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News & Announcements for the Week of
August 20, 2001

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Welcome Back

The CSO staff would like to welcome everyone back to campus. We hope you had an enjoyable
summer and look forward to working with you again this year. Please let us know how we can assist
you--whether it is a current transition, preparing for graduation or just a "quick question." Individual
appointments, programming and a wealth of resources are all available through our office. Please read the Record weekly and frequent the bulletin board outside our office for information on upcoming programs, employment opportunities and articles of interest.

Fall Semester Office Hours

Beginning Monday, August 20th, the CSO will observe fall hours as follows:
  • Monday, Tuesday & Friday         8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
  • Wednesday & Thursday              8:30 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.

Please call the office at 312-906-5200, or e-mail, to set up an appointment. Note: We will have extended hours the week of August 20th to assist with the transition back to school.  We will remain open until 7 p.m. Monday - Thursday.  We will close at 5 p.m. on Friday, August 24th.

Summer Experience Survey

Did you clerk at a law firm this summer?  Volunteer for a public interest organization?  Serve as a summer associate?  Research for a professor?  Work for a government agency?  Take summer classes or study abroad?  If so, we want to know about it!  We would appreciate it if all returning students would take a few minutes to complete our "Summer Experience Survey," available in the handout racks inside and outside the CSO and in the cafeteria.  Many of you may remember using these surveys as a means of researching employers and/or finding employers who hired 1Ls. Now it's time to repay the favor. Simply return the form to our office and fill out a raffle ticket to win one of a number of prizes.  Winners will be announced in the Record at the end of September.

New Resources

NOTE: Over the summer the CSO inventoried and revamped the resource center, throwing away outdated books and ordering new resources. Unfortunately, a large number of books remain outstanding. We are granting a one month grace period to anyone who has overdue books. If you have any overdue books, please return them to our office by the end of September in order to avoid a late fee.

"Negotiating Salary and Perks" takes you step-by-step through a negotiation process that will leave both you and your employer satisfied. "Alternative Legal Careers" covers information on alternatives to the traditional practice of law; self assessment tools; tips on interviewing; and profiles of people working in alternative careers. If you enjoyed the previous Wetfeet books in our collection, you won't want to miss these new additions.

"Resumes For Re-entry - A handbook for Women" is the first resume book especially designed for women re-entering today's job market. The author shows you how to: evaluate the strengths of your "nonemployment" experience and include them as positives on your resume; compose different, effective cover letters; format your resume graphically; and avoid common mistakes many women make when re-entering the job market.

"Career Change - Everything You Need to Know to Meet New Challenges and Take Control of Your Career" will walk you through the common stages and proven strategies for a successful career change. It will also help you find ways to stay motivated, positive, proactive and productive.

"Jobs and Careers with Non-Profit Organizations" examines dozens of employers in several fields. Rich with insights, tips, sample resumes and letters, contact information, and recommended resources, including key Web sites, this book is essential reading for anyone interested in pursuing a rewarding career with nonprofits.

"Dynamic Cover Letters - How to Write the Letter That Gets You the Job" provides simple step-by-step instructions and real-life cover letters that will show you how to create a dynamic cover letter for any position. New features include techniques for tailoring cover letters for fax and e-mail transmission, sneaky delivery stunts, scooping the competition, a first-ever cover letter quiz, and a wealth of key resources for job-hunting on the Internet. This book also features sample letters and tools such as grammar and style do's and don'ts, a "cover letter hall of shame", a line-by line critique of sample letters, and worksheets to help you create that essential dynamic cover letter.

2001 Fall Interviewing Program
Class of '02 & '03

Information regarding the Fall Interviewing Program (on-campus employers, direct contact employers, joint employers and collect resume employers) is now available through the CSO home page (contact our office for password). Please read the information packet thoroughly before the mandatory meeting. See below for program information. Please note that the last day for resume reviews for on-campus interviewing will be Friday, August 24th. Be sure to set up an appointment with a career strategist as slots fill up quicklu.

ATT. 3L Eve Students: If you are planning to participate in the Fall Interviewing Program please notify our office immediately. We need to switch your status to 2L in LawCareer so you can bid on all applicable employers.

Reminder: In order to bid for emplyers and enter conflicts, you must have a LawCareer password to enter the system. For those of you who have lost or have yet to pick up your password, please stop by the CSO.

Note regarding the Cook County State's Attorney's Office: Any 3rd year student who has clerked or volunteered for the Cook County State's Attorney's Office, but does not meet their hiring criteria, can still submit materials to the CSO. The CSO will forward the materials on to the CCSA for consideration. More information regarding this opportunity will be presented at the mandatory meeting.


Please pre-register for any of the following CSO programs by signing up in the office, calling (312) 906-5200, or e-mailing with the title, date and time of the program you wish to attend (unless otherwise noted.)

