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News & Announcements for the Week of
February 7, 2000

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To pre-register for any of the following programs, please stop by the CSO or e-mail with the title, date and time of the program you wish to attend.  Walk-ins the day of the program are ALWAYS welcome. 

Interviewing Skills for 1Ls
How does a legal interview differ from other interviews?  How do you prepare for an interview? What are hiring attorneys looking for in new hires?  How do you sell yourself effectively?  On Tuesday, February 22nd at 12:00 p.m. in Room 580, and Wednesday, February 23rd at 5:15 p.m. in Room 570, the CSO will discuss the basics of a legal interview, answer strategy questions and provide resource suggestions to help you prepare for legal interviews.

Study Abroad Opportunities with Santa Clara University
Professor Philip Jimenez from Santa Clara University will be at Chicago-Kent on Thursday, February 24th at noon to discuss his school's summer study abroad programs for law students.  Come learn more about seeing the world while gaining law school credit! (1Ls are encouraged to attend.)


ATTN: 1Ls, 2Ls: Office of the District Attorney, Bronx County, NY
The Office of the District Attorney, Bronx County, NY is accepting resumes from 1Ls and 2Ls interested in interning during summer 2000. Prospective candidates should send their resumes, along with a cover letter, a copy of their law school transcript, a writing sample, and three written reference letters to: Maria T. Rivero, Assistant District Attorney, Director of Legal Recruitment, Office of the District Attorney - Bronx County, 198 E. 161st St., Bronx, NY 10451. 

Judicial Clerkships with the State of New Jersey
The CSO has received extensive information on judicial clerkships with the state of New Jersey.  Please see the NALP Federal and State Judicial Clerkship Directory on the CSO resource shelves if interested.

ATTN: 1Ls, 2Ls, 3Ls: Centro Romero Seeks Volunteers
Centro Romero, a non-profit institution founded in the 1980's to provide for the economic and social well being of Hispanic immigrants, is seeking volunteers to begin immediately.  Interns will work under attorney supervision on all types of cases involving family law and immigration law, including political asylum.  Centro Romero is also accredited under Illinois Supreme Court Rule 711.  Interested students should send or fax a resume to: Ms. Angela M. Salse, Director of Legal Services at Centro Romero, 6216 N. Clark St., Chicago, IL 60660: Fax (773) 508-5399.

Senator Fitzgerald's Office Seeks Interns
Senator Fitzgerald's Chicago office  is currently seeking interns for the spring and summer.  Interns will have the opportunity to work alongside the Senator's staff assisting in various duties including casework.  The intern program is designed for law students who have an interest in government.  Interested students should send a cover letter and resume to: Office of Sentaor Fitzgerald, Attn: Laura Anne Miller, 230 South Dearborn, Suite 3900, Chicago, IL 60604.  Questions?  Call Laura Anne Miller at (312) 886-3506.

Record Handouts
The CSO receives numerous notices throughout the year about internships (paid & unpaid); fellowships; judicial clerkships; and miscellaneous opportunities that would be of interest to our students.  Detailed descriptions are maintained on our Special Opportunities & Record Handouts web page.  Recent entries include:


14th Annual Patent Law Interview Program
Loyola University Chicago School of Law is coordinating and hosting the 14th Annual Patent Law Interview Program.  If you have an undergraduate or graduate degree in engineering or a technical science and you are interested in practicing patent law, you may want to consider registering for the program.  The program gives qualified law students from across the country the opportunity to interview with patent law firms, as well as law firms, corporations and government agencies with patent law departments.  Last year, 120 employers from across the country participated, along with more than 900 registered students from 115 accredited law schools.  The program will be held at the Chicago Marriott Suites O'Hare on Thursday, August 3rd, Friday, August 4th, and Saturday, August 5, 2000.  There will be some employers who will interview one day, some who will interview two days, and some who will interview all three days.  To register for the program, see Barbara Clemmer in the CSO ASAP.  Registration forms must be completed and returned to the CSO by February 25, 2000.


Resume and Cover Letter Workshop
The Young Lawyers Section of the Chicago Bar Association is hosting a Resume and Cover Letter Workshop on February 9, 2000 from 8 - 9:30 a.m. at the CBA, located at 321 S. Plymouth Ct.  $15 for CBA members/$25 for non-members.  Call (312) 554-2031 to register.

Corporate Practice
The Young Lawyers Section of the Chicago Bar Association is hosting a Corporate Practice Career Day on February 10, 2000 from 12:15 - 1:15 p.m. at the CBA, located at 321 S. Plymouth Ct.  If you are interested in Corporate Law, don't miss the opportunity to hear lawyers from private practice as well as in-house and alternative careers in Corporate Law discuss their careers paths.

