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 A Forum on Environmental Justice 
 All Lungs are Created Equal:  Can Title VI Breathe Fairness  
 into Environmental  Decisionmaking? 

On Friday, April 9, from 2:00-4:15pm, the law school will host a forum on Environmental Justice.  Learn about Title VI of the Civil Rights Act and how it has become a major weapon of the environmental justice movement.  Title VI of the Civil Rights Act prohibits discrimination by agencies receiving federal funds.  In the last few years, the environmental justice movement has increasingly relied on Title VI to challenge state decisions which result in disparate environmental  impacts to low-income and minority communities.   Recently, USEPA has been developing guidelines to help implement Title VI. 
Law students (JD only) enrolled at Chicago-Kent are welcome to attend any or all of the program sessions . However, pre-registration is required!  To register, please stop by the Office of Continuing Legal Education (Suite 530) to fill out a registration form.  Students must register no later than Wednesday, April 7, 1999. 


The 21st annual Piper Lecture

Is the World of Work Really Changing?

On Thursday, April 20, Chicago-Kent will present the 21st annual Kenneth M. Piper Lecture, Is the World of Work Really Changing?, in the Richard B. Ogilvie Auditorium from 11:30-1:00p.m.

This year's Piper Lecture focuses on whether the basic relationships between employers and employees are changing and what factors may be affecting employment relationships. Professor
Peter Cappelli, University of Pennsylvania, and Professor Sanford M. Jacoby, UCLA are the featured lecturers. Commentary will be provided by Marilyn P. Maledon, Assistant General Counsel, Rockwell International and Kathryn A. Sure, Esq.,  Wylie, McBride, Jesinger, Sure & Platten.

All students, faculty and staff are invited to attend. 

Upcoming Programs 1999

The Institute for Law and the Workplace 
presents the 21st annual 
Kenneth M. Piper Memorial Lecture
"Is the World of Work Changing"
Professor Peter Cappelli,
The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
Professor Sanford M. Jacoby,
The John E. Anderson Graduate School of Management, UCLA
April 20, 1999
Chicago-Kent College of Law
The 18th annual
Federal Tax Institute
May 6-7, 1999
Chicago-Kent College of Law
The 18th annual 
conference on 
Not-For-Profit Organizations
June 4, 1999
Chicago-Kent College of Law
Maintaining Reliable Service in 
Changing Markets
June 18, 1999
The 3rd annual
Art of Becoming an Effective Expert
Witness Program
June 23, 1999
Chicago-Kent College of Law
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Chicago, IL  60661-3691
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