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Office of Academic Administration and Student Affairs

Asst. Dean Stephen Sowle

Week of April 5, 2021

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Spring 2021 Final Exams. The exam period will run from Wednesday, May 5, through Friday, May 14. To find your exam schedule, go to your Web for Students account and navigate to the "Spring 2021" link under the "Schedule" heading. Spring exams numbers will be posted at a later date (note: the exam numbers currently showing are for midterm exams, not final exams). In addition to the information provided below, please also see the Exam Quick Guide and, for complete information, General Procedures for Exams. If you have any questions, please contact

There are three types of exams:

· Fixed Exams: The date and time are listed on your Exam Schedule in Web for Students.

· Floating Fixed Exams: For most first-year exams, there is a two-day window in which the exam can be taken. Please see the Spring 2021 Schedule of Classes for information regarding the open period for your course.

· Self-Scheduled Exams: Self-Scheduled exams can be taken at any time during the exam period.  You will choose the date and time that you wish to take the exam. You do not need to preschedule the exam time.

· Take Home Exams: These are exams that are 24 hours or more. Please contact your professor regarding the exam parameters.

This semester, most courses will have self-scheduled or take home exams, and all exams will be taken at home. The following instructions are applicable to all exams:

· You will use the Examsoft student portal (\chicagokentlaw) to download your exam questions and to upload your exam answers. 

· You only need internet access to the Examsoft website- you DO NOT need to download any software, as you will not be writing your exam answer in Examplify.

· You can use any word processing program that you like, but all exam answers must be uploaded as a PDF.

· If you are handwriting your exam answers, you can submit a PDF document of your handwritten exams answers. 

· Student conduct during examinations is subject to the Chicago-Kent Code of Conduct, which is set forth in Section XIX of the Student Handbook. With respect to communications between students during exam period, please note that, once you have taken the exam, you are not allowed to communicate with anyone about any aspect of the exam.

Students who need a quiet place to take exams or who have poor Internet connectivity at home should complete this form to request use of a room in the building.

Exam Conflict/Reschedule Requests. The Student Handbook requires that you take your final exams at the times scheduled unless you have an exam conflict (as defined below), or you have a "serious illness or other extraordinary or compelling reason" beyond your control. If you have an exam conflict or believe you have other reasons justifying the rescheduling of an exam, please complete the Final Exam Reschedule form. To complete the form, log into Web for Students and navigate to the Final Exam Reschedule form in the left-hand menu. We will contact you to arrange an alternate date for you to complete your exam.

Summer 2021 and Fall 2021 Terms. As previously announced, classes in the Summer 2021 term will be offered on the same hybrid basis as classes this term. The schedule of classes for Summer 2021 will be issued by the end of this week.. For the Fall 2021 semester, the university anticipates returning to regular in-person classes. The schedule of classes for Fall 2021 will be issued later in April. Information for first-year students on upper-level requirements and course planning is available below.

Just Mercy: Screening and Panel Discussion. This Friday, April 9, 2021, Chicago-Kent will host a program entitled Equity in Action - Acknowledging the Past, Assessing the System, and Fighting for a "Just" Future. The event will feature a live viewing of the Just Mercy film (2:00 - 4:20 pm CST) and a virtual panel discussion (4:30 - 6:00 pm CST). Panelists will include a range of local leaders who will speak to the history of the criminal legal system, recent reforms and advocacy, and the on-going struggles ahead. Join us as we continue our movement from Equity Talks to Action. Click here for the film trailer. RSVP here to get the event link(s). This event is hosted by the ACLU, ACS, BLSA, Criminal Law Society, DALSA, HLLSA, Lambdas, MLSA, NLG, REAA, and SBA, with the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Moot Court Honor Society: Oral Argument Practices and Tryouts. [Message from Prof. Cherish Keller:] To 1Ls: Congrtulations on turning in your briefs! Now is a great time to think about Chicago-Kent's Moot Court Honor Society! Below is how you can try out for MCHS and how current MCHS members can potentially help you with oral argument practices. To upper division students who will be enrolled in 2021-2022: If you aren't on MCHS but are interested, keep reading!

Tryouts. The Moot Court Honor Society will hold tryouts in April to select about 25 new J.D. members for 2021-22. We need a crew of engaging conversationalists, strong writers, and hard-working team players so that we can hold our place as one of the nation's most consistently successful appellate advocacy programs. 

