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News & announcements from Asst. Dean Stephen D. Sowle for the week of March 6, 2000

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Academic Calendar Reminder.  Spring Break runs from Saturday, March 4 to Sunday, March 12. Classes resume on Monday, March 13.

Immigration Law & Policy Exam: Correction.  The date of the Immigration Law & Policy exam was incorrectly listed in the registration materials. It will be given on Monday, May 15, at 6:00 (not Monday, May 16, as listed in the registration materials).

ISBA Law Student Division Public Service Award.  The Illinois State Bar Association's Law Student Division sponsors an annual Public Service Award "to a law student who has demonstrated outstanding participation in volunteer public service and extracurricular activities."  If you know of a student deserving of nomination, or would like to nominate yourself (self-nominations are permitted), please contact me for a nomination form.  (Nominations are by individuals, not the law school as an institution, so it's permissible for more than one Chicago-Kent student to be nominated.)

Joke of the Week.  "Would you like a cup of coffee?"  "No, thanks. When I drink coffee, I can't sleep."  "Huhh. In my case it's the other way around -- when I sleep, I can't drink coffee."

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