Mandatory Fall Interviewing Meeting for '02 & '03 Graduates

On Tuesday, August 21st, at noon or 5:15 p.m., in the auditorium, all students who plan to participate in the Fall Interviewing Program for the first time are required to attend an informational meeting that will answer all your questions about the process.  Prior to attending the program, students should read the 2001 Fall Interviewing Program: Student Information for 2002 & 2003 Graduates

Researching Employers for the Fall Interviewing Program

Cheryl Kunkel, the CSO Resource Specialist, will share strategies and techniques for researching employers for the Fall Interviewing Program.  Sessions will be held the following dates and times with another session to follow in early September:
  • Wednesday, August 22nd at 3 p.m. & 5:15 p.m. in the CSO

Meet the Employers Night

On Thursday, August 23rd, from 5:30 - 7:30 p.m. in the 10th floor "Event Room," the CSO will host "Meet the Employers," an event for 2L & 3L students who will participate in the Fall On-Campus Interviewing Program. Representatives from firms and government agencies interviewing here in September, will be on hand to answer questions about their organizations. Don't miss out on this excellent opportunity to mix and mingle with employer representatives and learn information first hand that will assist you in both the bidding and interview process! Business attire is required. Hors d'oeuvres and beverages will be served.

Interview Tips for Large Law Firms

On Tuesday, August 28th, at 12:00 p.m., in Room 370 and on Wednesday, August 29th, at 5:15 p.m., in Room 580, the CSO is hosting a program to help students prepare for fall interviews with large law firms. Students who have participated previously in fall on-campus interviewing will share their valuable perspectives on what employers look for in a candidate and provide hints and tips for making the most of your interviews.

Mock Interviews

Don't let your first interview actually be your first interview.  One of the best ways to prepare for upcoming interviews is to participate in a mock interview.  Debbi Gutman will conduct mock interviews, by appointment only, in the CSO on the following days:

Wednesday, August 29th
11:00 a.m. - 7 p.m.
Thursday, August 30th
11:00 a.m. - 7 p.m.
Wednesday, September 5th
11:00 a.m. - 7 p.m.

Please submit a resume 24 hours in advance of your appointment and indicate the employer-type you want her to assume in the mock interview.  You are encouraged to come dressed as you would for an actual interview.  Sessions are videotaped, after which you will receive a candid critique of your current interviewing skills while watching the video.  Students interested in keeping a copy of their session are encourgaed to bring their own blank videotape to the mock interview.

How to Research Employers via LEXIS

Wondering where to start when it comes to researching employers for the Fall Interviewing Program and beyond? LEXIS is your answer. On Tuesday, August 21st, in the cafeteria, from 11 a.m -6 p.m., LEXIS will hold a table day. Stop by to pick up information on using LEXIS to prepare for Fall Interviewing and to sign up for special LEXIS career research classes.

Practising Law Institute (PLI)

PLI will be sponsoring the following events in the Chicago area in August & September:

Understanding Basic Copyright Law - August 27
Understanding Basic Trademark Law - August 28
Patent Bar Review - September 5-9 ( Full scholarships are not available for the Patent Bar Review.) For more info. check out

To find out more about these and other PLI seminars and resources, visit PLI's web site. From there, you can search for upcoming programs and other resources by title, area of interest, etc.
Follow the links to the Law School Services area to find out about resources offered to the law school community and how to apply for scholarships to programs. If you are interested in attending a program on scholarship, send a scholarship application ASAP. Scholarship applications are available in the CSO or on-line. PLI asks for one month's advance notice in granting scholarships.

5th Annual Prosecutorial Opportunities Symposium

The 5th Annual Prosecutorial Opportunities Symposium, sponsored by the Cook County State's
Attorney's Office, the National Hispanic Prosecutors Association and the National Black Prosecutors Association, will be held Saturday, September 22, 2001, from 8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m., at The John Marshall Law School, 315 S. Plymouth Court. The program is designed to provide information about career opportunities with the Cook County State's Attorney's Office, the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Northern District of Illinois, the Illinois Attorney General's Office and the City of Chicago Corporation Counsel's Office. Space is limited to 100 students by RSVP only. Call Cathleen Costello Jacobs at (312) 603-3418 no later than Tuesday, September 11, 2001 to register.

Special Opportunities

NOTE: The CSO receives job posting bulletins from various law schools across the country. Although these bulletins are placed in the "Job Opportunities Outside of IL" binder, they may contain opportunities in the Chicago area which are not posted in LawCareer. From now on, such opportunities will be highlighted in the "Outside of IL" binder for easier cross-referencing.

Be part of the LEXISNEXIS Team!