The tryout process:

  1. If you’re interested in--or just curious about--trying out, check out this document. It outlines the process and gives some background about who we are and what you'd do on MCHS.
  2. At some point between April 4 (the appellate brief due date for 1Ls) and April 12 (at 5pm), submit a resume and writing sample via this Google form. For the writing sample, we strongly prefer that you submit an appellate brief, since that's most relevant to the writing you'd do in MCHS. 
  3. At some point before April 19, sign up for a 10-minute oral argument slot via this Google calendar. (To access the calendar, make sure you're in your kentlaw account.)
  4. Present an oral argument during your chosen time slot during tryouts, which will be held via Zoom during the week of April 19.
If you have questions, please reach out to one of us! Our MCHS President Bora Ndregjoni and our VPs, Hayden Dinges, Sakshi Jain, Kristen Merritt, Cait Sinclair, and John Warren, are happy to answer questions (as are any MCHS members, really!). We'll also occasionally post information about tryouts on the CKMoot Facebook page and on our Instagram account.

Info session. We're hosting an info session this coming Tuesday (April 6) at 1:00. Come join some current MCHS members and ask questions! Here's the Zoom link, here. (And here's the full Zoom link, for ease:


After the deadline for the appellate brief, MCHS members and I (Prof. Keller) will be available to practice with MCHS candidates and anyone preparing for legal writing oral arguments. To sign up for practice sessions, check the practices on this Google Sheet. In this coming week, MCHS members will be adding practice times. So if no practices match your schedule (or if none are listed, like right now), please check again in the future, as we will add more practice opportunities as the dates get closer.

And if you have any questions about tryouts or practices, you can always contact me at

Good luck with your oral argument practices, and we hope to see you at tryouts!

Trial Team Tryouts. [Mesage from the Trial Team:] Are you interested in receiving individual instruction on trial skills, making invaluable career connections with practicing attorneys, and having tons of FUN? Join Chicago-Kent's nationally ranked Trial Team! 

Who: Tryouts are open to any student not graduating this year.
When: Tryouts will be April 21 & 22, 4pm-9pm. Callbacks will be held Friday, April 23, time TBD.
How: Online via Zoom! Sign up for a time slot here:

Note: You must sign up by April 14. Once you have signed up, a Zoom invitation will be sent to you after April 14.

What: Just prepare (for either side of the case): a 3-5 minute Opening Statement AND a 7-8 minute Closing Argument. If you would like to meet with a trial team member for some help before tryouts, please sign up on the attached sheet (trial team members will be adding times they are available in the next few days). 

Informational packets with everything you need to know and the problem State of Lone Star v. Peter Paul Seger are available by clicking here (information handout) and here (Lone Star case).. Contact me, Ana Montelongo ( or 708-289-8988) or Breana Brill ( or 224-565-3089) with any questions.

Classrooms for Remote Classes. As previously announced, we are making classrooms available on-site for remote classes in situations where students do not have sufficient time to travel from home to school (or vice versa) in between the remote class and an on-site class they have the same day. A list of classrooms for the week of April 5 is available by clicking herePlease note: These rooms should only be used by students who requested a room (we have notified all such students by email). Given classroom capacity limitations, students not already approved may cause the room to exceed the available capacity.

If you wish to request rooms for the week of April 12, the form is available by clicking here. We will notify you by email of your room assignment prior to your class. Please submit this form no later than this Thursday, March 18. If you wish to request a room for the same class, but on multiple days next week, you can indicate that on a single form. If, however, you are requesting rooms for different classes during the week, please submit separate forms.

Please note: If you previously submitted a form and clicked the box to make your submission a standing request, you do not need to submit a new form. If at any point you wish to cancel a standing request, please email me at

Counseling Services. This is a reminder that the university provides counseling services free of charge for students. Click here for details on the available resources, including individual counseling through Skylight Counseling Services.

In addition to resources available through the university, the Lawyers Assistance Program also provides assistance to law students. LAP provides free and confidential assistance to members of the Illinois legal community, including students, and can help you with issues of addiction, stress, anxiety, depression, focusing, worries about the character and fitness process, and having a successful first-year transition. Click here for more information about LAP and the services it provides.

Information for 1L Students on Upper-Level Course Selection and Requirements. In response to inquiries and comments recently, we are providing (somewhat earlier than usual) a guide we publish annually that provides detailed information on graduation requirements, upper-level course selection, and related subjects. The guide, entitled "Where Do We Go From Here? Information for Students Entering Their Second Year," is available by clicking here.

In addition, we will announce shortly the process for requesting a Faculty Advisor, who will be available to help by discussing with you your approach to studying, career options, course selection for upcoming semesters, and other law school matters that may interest or concern you.


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