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Office of Academic Administration and Student Affairs

Asst. Dean Stephen D. Sowle

Week of December 19, 2005
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Happy Holidays! I wish all of you a joyous (and restful) holiday season, and I look forward to seeing you next month.

Fall 2005 Final Exams.

Exam Emergencies. If an emergency occurs that may prevent you from taking a final exam, you or someone on your behalf should call me (312/906-5282) or Jamie Lake (312/906-5247) as soon as possible. If you cannot reach either of us, call the Registrar's office (312/906-5080). Do not contact your professor about any problem connected with your exam, as this may compromise your anonymity. Please read Section VII of the Student Handbook, which contains the rules governing exams, exam conflicts, make-up exams, missed exams, and related issues; and review Article II of the Code of Conduct in the Student Handbook.

Consulting Laptops During Exams. Unless your professor specifically authorizes it, you may not consult materials (notes, outlines, etc.) stored on your laptop computer during an open book or limited open book exam; you are limited to consulting print materials authorized by your professor. Please note: This is separate from the issue of whether you may write your exam on your own laptop. The limitation described above applies whether you are writing your exam by hand or on a lab or laptop computer.

Cell Phones During Exams. You are not permitted to use a cell phone during any exam, including during any restroom breaks. If you have a cell phone with you during an exam, it must be turned off and stored out of sight.

Access to Computer Labs During Exams. Because we use the computer labs during many of the exam slots during exam period, access for other purposes (e.g., printing out papers or exam outlines) is limited. Please keep in mind that there is a printer in the 5th Floor Student Lounge that you can use if the labs are all in use.

Spring 2006 Registration.
If you have not already done so, please log back into the online registration system to see what Spring 2006 classes you were admitted into. You may make adjustments to your schedule through the end of the second week of the Spring semester. A revised version of the Spring 2006 schedule is available through the Student Portal page (click on the Spring 2006 link), or by clicking here. The revised schedule reflects the following additions/corrections, some previously announced:

*Classes canceled due to low enrollment:

Advanced Bankruptcy (288-051).
Chicago Legal Clinic Practicum (238-001).
Complex Crimes Prosecution (228-051).
Current Issues in Environmental Law seminar (624-051).
Estate Planning (414-051).
Intellectual Property and Technology Licensing (281-052) (Note: the Thursday evening section of this course, section no. 281-051, has not been canceled).
International Trade (384-051).
Nanotechnology seminar (607-071).
Reproductive Technology (643-051).

*Additional section of Legal Writing 4: 432-054, Tues./Thurs. 6:00-7:25pm, Intellectual Property (Prof. Dolan).

*Management of I.P. Portfolios: This class will meet Tuesdays 4:00-5:50 pm (it was listed as day/time TBA on the final schedule). The course number is 239-071 (not 239-051).

*Seventh Cir. Review: Honors Seminar: This seminar is 2 credits (the number of credits was inadvertently omitted on the final schedule).

*Legal Writing for LL.M. Students: The original schedule listed this course incorrectly. The revised information is as follows: Title: Legal Writing 5 for International LL.M. Students: Contracts and Commercial Drafting. Course No.: 116-001. Professor: K. Brest van Kempen. Credits: 3 credits. Meeting Times: Wed./Fri. 11:45-1:10 pm. This course is open only to International LL.M. students. Note: If you are currently taking Legal Writing 4 for International LL.M. Students, you are eligible to take this new Legal Writing 5 course in the Spring.

*Critical Race Theory: This course has been added to the Spring schedule. Professor: Kristen Barnes. Course No.: 461-071. Credits: 2 credits. Meeting Time: Thursdays, 4:00-5:50 pm. Exam: Thurs. 5/11 6:00 pm. Course Description: This course will examine a wide range of Critical Race Theory literature ranging from some of the key writings that formed the movement to recent criticism in the area. The course will also explore the relationship between Critical Legal Studies and Critical Race Theory.

*Topics in Muslim-Jewish Relations: Professor: Rachel Havrelock. Course No.: 462-001. Credits: 3 credits. Meeting Time: Tues./Thurs. 2:00-3:15pm. Additional Information: This course is the first offering in a new joint program by Chicago-Kent and the University of Illinois at Chicago, and the course is open to students at both institutions. The course will meet some weeks at UIC and some weeks at Chicago-Kent and will follow the UIC academic schedule (the course will start on January 10 and end on April 27). The course will ge graded on the basis of four papers (80%) and class participation (20%). Course Description: Students will become familiar with the primary texts of the Jewish and the Muslim traditions while learning to distinguish between source texts and the history of interpretation. In addition, they will gain skills in textual analysis, legal interpretation, philosophic reading and cultural comparison.

*Law and Literature: The take-home exam in this course will be given from Friday, May 12, 3:00pm to Monday, May 15, 6:00pm.

Spring 2006 Initial Reading Assignments and Course Materials. A list of initial reading assignments for Spring 2006 courses will be posted on the Student Portal page (click on the Spring '06 link) no later than Friday, December 23. Assignments not received by December 23 will be posted as we receive them.

You may ask the Bookstore to hold your Spring course books for you when they arrive, or for an extra fee you may request that the books be mailed to you over the holiday break. If you would like to take advantage of either of these options, stop by the bookstore before you leave, or call the bookstore at 312/906-5605. In addition, you may order your course books over the web by clicking on the Bookstore link on the Student Portal page.

Joke of the Week.
Jean-Paul Sartre is sitting at a French cafe revising his draft of Being and Nothingness. He says to a waiter, "I'd like a cup of coffee please, with no cream." The waiter replies, "I'm sorry, monsieur, but we're out of cream. How about with no milk?"

Poem of the Week. This week's poem is "The Woman at the Washington Zoo," by Randall Jarrell.

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Student Health Insurance FAQ

U-Pass FAQ
Law School Survival Guide
Joke of the Week Archives
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