LEXISNEXIS is looking for a motivated, energetic, 2L or 3L to join our team as a LEXIS Associate at Chicago-Kent College of Law. We offer a structured training program as well as mentoring and alternative career opportunities. Work a flexible, 10 hours a week schedule, promoting LEXIS use at Chicago-Kent and assisting students with LEXIS research, while enhancing your communication, marketing, and technology skills. Interested candidates should e-mail their resume & cover to: Jonnell Simpson, Account Executive e-mail: Questions? Call Jonnell at (312) 606-2775 or e-mail.

Publication Assistant for Chicago-Kent Law Review

The Chicago-Kent Law Review seeks a publications assistant (PA). The position is excellent for an evening student since the workload is built around the academic calendar & there is also tuition remission. The role of publication assistant (PA) is a combination of administrative and managerial tasks. The PA aids the law review executive board (particularly the editor-in-chief and managing editor) through all phases of the publication of the journal. This includes: light editing; preparing articles for publication (with the aid of special software); communicating with the publisher and authors; setting/meeting deadlines; preparing necessary publication documents, etc. Supporting tasks include: answering phone; managing the subscriptions database & taking phone orders for the journal; sorting/answering mail; light accounting; and providing switchboard relief each day for breaks and whenever else needed. Interested candidates should have excellent communication and leadership skills; strong word processing skills such as: MS Word & Excel (most preferred), Word Perfect and Quickbooks; working knowledge of the Internet and the ability to work well independently. Contact Eric Priest at if interested.

U.S. Department of Justice, Environmental Enforcement Section

The U.S. Department of Justice, Environmental Enforcement Section, in Washington, DC, will hire approximately 35 volunteer law clerks for the summer of 2002. Interns will assist EES attorneys with legal research and writing, pre-trial discovery and negotiations, depositions, hearings, etc. Volunteers can gain practical experience in complex, federal litigation. Students must have completed a minimum of 2 semesters of law school and completed at least 1 introductory-level Environment Law Course and/or have practical experience. Send cover letter, resume, grades and writing sample ASAP as the program is highly competitive. See the Resource Specialist in the CSO for application details.

2002 Graduates: Public Interest Research Groups (PIRGs) Seek NAPIL Fellows

PIRGs across the country (and their 501(c)(3) affiliates) are eager to partner with 3Ls on NAPIL
Fellowship applications for the coming year. They are interested in compelling, creative projects in the environmental, consumer protection, and good government issue areas. The states in which a
NAPIL Fellow could work with PIRG are: California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Maine, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, Utah, Washington
DC, Washington state, and Wisconsin.

If interested in discussing NAPIL Fellowship project ideas with PIRG, visit before contacting Amy Perry, National Hiring Director, at (617) 747-4360.

2002 Graduates: Philadelphia Legal Assistance (PLA) Fellowship Sponsor

PLA is interested in sponsoring 3Ls for a Skadden, Independence or NAPIL fellowship. PLA provides free individual legal representation, advice and referral to indigent Philadelphians and migrant agricultural workers throughout PA. See the Fellowship Opportunities Binder in the CSO or PLA's web site for more information. Interested students should send a cover letter, resume, 3 references, 2 legal writing samples, and a transcript to PLA ASAP.

2002 Graduates: NAPIL Fellowship with the Center for Disability and Elder Law (CDEL) in Chicago

CDEL is a not for profit organization that provides free legal services to seniors and people with disabilities. They cordially invite 3Ls to apply for a 2 year NAPIL fellowship, beginning September 2002, which pays $37,500 a year and covers all loans. CDEL will work with interested candidates to develop a project proposal. The only requirement is to create a new program that serves a population of individuals who have disabilities. One possible proposal involves the Fellow coordinating a Special Education Program, which would educate parents about their children's rights, provide outreach, and expand pro bono legal services. See the Fellowship Opportunities Binder in the CSO or contact Patricia Slotter at (312) 908-1567 for more information. The application and proposal is due to CDEL in September 2001.

2002 Graduates: Now Legal Defense and Education Fund Fellowship Sponsor

NOW Legal Defense and Education Fund is seeking to sponsor 3Ls for Soros Justice Fellowships, NAPIL, Echoing Green, Kirkland & Ellis and a range of other fellowships for projects addressing the needs of low-income women. Fellowships are for two years. NOW Legal Defense performs a broad range of legal and educational services nationally in support of women's efforts to eliminate sex-based discrimination and secure equal rights. See the Fellowship Opportunities Binder in the CSO or for more detailsCover letter, resume, transcript, and a legal writing sample are due to NOW Legal Defense at least four weeks before the application deadline for each fellowship.

