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News & announcements for the week of May 1, 2001

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Justice Web Collaboratory: Fall 2001 IPRO

Civil justice reform in the United States has failed to address the problems faced by self-represented litigants, a problem that has been the ongoing focus of the Access to Justice initiative. This IPRO continues this investigation by focusing on the solutions suggested in the “Meeting the Needs of Self-Represented Litigants” report (To be released May 2001 at The students in this IPRO will develop of an online Landlord-Tennant self-help center for use in Cook County, Illinois. Using existing and proposed self-help center models, students will determine how the self-help center model can best be adapted to the Cook County environment. In doing so, students will leverage the experience and expertise gained by the Chicago-Kent Advice desk staff in dealing with the problems that self-represented litigants face. Students from the disciplines of computer science, law and design, will learn how to work together to tackle the complex, practical, legal and technological challenges self-represented litigants face within the justice system.

For additional information please contact Ron Staudt at 906-5326 or Todd Pedwell at 906-5328.

E-Filing Chat Sessions for Judges

The Justice Web Collaboratory will host a two-part series, discussing public access to electronic court records.

The fist session will be held on Wednesday, May 9, 2001, 3 PM EDT via the Justice Web Collaboratory Conference Center. For the first session panelist will focus the topic on "Electronic Court Records & the Internet: Should Courts Consider New Public Access Policy?" They will attempt to address the questions of whether the courts should put all public records on the Internet? Should court databases to be downloaded by anyone? Are traditional public access rules sufficient to cover non-traditional access?

In Part II, on Wednesday, May 23, 2001, 3 PM EDT, the panelists will focus discussion on "Alternative Policies for Public Access to Electronic Court Records". Specifically, should courts consider new public access policies? What policy alternatives should courts consider? What factors influence court public access policy in your state? Should all states follow the same approach?

For additional information please contact Todd Pedwell or go to

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Week of January 1, 2001

  • Access to Justice Scholarship and Employment Opportunities
  • Justice Web Collaboratory: Public Access to Justice Systems and Systematic Design Workshop (ID 589) offered in conjunction with the Institute of Design
  • Just the Beginning Foundation Website Opens

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