Networking and Interviewing Workshop
The Young Lawyers Section of the Chicago Bar Association is hosting a Networking and Interviewing Workshop on February 23, 2000 from 8 - 9:30 a.m. at the CBA, located at 321 S. Plymouth Ct.  $15 for CBA members/$25 for non-members.  Call (312) 554-2056 to register.

Drafting of Special Needs Trusts
The North Suburban Bar Association and the Illinois State Bar Association are co-sponsoring a bread & butter luncheon seminar entitled "Drafting of Special Needs Trusts."  The seminar will be held on Thursday, February 24, 2000 from 12 - 1:30 p.m. at the Second District Court House in Room 201, located at 5600 Old Orchard, Skokie, IL.  Brian Rubin, noted estate planning attorney for disabled persons, is the featured speaker.  Reservations are required.  Call Howard Augustus at (847) 729-0797.


International Law Career Day
The International Law Career Day is being held on February 25, 2000 at Chicago-Kent.  This is a day long conference designed to introduce students to International Law and to opportunities available in this field.  The day will begin with introductory remarks at Chicago-Kent followed by a series of panels.  Lunch will include a presentation by a keynote speaker followed by on-site presentations for students  by participating firms, corporations and organizations.  You can find more information about the day and register on-line at

13th Annual Robert M. Cover Public Interest Retreat
The 13th Annual Robert M. Cover Public Interest Retreat will take place March 3 - 5, 2000 at Boston University's Sargent Camp in Peterborough, NH.  If you are interested in public interest and are looking for job and career possibilities, don't miss this chance to learn about employment opportunities and make contacts with public interest minded people.  The cost of the conference is $100, which covers lodging, food, activities, and organizing expenses.  See Asha Vishwanath for more information.  Registration deadline is February 11, 2000. 

Year 2000 Penny Severns Illinois Women in Government Conference Award Program
Illinois Women in Government (IWIG) is a bi-partisan organization that encourages students interested in local, state, and federal government to apply for paid attendance at the 2000 conference.  The 17th annual conference will be held at the State Capitol in Springfield April 26 - 28, 2000.  The purpose of the conference is to encourage more women to seek elective and appointive office at all levels of government, educate women about governmental issues and the political process, to promote participation in public affairs, and to provide a forum for women's issues.  The award will include the cost of registration, conference meals, mileage allowance or train/bus fare, and lodging costs.  Each award recipient will be matched with a mentor - either a state government official or private sector leader. See Asha Vishwanath for application information.  Application deadline is March 10, 2000.

Shaking the Foundations: The West Coast Conference on Progressive Lawyering
The Shaking the Foundations Conference will be held at Stanford Law School March 3 - 5, 2000.
The conference is organized by law students for law students, activists, and legal practitioners.  The goal is to encourage law students to devote their careers to the stuggle for social justice, to expose students to the broad range of work being done to further progressive goals, and to provide a forum for discussion of creative legal and non-legal strategies.  Limited travel stipends and registration waivers are available.  See Asha Vishwanath or visit for details and upcoming deadline dates. 


Spring Office Hours
Starting Monday, January 17th, the CSO will observe Spring Hours as follows:

  • Monday, Thursday & Friday                                            8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
  • Tuesday & Wednesday                                                    8:30 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
  • Saturdays as follows (1/22, 2/19, 3/11, 4/15, 5/13)          9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
The CSO will be closed the following dates:
  • February 8th, 9th, & 10th for Strategies for Excellence: Law as a Profession 2000
2Ls: Strategies for Excellence: Law as a Profession 2000
Thank you to all 2Ls, 3Ls & 4Ls who have already registered for Law as a Profession.  As you know, the program will be held February 9th in lieu of regular classes.  We hope you have read the Law as a Profession record page to get a sense of what the program is all about and who will be speaking.  To reiterate, the program does not deal with career search issues.  It's purpose is to introduce students to the practice of law and the expectations of employers and clients as a first year attorney.  In keeping with the theme of the program, professional attire is required.  NOTE:  Check your email for breakout session assignments and the breakout session topic outline.  Each studnet has been assigned the breakout groups s/he checked off on their registration form. 

Need to Sublet Your Apartment this Summer?
Chapman and Cutler's 2000 Summer Associates are seeking housing for the summer.  Any students interested in subletting their apartments for the summer are encouraged to call Ann Rainhart at (312) 845-2997 or to submit detailed information about the apartment to the following address:  Ann Rainhart, Legal Personnel and Recruitment Manager, Chapman and Cutler, 111 W. Monroe St., Chicago, IL 60603.

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