Electricity and Public Utilities Seminar.

This seminar has been added to the Spring schedule. The course number is 605-071. It will be taught by Professor Cohen, and will meet on Tuesdays, 6:00 - 7:50 p.m. Two credit hours.  Course description:  Not long ago, the electricity business was relatively predictable, and so was the law that regulated it.  But several waves of deregulation have changed the landscape, creating new market players, new opportunities for traditional market participants, and new legal issues.  This seminar explores the electric industry, which is the most capital intensive industry in the world.  The seminar will begin with an introduction to traditional public utility law and concepts, such as Commerce Commission jurisdiction, service territory monopolies and rate regulation (these principles also apply to other regulated industries).  It will also cover the effects and status of deregulation, starting with the introduction of competition for wholesale electric power and then exploring the competitive market for electricity at the retail level.  The seminar will also delve into the effect that deregulation has on the future for “green” power (i.e., power that is generated by renewables such as hydro, solar and biomass).