2002 Graduates: Skadden Fellowship with Farmers' Legal Action Group, Inc. (FLAG)

FLAG, a nonprofit law center that provides legal support to financially distressed family farmers, farm advocates, grassroots farm organizations, and rural attorneys nationwide, is seeking a public interest Skadden Fellowship candidate for fall 2002.  2002 graduates or 2001 graduates with a judicial clerkship for the '01-'02 year are eligible.  The fellowship provides salary and fringe benefits for 2 years.  See the Fellowship Opportunities Binder in the CSO or for more detailsResume & letter of interest is due to FLAG by September 5, 2001.  Skadden application, available in the CSO, is due to the Skadden Fellowship Foundation October 8, 2001.

2002 NAPIL Fellowships

With support from the Open Society Institute and participating law firms and corporate sponsors, NAPIL Fellowships allow new law graduates and outgoing judicial clerks to work on a wide range of public interest issues, such as domestic violence, health care, community development, homelessness, environmental justice, immigration, Native American rights, children's health and welfare, and the death penalty.  Approximately 75 Fellowships will be awarded to begin September 2002.  Fellowships are for two years.  To learn more check out the NAPIL Fellowship Binder on the resource shelves of the CSO or log onto  This year NAPIL is pleased to announce that their 2002 Fellowships Application can be submitted online. They encourage students to use the online process, rather than submit a paper application. To submit an application online, access their web site, click on "Apply for a 2-year postgraduate fellowship!", and then click on "apply on-line". You will be redirected to a site that contains all of the instructions found in the application booklet, as well as instructions on how to complete a proposal online. At the site, applicants will fill out the application form and compose their proposal narrative, eliminating the need to deliver them in hard copy to NAPIL. The deadline to submit a final application via the web site for Route A is 5:30 p.m., September 14, 2001. Non web site applications are also due September 14, 2001. 

U.S. Department of Justice: Application Deadline and Recruitment Information

This year's deadline for applications to the Attorney General's Honor Program and Summer Law Intern Program is September 24, 2001. Applications must be received by the Department of Justice by that date. Applications and legal recruitment brochures are available in the CSO and on-line at The application forms available on the web will feature enterable fields. The fields have been created using Acrobat Reader 4.0. Students can still type on the application if they have an older version of Acrobat Reader, but the typed information does not appear on the screen. Students should also be aware that they can download a FREE upgrade of Acrobat Reader 4.0 from the Adobe web site (

2002 Skadden Public Interest Fellowships

Skadden Fellowships, sponsored by the law firm of Skadden Arps Slate Meagher & Flom, provide support for new law graduates and outgoing judicial clerks who want to work in the public interest for an organization that provides civil legal services to the poor, including the working poor, the elderly, the disabled or those deprived of their civil rights.  25 fellowships are awarded each year to law students from schools nationwide.  Fellowships are for one year but may be renewed for a second year if requested and approved by the grantmaking panel.  Class of 2002 students who are interested in applying for a Fellowship must have secured a position with an organization by the time of application. Applications for 2002 Fellowships are due October 8, 2001.  Fellows are selected by December 7, 2001.  Interested students may pick up an application in the CSO.

2002 Graduates: BPI Polikoff-Gautreaux Fellowship

Business and Professional People for the Public Interest (BPI), a Chicago-based not-for-profit law and policy center, seeks 3Ls to serve as the Alexander Polikoff-Dorothy Geautreaux Fellow for one year, renewable for a second, beginning in Summer or Fall 2002. BPI is dedicated to equal justice and enhancing the quality and equity of life for all people living in the Chicago region. Fellows will receive $37,500 and fully-paid medical and dental coverage. Debt service on law school loans for the duration of the Fellowship may be available, based on need. See the Fellowship Opportunities Binder in the CSO for application information. Cover letter, resume, writing sample, and references are due by October 31, 2001.

Presidential Management Intern (PMI) Program

The PMI program is a recruitment tool of the federal government to place newly graduated professional and graduate program students in positions throughout the federal government. Students need to be nominated for the program by the Dean. The application process takes place in the fall of a student's final year, with applications postmarked by October 31st of the filing year. The program is a two year commitment in which interns are placed in salaried positions at the GS-9 level. Upon completion of the program, PMI's may be eligible for conversion to a permanent government position and further promotional opportunities. Interested students should check out the Federal Government Gray File or for further information and application materials.

Job Fairs

NAPIL'S 2001 Public Interest Law Career Fair and Conference

The NAPIL Career Fair and Conference represents a unique opportunity for students to meet with public interest employers from across the country in a single location.  In conjunction with the career fair, NAPIL will also host it's Annual Awards Dinner and National Public Interest Conference.  The career fair and conference will take place from October 26 - 27, 2001 at American University in Washington, DC.  The annual Awards Dinner will be at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, in downtown Washington, DC, on Friday, October 26.  More information will be posted in the upcoming weeks.  Please stay tuned to the NAPIL web site at, and to the CSO.

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