From: CLC Announcements
Sent: Wednesday, November 28, 2001 9:34 AM
Subject: Important Computer Lab and Final Exam Information

The Center for Law and Computers will be preparing computer lab machines (700, 760 & 900) for Final Exams Thursday, December 6 through Friday, December 7. At least 2 labs will be available at all times throughout the process. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

If you signed up to take one or more exams on computer (either a lab computer or your own laptop);
you MUST read the following information

As you may know, we use a special program, SofTest, for exams taken on computer. The advantage of using the SofTest program is that it increases the stability, security, and reliability of the exam taking process. Since adopting SofTest and its predecessor programs, we have experienced very few problems with lost exams or corrupted exam files.

If you are taking an exam on computer, you will write your exam using the word processing program built into SofTest. Please read the appropriate section below, depending on whether you plan to use a lab computer or your own laptop to take the exam. If you are taking the exam on your laptop, please note that you must not only download and install the SofTest program, but must also bring certain necessary hardware components to the exam.

Although the program is simple to use, please spend a few minutes reviewing the online tutorial at:

In addition, you may run the practice version from any lab computer (go to Start, Programs, SofTest; then click on the Practice button on the lower right of the screen).

In order to take exams on your own laptop, you will have to download the SofTest software from the web. Go to, "Exam Takers," then Students "Download and Registration Process" link and follow the directions. This is a new version of SofTest, so if you have a previous version already installed on your computer (even a version from last semester), you MUST uninstall the old version, and download and install the new version. DO NOT CHOSE ANY UPGRADE OPTIONS! See further information below.

Provided below is some important information about downloading and installing the software. The process is somewhat time-consuming, so please do not wait until the last minute. If you have any problems or questions, contact the Help Desk (Room 525; e-mail: HELPDESK; phone: 906-5300).

Please note that you MUST come to the exam with the SofTest program properly installed and configured. This includes fully completing the "registration and qualification" process on ExamSoft's web site. Additionally, you should bring the following hardware components with you:

(1) a power cord
(2) a network card
(3) a network cable
(4) a floppy disk drive

If you do not have the software properly installed, or are missing any necessary equipment, you will be moved to a hand-writing room.

Important Information about Downloading and Installing SofTest:

* In order to guarantee that SofTest will function properly on your computer, Examsoft has implemented a software registration and qualification procedure as part of the SofTest download. YOU MUST COMPLETE THE ENTIRE REGISTRATION/ QUALIFICATION PROCESS OR THE SOFTWARE WILL NOT FUNCTION ON EXAM DAY! Please read on for details.

* You should remove any prior versions of SofTest or other Examsoft software from your computer before trying to install the new version. This can be done by selecting SofTest in the Windows "Add/Remove Programs" control panel, and then clicking the "Add/Remove..." button. Reboot your computer before proceeding if you perform this task.

* The process for obtaining and installing SofTest requires a number of steps to be performed online at Examsoft's web site, located at We recommend that you download and print out the instructions for this procedure as well as Examsoft's list of frequently asked questions (FAQ's) before you begin. Links to both these items can be found below:

Download and Registration Process:


You may also pick up a hard copy of both documents at the Registrar's Office or the Help Desk.

* To download the program, you will be required to provide your "Student ID." You are not required to enter your Chicago-Kent student ID number in this field. Instead, please enter your five-digit exam number (previously e-mailed to you by the Registrars Office).

* We recommend that you complete the entire procedure while connected to the Chicago-Kent network. There are two reasons for this. First, the download portion of the process requires approximately 30-40 minutes to complete over a 56K modem connection. This time can probably be reduced to 10-15 minutes over a "hard wired" Internet connection such as Chicago-Kent's network. Second, it is much easier to complete the registration/qualification procedure if you have a persistent connection to the Internet. If you plug your laptop into the Chicago-Kent network, your Internet connection will simply "be there" as long as you remain physically connected. If you use a dial-up connection, you will have to keep track of when you are connected and when you are not.

* You will be assigned two unique numbers during the registration and qualification procedure; a "Password" and a "registration number." WRITE THESE NUMBERS DOWN AND KEEP THEM WITH YOUR CHICAGO-KENT EXAM NUMBER. You will need to refer back to these numbers during the registration/qualification procedure. Computer Center staff may also need these numbers should you need to reinstall SofTest for any reason.

You will receive a final registration confirmation by email containing your student ID, password, institution, and registration number if you completed the registration process successfully. If you do not receive the confirmation email, please stop by room 525 or call the Help Desk (312) 906-5300 for further assistance.

Good Luck!

Teresa D. Burgin
Help Desk and Training Manager
The Center for Law and Computers
Chicago-Kent College of Law
Illinois Institute of Technology - DTC
565 W. Adams, Suite 525B
Chicago, Illinois 60661
(312) 906-5300