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Headlines for the Weeks of June 15 & 22, 2009


Announcements for the Class of 2009
ArrowWelcome to the Chicago-Kent Alumni Association!
ArrowATTN: Email and Network Accounts for the Class of 2009 Expire Aug 3
Commencement video and photos online.
July 29: Post-Bar Party at Rock Bottom Brewery

2009 Class Gift - Reading Room Lighting Renovation
ArrowCongratulations. Your final total is more than $6,700!.

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Chicago-Kent is now LinkedIn:
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Announcements for the Class of 2009

Welcome to the Chicago-Kent Alumni Association!

http://www.alumni.kentlaw.eduWe welcome all 2009 grads into our 11,000+ alumni community. As an alumnus/a of Chicago-Kent you have access to the Chicago-Kent Alumni Online Community at The comunity allows you to:

  • Connect with classmates.
  • Network with fellow alumni.
  • Keep up with news and events at the Law School.
  • Join practice area, regional, and class year groups
  • And much more!

Accounts for May 2009 graduates will be available in mid-July. Click here to sign up now and we will send you your login information as soon as the accounts are active!

Build Your Social and Professional Networks Online

test Become a Chicago-Kent Facebook Fan Join the Chicago-Kent LinkedIn group Go to the IIT Twitter Page Looking to grow your personal and professional network? In addition to all the features offered on the Chicago-Kent Alumni Online Community, there are also several options for alumni to connect with each other through various social networking sites:

Please feel free to email the Office of Alumni Relations at or call (312) 906-5245 with any questions or comments. We are pleased to welcome to you into the Alumni Association.


Email and Network Accounts Expire August 3

Class of 2009: Congratulations on your graduation! Please note the following information in regards to your email and network accounts:

Email and Network Accounts

Please be advised that your email and network account will be terminated on Monday, August 3 (the first Monday after the July Bar exam). After this date, you will not be able to recover any emails that are currently in your inbox.

If you would like to save your emails, you may download a .pst file of your inbox, following the instructions here. Please note that you must be on campus in order to download your .pst file, as you need access to the Chicago-Kent server for the download. Moreover, please be sure to have a flash drive or recordable CD on which to save your emails, as the files are generally too large to send by email. It is your responsibility to make a backup of your emails to a .pst file. If you have questions, please contact the Center for Law and Computers at or (312) 906-5300, but note they cannot complete this process for you.

Your Alumni E-Mail Forwarding Address

As a Chicago-Kent graduate, the Alumni Association is pleased to offer an e-mail forwarding service using an email address. This service is available through the Alumni Online Community at and allows you to choose a address that will be forwarded to your specified personal email account (e.g. gmail, yahoo, or work e-mail, etc). †Your username can be your current username or you can create a new one.†

The advantage of the e-mail forwarding is that once you give your forwarding address to friends and colleagues, youíll no longer have to notify everyone in your address book of a new or discontinued e-mail address; you can simply update the email account to which the email forwarding address sends to by logging into the Alumni Online Community. Please note that any emails sent to your current address DO NOT automatically get sent to your alumni forwarding address. You must notify your contacts of your new address.

In order to access e-mail forwarding, you must sign up for the Chicago-Kent Alumni Online Community, which, in addition to email forwarding, allows you to update your alumni information, search the alumni directory, join groups, network with fellow alumni, and keep up to date with all the news and events at Chicago-Kent. Accounts for May 2009 graduates will be available by mid-July. Click here to sign up now and we will send you your login information when you have access!

For questions or concerns, please contact the Chicago-Kent Alumni Association at or 312.906.5240.


Commencement Video and Photos Online

Congratulations Class of 2009! We hope you enjoyed your commencement ceremony.

  • Video from Commencement is now available online here.

  • View and order photos from taken during graduate line-up and the champagne reception at †

Please note: Photos taken while you walked across the stage will be sent to you by Chappell Photography later in the summer based on the information provided by you on the white card that you handed in on the day of Commencemencent. Composite photos will be mailed out in July and August 2009 for those of you who ordered them when you took your composite photo headshot in Fall 2008 or Spring 2009.

Please feel free to email or call (312) 906-5245 with any questions or comments.


July 29: Post-Bar Party

All members of the 2009 Graduating Class (including Fall 2008 graduates) are invited to the Post-Bar Party, regardless of when you take the Bar exam! Because of space restrictions on the rooftop, graduates are allowed to bring only one guest per person. You must accompany your guest. A photo ID will be required for admittance.

Find us on Facebook! Facebook Users: Let your friends know you're attending by joining the event on facebook!

2009 Class Gift

Congratulations. Your final total is more than $6,700!

