December 20, 2001

Dear Continuing Student:

I hope you had a successful semester and are having an enjoyable holiday break. Linked to this page are initial reading assignments for the first week of Spring classes for about 75 classes. Additional assignments will be posted on the second floor bulletin board as they are received. Spring classes begin on Monday, January 14, 2002.

In addition to initial assignments, also linked to this page are the following:

* The 2001-2002 academic calendar.

* The bookstore's hours in the coming weeks.

* A notice describing all additions and changes to the Spring schedule since the Spring Registration Bulletin was issued.

* An announcement describing the Antitrust course.

* The final exam schedule for the Spring semester.

Purchasing Books for the Spring Semester: You may ask the bookstore to hold your Spring course books for you when they arrive, or for an extra fee you may request that the books be mailed to you over the holiday break. If you would like to take advantage of either of these options, stop by the bookstore or call 312/906-5605. In addition, you may order your course books over the web by clicking on the bookstore link on the Chicago-Kent Student Portal web page.

Schedule Changes: You may drop a course any time through the end of the second week of Spring classes. Under a new policy adopted by the faculty, you may add an open course without special permission until the end of the first week of Spring classes; during the second week, however, you may add an open course only with permission of the instructor. You may not add a course after the second week of the semester.

Fall Semester Grades: To check your grades, go to . Log in to your e-mail account and click on the Web for Students link at the left side of the screen. Click on the link for Fall 2001 on the menu bar to see the status of your Fall grades. Grades will be posted within a few days after the instructor submits them to the Registrar. However, many law school administrative offices, including the Registrar's office, will be closed over the holidays. The earliest that grades will likely be posted is the week of January 7.

Spring Final Exams: The final exam schedule for the Spring semester is linked to this page. Absent extraordinary circumstances, you must take your exams at the times scheduled, even if you have two exams in a row or one at 6:00 p.m. and another at 8:30 a.m. the next morning. You are deemed to have an "exam conflict" only if you have two exams scheduled at the same time, or three exams scheduled consecutively. (Please note that you are permitted to register for courses even if their exams are scheduled at the same time; one of your exams will be rescheduled.) If you believe there are extraordinary circumstances justifying rescheduling an exam even though you do not have an exam conflict, contact Chris Matheny, the Registrar, well in advance of the exam date.

Trial Advocacy Section Assignments: These will be posted on the Chicago-Kent Student Portal web page ( and on the second-floor bulletin board in early January.

Have a happy and healthy New Year and a rewarding Spring semester.

Sincerely yours,

Stephen D. Sowle