mayerfeld, Daniel S.
Trial Advocacy 2 Kottaras Haynes, Robyn M.
Trial Advocacy 2 Grossi Lechter, Jessica J.
Trial Advocacy 2 Wolfson, Lori Moore, Maya J.
Trial Advocacy 2 Gevirtz Lawless, Craig M.
Trial Advocacy 2 Hibbler Kaliciak, Anna M
Trial Advocacy 2 Burnham Rost, Kerry Toth
Trial Advocacy 2 Erickson Egan, Richard F.
White Collar Crime Albert-Goldberg Bejgiert, David
World Trade Organization Gerber Wallace, Todd E.
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