Initial Reading Assignments
Summer 2002 Term

We have received the following initial reading assignments for summer 2002 classes. You should read the indicated material for the first class session.

Commercial Law: Secured Transactions - Prof. Litowitz
Welcome to Secured Transactions. The first two classes will consist of lectures on the UCC generally and Article Nine in particular. Thereafter, the course will be taught by problem method, as we try to solve problems in the textbook. For the first class, read pp. xiii-xviii and 3-17 in Perspectives on the UCC (Litowitz, ed.). Also, you should bookmark the web sites of the two organizations who sponsored the recent revisions of Article Nine, namely the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws ( and the American Law Institute (

Evidence - Prof. Kling
Introduction; Relevance - Chs. 1, 2 , 3 - Rules 104 , 401, and 402.

Family Law - Prof. Greene
Please read pages 2-46 in the Areen casebook and consider the issues raised therein prior to our first class.

Negotiations - Prof. Schoenfield
Read Chapters 1 and 12 in the casebook, available in the bookstore.

Personal Income Tax - Prof. Chapman
Part 1 of the syllabus and accompanying handouts are in the bookstore; make sure to buy one and bring it to class.  For Tuesday, May 21, do the syllabus assignments for chapters 1-3.   I will do much of the talking during the first class, discussing the history and fundamentals of the tax system.  I hope you will be asking questions and responding to issues posed in Chapters 2 and 3.

Professional Responsibility - Prof. Kling
Read pp.1-29; pp.41-98; Problems 1, 2, 3.

Tax Procedure - Prof. Decatorsmith
For the first class, please read Chapter one in the assigned text (Tax Controversies: Practice and Procedure, by Lederman & Mazza), and bring with you to our first meeting, for group consumption, your IRS impressions, horror stories, prejudices, and/or humorous anecdotes.