Office of Alumnae/i & Student Relations:
News & announcements for the week of
August 17, 1998

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Welcome to all returning students and 1Ls!  

The Office of Alumnae/i & Student Relations has various roles within the law school about which we would like to inform you. 

We work closely with the Law School Association (LSA) Board, which is the governing body of 
the Alumnae/i Association.  The LSA Board works with faculty, staff, students and alumnae/i to 
improve the programs and activities for the Chicago-Kent community.  The LSA sub-committees 
work on programs that directly affect Chicago-Kent students.  For example, the Scholarship & 
Loan Committee awards student scholarships and loans from the LSA budget each year.  The 
committee distributes applications for the scholarships and loans to students in the fall and 
awards them over the holiday season.  Look for announcements in the Record this Fall as to 
when LSA scholarship applications will be available.  Other committees develop programs and 
events for students and alumnae/i to interact together.  Upcoming events include the annual 
spring baseball outing and alumnae/i and student receptions, which occur throughout the 
academic year. 

The Office of Alumnae/i & Student Relations is also responsible for various other student 
functions, including graduation and student organization receptions.  Our office has an open door 
policy.   We are always happy to answer questions, get your feedback about programs, or just 
chat!  Please feel free to stop by and visit any time.  We are located in Suite 310.  Best of luck in 
this upcoming year! 

John Fogarty, Director of Alumnae/i & Student Relations 
Beth Miller, Assistant Director of Alumnae/i & Student Relations 



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