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News & announcements from Asst. Dean Stephen D. Sowle  for the week of October 5, 1998

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More Spring 1998 CALI Award Winners.  Congratulations to the following students, who received the highest grades in the courses indicated.  Other CALI award winners were announced in the August 24, August 31, September 7, September 14, and  September 21 issues of the Record.  If you received an award, your name will appear on the award certificate and in the program for the Student Awards Luncheon as it appears below.  Please e-mail me if you want to make any changes. 
Regulatory Polciy and Practice (Prof. Scales):  Kathryn P. Camp & Stephen Cubbage
Taxation of Business Enterprises (Profs. Bakal & Surdell): Philip R. Strzalka.
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