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News & announcements from Asst. Dean Stephen D. Sowle for the week of August 27, 2001

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Academic Calendar Reminder.  In observance of Labor Day, there will be no classes on Monday, September 3.

Additional Seats Added to Two Seminars. We have added additional seats to two seminars taught by Professor Lori Andrews: Genetics, Law & Public Policy (683-071); and Reproductive Technology (643-071).  You can add either seminar through the web registration system.

More CALI Award Winners for Spring 2001.  Congratulations to the following students, who received the highest grades in the courses indicated.  Other CALI Award winners were announced in last week's Record; that list is linked to this page.

Civil Procedure (Prof. Lien): Jennifer L. Rubin
Conflict of Laws (Dean Perritt): Mark D. Brookstein and Patrick B. Markey
Constitutional Law (Prof. Nahmod): Kristen A. Baugher and Michael Francis Hughes
Current Issues in Patent Law (Prof. Holbrook): Kamyar Jabbari and Edward J.
Jurisprudence (Prof. Samar): Ryan P. Nestor
Legal Drafting & Research for the Litigator (Prof. E. Greenberg): Michael J. Griffin
Litigation Technology (Prof. Rogers): Cameron M. Nelson and Cynthia J. Pruim
Philosophy of the Criminal Justice System (Prof. Hartman): Marisa T. Cipolla,
    Stuart M. Dorf, and Scott L. Spiegel
Practice Before the Federal Circuit (Prof. Hulbert): Naser Baseer and Eric E. Karch
Professional Responsibility (Prof. Gross): David E. Harvey
School Law (Prof. N. Hablutzel): Denise Williams
Health Insurance Deadline.  Continuing students who were enrolled in the university's student health insurance program last year and who are currently enrolled for 12 or more credit hours, and new students enrolled for 12 or more credit hours, will be automatically enrolled in the basic health plan for the 2001-2002 academic year, unless they have waived coverage by submitting the proper forms.  If you would like to enroll in the comprehensive plan, you must do so by August 31, 2001. To examine the differences in the two plans, please visit the Counseling and Health Services Office website at  You can enroll in the comprehensive insurance plan by contacting Reshecoa Flanders (312/808-7132; in the Counseling and Health Services Office no later than the August 31 deadline.  (Note:  This contact information is different from the contact information provided in last week's Record.)

Students who do not meet the 12 credit hour threshold for automatic enrollment may elect to receive coverage by completing the necessary documents and paying the insurance fee.

The 2001-2002 health plan brochure and all relevant information are available at the Counseling and Health Services Office web site, or by contacting the office at 312/808-7132.  An Adobe Acrobat version of the brochure can be viewed and printed here.

Notice to Evening Division students: If registering for Intensive Trial Advocacy  brings your total credit hours for the Fall semester to at least 12 hours, you will automatically be billed for health insurance unless you waive coverage.

London Law Consortium Program.  Chicago-Kent offers a semester of legal study in London each spring semester as part of a consortium with seven other schools.  If you are interested in the London Law Consortium for the Spring 2002 semester, please pick up a copy of the program brochure outside Dean Sowle's office (Suite 320C).  Spaces in the program will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. We must submit to the program administrators completed applications from all of our participating students no later than Friday, September 14, 2001

Intensive Trial Advocacy: January 2002 Session.  There are several spaces available in the January session of Intensive Trial Advocacy; for details about the course, see the Fall 2001 Schedule of Classes.  If you add the course after the second week of the Fall semester, you will have to contact the Registrar, Chris Matheny, to register you (e-mail: CMATHENY).  If you are currently registered for the course and decide to drop it after the second week of Fall classes, you should also contact Chris Matheny, to avoid incurring a tuition penalty and a WP (Withdraw Passing) grade appearing on your transcript.

Joke of the Week.  A patient says to his doctor, "You've got to help me.  I keep dreaming that I'm Donald Duck, then the next night I dream I'm Mickey Mouse.  What's going on?"  The doctor replies, "That's very interesting -- how long have you been having these disney spells?"

News & Annoucements From Prior Weeks -- 2000-2001 Archives
Joke of the Week Archives

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