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Asst. Dean Stephen D. Sowle

Week of November 21, 2005
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Spring 2006 Schedule and Registration.
Final Spring 2006 Schedule and Registration Bulletin. The final schedule and Registration Bulletin for the Spring 2006 semester are available outside the third floor cafeteria. Online versions are also available on the Student Portal page (click on the Spring 2006 link), or by clicking here.

Please note the following additions/corrections to the Spring schedule:

*Additional section of Legal Writing 4: 432-054, Tues./Thurs. 6:00-7:25pm, Intellectual Property (Prof. Dolan).

*Management of I.P. Portfolios: This class will meet Tuesdays 4:00-5:50 pm (it was listed as day/time TBA on the final schedule). The course number is 239-071 (not 239-051).

*Seventh Cir. Review: Honors Seminar: This seminar is 2 credits (the number of credits was inadvertently omitted on the final schedule).

Registration Instructions. Registration will take place Thursday, November 17 through Tuesday, November 22. You may register at any time during that period. Registration will take place through the Online Registration system (linked to the Student Portal page). After the end of the registration period, the registration requests will be processed according to each student's registration priority. In other words, registration will not be conducted on a first-come, first served basis; as long as you register during the designated period, you will have an equal chance of being admitted to a class as other students within your registration priority group.

Registration for First-Year Students. Although first-year students have set schedules, you still must register for your Spring courses using the Online Registration system. Please be careful to register for the doctrinal classes listed for your current section, and for the Legal Writing section taught by your current professor.

University of Metz Exchange Program. As part of an agreement recently concluded with the University of Metz, ten Chicago-Kent students will have the opportunity to take three courses, totaling nine credits, during the Spring 2006 semester. The University will match each student with an internship opportunity in Luxembourg, Frankfurt, or elsewhere. The courses are: Comparative Intellectual Property Law, European Union Law, and Comparative Constitutional Law. The internships are not available to students who do not study at Metz this Spring. Contact Assistant Dean Lydia Lazar ( for more information.

Academic Calendar Reminder.
Thanksgiving vacation runs from Thursday, November 24, through Sunday, November 27. The class schedule following Thanksgiving is as follows:

Monday, November 28: Monday classes meet (Labor Day make-up)
Tuesday, November 29: Tuesday classes meet (Rosh Hashanah)
Wednesday, November 30: Wednesday classes starting 4:00 and later meet (day classes do not meet) (Yom Kippur make-up)
Thursday, December 1: Thursday classes meet (Thanksgiving make-up)
Friday, December 2: Friday classes meet (Thanksgiving make-up)
Monday, December 5: Thursday classes meet (Yom Kippur make-up)
Tuesday, December 6 (last day of classes): Monday classes 4:00 and later meet (day classes do not meet) Rosh Hashanah make-up)

Read period runs from Wednesday, December 7 through Sunday, December 11. Exams start on Monday, December 12 and end on Wednesday, December 21.

Fall 2005 Final Exams.
Exam Schedule. The final exam schedule for the current semester is linked to this page. The Registrar's office will notify you at a later date of the classroom assignments for your exams.

Availability of Professors' Old Exams. Many professors make their old exams available for students to review. Exams dating from 1992 and before are bound in volumes available in the 10th floor reading room in the Library. Exams after 1992 are available online by going to, clicking on the Exams Database link on the left, and then clicking on the link indicated there.

Exams on Computer Sign-Up. Many professors allow students to take their exams on computer (either lab computers or students' own laptops, or both). Registration for taking exams on computer begins on Monday, November 14 and runs through Wednesday, November 30. To register, log onto your Webmail account, click on the Web for Students icon, and navigate to the appropriate form.

Intensive Trial Advocacy: Seats Still Available in January 2006 Session.
Registration for the January session of Intensive Trial Advocacy (January 7-January 14, 2006) took place as part of Fall 2005 registration. However, several spaces are still available. Please contact me if you are interested in being added to the class.

Teaching Evaluations.
Teaching evaluations will be distributed in the coming weeks to elicit students' opinions about the quality of teaching at the Law School. Instructors will review the responses to improve the quality of their instruction and courses. The evaluations are also considered as one important factor in tenure, promotion, and compensation decisions for full-time faculty and are used as a factor in determining the effectiveness of part-time instructors. Evaluations are anonymous and will not be available to professors until grades are turned in.

Joke of the Week. "You know, a male turkey and a male cat are both called Toms. I don't need that kind of confusion on Thanksgiving." (Reno Goodale)

Poem of the Week. This week's poem is "Romance," by Edgar Allan Poe. (Thanks to Amy Strege for suggesting this poem.)
Student Portal Page
Student Health Insurance FAQ

U-Pass FAQ
Law School Survival Guide
Joke of the Week Archives
Poem of the Week Archives


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