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Office of Academic Administration and Student Affairs

Asst. Dean Stephen D. Sowle

Week of August 13, 2012
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Fall 2012 Initial Reading Assignments and Course Materials. A list of initial reading assignments for Fall 2012 courses is available on the Fall 2012 Quick Guide page(it is also available by going to the Current Students page and clicking on the Fall '12 link). Not all professors submit initial assignments, so do not be concerned if there is no listing for one or more of your fall courses. Even if a course is not listed here, materials for the course should be available in the Bookstore. Initial reading assignments for first-year courses are not included in this list. This list may be updated if we receive additional assignments.

You may ask the bookstore to hold your Fall course materials for you when they arrive, or for an extra fee you may request that the books be mailed to you over the summer. If you would like to take advantage of either of these options, stop by the bookstore before you leave, or call the bookstore at 312/906-5605. In addition, you may order your course books over the Internet by clicking on the Bookstore link on the Current Students page.

Spring 2012 CALI Awards. The CALI Excellence for the Future Award, sponsored by the Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction, is given to the student or students who receive the highest grade in each section of each course. The CALI award winners for Spring 2012 courses are available by clicking here. If a section or a course is not listed, that means the professor elected not to give a CALI award, or we have not yet heard from the professor. Congratulations to all of you who received an award - you should be proud of your achievement.

Spring 2012 Class Ranks and GPA Cut-offs. The class ranks and cumulative GPAs as of the end of the Spring 2012 semester have been posted and are available your Web for Students account (click on the Spring 2012 link, under Grades and Rank, in the lefthand menu). For those J.D. students who just graduated, this information constitutes your final GPA and class rank. The GPA cut-offs as of the end of the Spring 2012 semester are available by clicking here. For those students who transferred into Kent in January, please keep in mind that you will not receive a class rank until you have been here for two semesters.

Consider Taking Appellate Courts and Procedure. [From Prof. Steinman] All through law school you read appellate court decisions, and perhaps you plan to litigate. How much do you know about appellate review: About who can appeal, when, where, and how?; about the scope of review available before final judgment?

- Do you understand what the various standards of review really mean, and what standard the courts will apply to what issues?
- Are you sure of the degree to which the trial court record and the issues you've raised – or failed to raise – in the trial court limit what you can argue on appeal?
- Have you pondered when appellate courts feel free to make new law and when they leave law making to legislatures? or the role of intermediate appellate courts in lawmaking?
- Have you considered how the volume of litigation has altered how appellate courts operate (their internal procedures, their use of staff, the very structure of appellate court systems), and the implications of those changes for how appellate counsel must work?
- Do you know much about U.S. Supreme Court jurisdiction and certiorari policy, or the role of amicus curiae? 

If these questions interest you, consider taking Appellate Courts and Procedure in the Fall. The class will meet Mon./Tues./Thurs. 10:40-11:35 am. We'll be using materials by Meador, Baker, & Steinman.

Advanced Legislative Advocacy. Professor William Kling is seeking two to three additional students to enroll in Advanced Legislative Advocacy for Fall 2012.  Students must have taken Legislative Advocacy, or request approval from Professor Kling to enroll. Students who have experience working in the policy/politics arena will be interested. Contact Dean Sowle or Professor Kling ( if you are interested.

Opportunity to take classes at Loyola (Chicago) School of Law. Chicago-Kent and Loyola (Chicago) School of Law have entered into an arrangement that permits students from each school to register for selected courses at the other school. Students will pay tuition to their home school, and grades will transfer (not just the credits) and be counted in your GPA. Click here for a list of Loyola classes open to upper-level Chicago-Kent students this Fall semester. If you are interested in taking one of these classes, please contact me.

Joke of the Week. I stayed up all night to see where the sun went. Then it dawned on me.


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