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Week of May 14, 2007

New listings added for the current week, if any, are indicated in italics.  Print copies of the rules and regulations governing the writing contests listed here are available from Denise Lang in Suite 320.

Congratulations to John New (class of 2007) for winning the William J. Pierce Writing Contest, sponsored by the National Council of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws.

Chicago-Kent Institute for Law and the Humanities
Third Annual Student Paper Prize

The Chicago-Kent Institute for Law and the Humanities is pleased to announce its third annual student paper prize. An award of $500 will be presented to the best law and humanities paper in 2006-2007. J.D. as well as LL.M. students at Chicago-Kent are eligible for the prize. There will be an honorable-mention prize of $250.00.

A law and humanities paper is one that examines any issue from both a legal and a humanities-based perspective, or integrates the two perspectives in an appropriate manner, including legal philosophy, legal history, law and literature and law and religion. The paper should be scholarly and worthy of publication.

Eligibility and Submission: The prize is limited to Chicago-Kent students enrolled in the 2006-2007 year. Submissions must have been written in association with a course or an independent research project or Law Review note in either the Fall 2006 term or the Spring 2007 term. Submissions are to be received no later than June 1, 2007.

Please direct all inquiries to Professor Sheldon Nahmod ( or Professor Dan Hamilton (

Sponsor/Title: Pacific Legal Foundation Program for Judicial Awareness/ Student Writing Competition.
Topic: Submissions should address one of the following topics: (1) whether the rationale of Grutter v. Bollinger, which accepted racial diversity as a compelling state interest in law school admissions, should be extended to K-12 public school classrooms; (2) how to resolve the tension between the rights of private property owners and collective environmental values; and (3) whether Justice Scalia's plurality opinion in Rapanos v. United States or Justice Kennedy's concurrence should guide future interpretations of federal regulatory authority under the Clean Water Act.
Prizes: First place, $5,000; first runner-up, $3,000; second runner-up, $1,500.
Deadline: May 31, 2007.
Web site:

Sponsor/Title: American Judges Association/American Judges Foundation Annual Law Student Essay Competition.
Topic: The rule of law in times of conflict.
Prizes: First place, $3,000; second place, $1,500; third place, $1,000.
Deadline: June 1, 2007.

Sponsor/Title: National Lesbian & Gay Law Association/Michael Greenberg Student Writing Competition.
Topic: A cutting edge legal issue affecting the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and/or Intersex community.
Prizes: First place, $3,000 scholarship and publication of article; first runner-up, $2,000 scholarship; third place, $1,000 scholarship.
Deadline: June 1, 2007.
Web site:

Sponsor/Title: American Planning Association, Planning and Law Division/Smith-Babcock-Williams Student Writing Competition.
Topic: A question of significance in either planning or areas of law germane to planning (e.g., land use, local government or environmental law).
Prizes: First place, $2,500; second place, $1,000; Honorable Mention (up to two), $250.
Deadline: June 8, 2007.

Sponsor/Title: American Society of Composers, Authors & Publishers (ASCAP)/ Nathan Burkan Memorial Competition.
Topic: Any aspect of copyright law.
Prizes: First place $600, second place $250 at each participating law school.
Deadline: June 30, 2007.
Other Information: Two winning papers will be chosen, and awards given, at each participating law school. Open to third-year (or, with permission, second-year) law students. Each school will be responsible for choosing the winning papers. Any Chicago-Kent student interested in submitting a paper should contact Dean Sowle well in advance of the June 30 deadline.

Sponsor/Title: Faculty of Law, University of Alberta/Holocaust Remembrance Essay Award.
Topic: Any topic addressing the relationship between law and the Holocaust.
Prizes: First place, $500 (Canadian).
Deadline: July 1, 2007.

Sponsor/Title: The Theodore Tannenwald, Jr. Foundation for Excellence in Tax Scholarship and the American College of Tax Counsel/Tannenwald Writing Competition.
Topic: Any federal or state tax topic.
Prizes: First place, $3,500; second place, $2,500; third place, $1,500.
Deadline: July 2, 2007.
Other Information: Each submitted paper must be sponsored by a professor at the student's law school.
Website: or


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