Congrats 2009! You have met the Class of 1983 Participation Challenge! Not only did you break a class gift record of 101 people in 2006, but you earned $5,000 from the Class of 1983 towards the Reading Room Lighting Renovation. Give yourself a hand!! 

A check presentation was made to Dean Krent in the robing room prior to the Commencement Ceremony.

Members of the 2009 Class Gift Committee Present a Check to Dean Harold Krent Prior to the Commencement ceremony.

Final Total:
128 Gifts as of May 7
Over $6700 already raised!

Thank you to all those who have already donated! (List as of May 7).

Olta Andoni Joshua Grant Matt Minder
Tiffany Arrott Robert Grindle Elizabeth Monterrosa
Danielle Bacon Tracy Gruber Pamela Morales
Ankoor Bagchi John Gunderson Justin Myers
Xiao Bai Catherine Heindel Uju Okechukwu
Cheryl Balough David Ho Robert Paszta
Danielle Beach Mark Hoffman Roman Patzner
Hailee Bloom Nicholas Holland Michael Phelps
Andrew Booth Justine Hourihane Casandra Rdzak
Jill Bornstein Stephen Huggins Ryan Reguly
Joseph Brabender Thaddeus Ilg Kerry Reidy
Alex Breland Kurt Iselt Brian Reidy
Joanna Brinkman Blake Jackson Kathleen Robson
Molly Brooks Christopher Jacob Elisa Rodriguez
Samuel Brown Megan Kamdar John Rogers
Sarah Buck Heather Keil Mary Roth
Julie Byerson Kristina Kirby Laura Rowe
Elisabeth Carlson Kari Knudsen Stacey Scanlon
Matthew Casey Ted Koshiol David Schmidt
Pramod Chintalapoodi Matthew Kostalek Laura Schmieder Lange
Erica Cortez Alexandria Kotelon Yasmin Schnayer
Shelley Danek Matthew Kovalcik Susan Schoenberger
Michael Darcy Bryan Lamble Kara Schuur
Angela L. Davis Jeff LaMirand Kathleen Sedey
Brandon Davis Sara Lee John Sherry
Ashley Decker Kathryn Lemanski Jacob Shorr
Genevieve Deppe Katelyn Letizia Brett Smith
Ryan Donaldson Matthew Levinstein Courtney Smith
Leslie Elkins Erik Lokken Derek Steele
Michael Elliot Ruth Lopez Jenna Stewart
Brian Emfinger Salvador Lopez Sandra Stipp
Michael Essington Qing Luo Dornnapha Sukkree
Renee Fath Katie Lustig Anne Szkatulski
Liying Feng Xiaofang Ma Walter Tersch
Jordan Frankel Veronica Maldonado Stephanie Tomal
Juliette Gallegos Karine Mashuryan Matthew Towey
Betsy Gates Kenji Matsumoto  Karolina Turska-Lehman
Heather Giannino Allison Mecher Weiran Sophia Wang
Megan Gieseler Sulema Medrano Theresa Williams
Sara Goldstein Susan Meier Brian Wojcicki
Gareth Gollrad Whitney Merritt Katherine Woody
David Gosse Randy Micheletti Dongmei Yang
Owen Granke   Jacqueline Zablocki

If there are any errors, please email Tanya Pietrkowski or call her 312-906-5243.


Career Advisor Network

Search for an Advisor

In an effort to help you connect with a strong network of Chicago-Kent alumni, the Office of Alumni Relations and Office of Career Services are happy to announce a new Alumni Career Advisor Network.

Alumni from around the world are available to discuss issues such as practice trends, legal markets in specific geographic areas, and other career-related topics. This is an excellent opportunity to start building your personal network with Chicago-Kent alumni!

To search for an Alumni Career Advisor, all you have to do is log-in to the Chicago-Kent Alumni Online Community:

First Time Login Instructions:

  1. Go to

  2. In the Constituent ID field, enter your Banner CWID.
    To find your Banner CWID login to Once you are logged, on the right side of your screen you should see a box called IIT Personal ID numbers. The Banner CWID is the number beginning with ďA.Ē
  1. In the Class Year Field:
    1. If you are an LLM student, enter LLM
    2. If you are a Visiting student, enter LV
    3. If you are a JD student your Class Year will be three characters. The first letter for all class years will be L. The second letter is your division. The third is your year number.
      Examples: A 2nd year night studentís class year is LN2. A 1st year day studentís class year is LD1.

During your first time login you will create a username and password. Afterwards, you may log in directly at using the username and password you created.

If you need assistance with your first time login, please email


Chicago-Kent is now LinkedIn!

Join our LinkedIn Group

We invite all students, faculty, alumni, and staff to join the official Chicago-Kent group on the networking site, LinkedIn. If you have a LinkedIn account, please click here to request membership. Questions? Contact



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