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News & announcements from Asst. Dean Stephen D. Sowle for the week of November 29, 1999

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Academic Calendar Reminder.  The academic calendar for the remainder of the semester is as follows:
Monday, November 29       Monday classes meet (Labor Day make-up)
Tuesday, November 30       Monday classes meet (Yom Kippur make-up)
Wednesday, December 1    Friday classes meet (Thanksgiving make-up)
Thursday, December 2       Thursday classes meet (Thanksgiving make-up)
(Thursday, December 2 is the last day of regular classes)
In addition, Friday, December 3 is designated as a Make-up Day, i.e., a day on which professors can schedule classes to make up for any class sessions missed for reasons other than official school holidays. Day Division make-up classes may also be scheduled Tuesdays, 11:45 - 1:45; Evening Division make-up classes may also be scheduled on Friday evenings.

Spring 2000 Registration.  The final schedule and Registration Bulletin were distributed on Tuesday, November 23. Copies are available outside the third floor cafeteria. The schedule and the Registration Bulletin are also available on the Law School's Intranet site ( Registration forms for all students are due in the Registrar's office no later than Monday, November 29, at 8:00 p.m. (we no longer have separate registration dates for different priority categories, although forms will continue to be processed in priority order). Please keep an eye on the Registrar's section of the Record for details about initial registration and the priority add/drop period.

Please note the following corrections and additions to the final course schedule:

Employee Benefits Law (Evening section): This course is listed incorrectly on some copies of the final schedule as being worth 3 credits; it is actually worth 2 credits.  (The Day section of the course is correctly listed as being 3 credits, however.)

Energy and Telecommunications seminar: The course description was omitted from the Registration Bulletin. The description is as follows: This seminar will emphasize the rapidly changing nature of the energy and telecommunication industries. Course material will focus on the practice of law and introduce students to the fundamental practice skills applicable to energy and telecommunications law. The seminar will consider issues from a variety of perspectives including those of utilities, consumers, regulators, and utility competitors.  Discussions will often be facilitated by guest speakers and topics will include electric deregulation and restructuring, recent mergers, the impact of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 on the telecommunications industry, the interplay of state and federal laws, the influence of new technologies on legislation and policies, as well as the similarities and differences between the telecommunications and energy industries.

Evidence (Evening section):  The course number was listed incorrectly on the course schedule. The correct number is: 273-051-03 (not -001-).

Honors Scholars Seminar: The course number was listed incorrectly on the course schedule. The correct number is: 586-001-01 (not -02).

Mediation (Prof. Meyers’s section): The course numbers were listed  incorrectly on the course schedule. The correct number for Day Division students is: 420-001-02 (not -051-03). The correct number for Evening Division students is: 420-051-02 (not -03).

Rule of Law Externship: The course number was listed incorrectly on the course schedule for the paper component of the externship. The correct number is: 522-001-01 (not 521-).

Social Ethics and Public Health: This course has been added to the Spring schedule.  The course is offered by the School of Public Health at the University of Illinois at Chicago, but will count as J.D. credits for law students who take the course.  The instructor is Daniel Swartzman, a professor in the School of Public Health.  The course number is 247-051-03. The course is worth three credits and will meet Thursdays, 5:30 - 8:30 p.m. on the UIC campus (School of Public Health West Building, Rm. 110, 2121 West Taylor). The first meeting of the course will be Thursday, January 13; the last meeting will be Thursday, April 27.  The exam will be May 4 at 5:30. Course description:  This course will (1) introduce the student to a selection of important ideas in philosophy, political science, law and economics that bear on public health issues; (2) illustrate the benefits of applying these concepts to the understanding of public health policy; and (3) stimulate the ability of the student to evaluate ideas and use them to analyze controversies in public health  policy.

Social Sciences in Litigation: This is being offered as both a course and a seminar.  The course number on the seminar page was listed incorrectly.  The number should be: 628-001-03 (not -02).

Tort Damages & Tort Reform seminar: No ending time was listed on the schedule.  The seminar will meet Thursdays, 4:00 - 5:50 p.m.

Urban Environmental Issues seminar: The course description was omitted from the Registration Bulletin. The description is as follows: This seminar will focus on the regulation of waste within metropolitan communities, with attention to the relationship of federal, state and local levels of government.  The course will examine RCRA , CERCLA, common law nuisance authorities, land-use regulations, and criminal law approaches to waste regulation. Topics will include waste facility siting, environmental justice, illegal dumping, and the recent Silver Shovel corruption investigations.

Spring 2000 Initial Reading Assignments.  Reading assignments for the first week of the Spring semester will be posted on the Chicago-Kent Intranet page ( no later than Monday, December 20. If you will not have Internet access over the holiday break, please notify us that you would like a paper copy mailed to you by sending me an e-mail (SSOWLE) with the address where you can be reached over break; or fill out the bottom portion of a form that will be available at my office and outside the third floor cafeteria.  Assignments not received by December 20 will be posted on the second-floor bulletin board as they are received.

You may ask the bookstore to hold your Spring course books for you when they arrive, or for an extra fee you may request that the books be mailed to you over break.  If you would like to take advantage of either of these options, stop by the bookstore before you leave, or call the bookstore at 312/906-5605.  In addition, you may order your course books over the web by clicking on the bookstore link on the Chicago-Kent Intranet page (

Joke of the Week.  Andrew: Dad, do your socks have holes in them?  Dad: No, they don't.  Andrew: Well then, how do you get your feet in them? (Thanks to Andrew Sowle, age 9, for this week's joke.)

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