Courses Subject to Mandatory Curve for Elective Courses
Spring 2001

The mandatory curve for elective courses, which applies to any elective course with 25 or more students enrolled, is as follows:

Grade GPA Points Cumulative %
A- 3.7 maximum of 30%
B+ 3.3 maximum of 50%
B- 2.7 maximum of 85%

Thus, a professor may give, cumulatively, no more than 30% A's and A-'s; no more than 50% A's, A-'s, and B+'s; and no more than 85% A's, A-'s, B+'s, B's, and B-'s.

The Spring 2001 courses subject to this curve are listed below:

Course Instructor
Advanced Torts Brill
Antitrust Leslie
Business Organizations Conviser
Business Organizations Hablutzel
Business Organizations Brown, G.
Commercial Law: Secured Transactions Harris
Conflict of Laws Green
Criminal Procedure: Adjudicatory Process Rudstein
Criminal Procedure: Adjudicatory Process Thomas
Employee Benefits Law Sherman
Employment Discrimination Eglit
Employment Discrimination Gonzalez
Entertainment Law Strand
Estates and Trusts Strubbe
Estates and Trusts Hablutzel
Evidence Godfrey
Evidence Kling
Federal Courts Stewart
Illinois Civil Procedure Leader
Illinois Civil Procedure Preston
International Law Brown, B.
Internet Law Staudt
Juries, Judges and Trials Marder
Law, Literature and Feminism Marder
Medical Malpractice Richardson
Personal Income Tax (day & 4:00 sections) Chapman
Products Liability Streseman
Remedies Eglit
Securities Regulation Hablutzel
Sports Law Ham
Taxation of Business Enterprises Brody
Trademarks and Unfair Competition Renner