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News & Announcements for the Week of
November 12, 2001

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Out of State Job Searches

If you're considering working in another state, don't miss this program! On Tuesday, November 13th, at 12 p.m. in Room 370, members of the CSO will give you all the details about available resources and answers to the most frequently asked questions so that you can map out your job search wherever it may lead you!

Practice Tracks 2001!
1Ls are Strongly Encouraged to Attend!

You've heard CSO staff talk over and over again about the importance of information gathering in identifying a career path and conducting a job search. We've recommended that you do some informational interviewing with practitioners to help you decide what you want to do and how best to market your skills.
Now our office, and the other members of the Chicago Area Law School Consortium, have made the process even easier by bringing the practitioners to you!

On Saturday, November 17th from 10 a.m. - 12:30 p.m., J.D.s from over 60 practice areas will be at Northwestern University School of Law, 375 E. Chicago, for the express purpose of talking informally with students about careers in different practice areas from Administrative Law to Zoning Law. It's your chance to find out directly from practitioners how job seekers are faring in a particular segment of the market, what it's like to practice in an area, which credentials are helpful in finding employment in the area, what skills you should stress in applying, and more! Note: The participating attorneys have volunteered their time. Participation in the program does not indicate job openings at represented organizations.

The Judicial Clerkship Institute

The purpose of the Judicial Clerkship Institute is to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the judicial clerks. Any law student or law graduate who has been selected for or has entered a clerkship with a federal district or federal appellate court judge is eligible to attend. Deadline for applications is November 22, 2001. See for further information.

Employment Related Opportunities

NOTE: As of Monday, November 5th, all employment opportunities, paid or unpaid, clerking or volunteer, internships or externships, or fellowships, will be posted in the password protected job posting system, which is updated daily. Be sure to check the system on a daily or weekly basis and remember to peruse postings within the past 3 months to avoid overlooking postings you may have missed previously.

1Ls & 2Ls - City of Chicago Application Process

The City of Chicago Law Department will begin accepting applications for their summer intern program on December 1st. The salary is $7,300 for 10 weeks and students get to pick their
own projects from a project book. There will be many social events as well as educational
programming each week. Students will also meet with various judges and will be able to utilize their 7-11 license, if applicable. For further information, visit the City's web site. Candidates should submit a resume, 2 legal references (1 from a Legal Writing professor, and 1 from another law professor), undergrad transcript, and 1 writing sample to the Career Services Office by Noon on December 7th. All materials will be sent to the City that day. Although the final deadline for applications is January 15th, it's best to turn materials in to the Career Services Office by the specified date because decisions are made on a rolling basis. For students who miss the Career Services deadline, materials should be sent directly to the City ASAP but no later than January 15th.

Please Note: The City of Chicago maintains a residency requirement for all employees.

Externships With the U.S. Attorney's Office, Northern District Of IL - Spring 2002 Semester

If you are interested in exposure to and possible participation in federal trial and appellate practice while assisting the US Attorney's Office in handling its multitude of important cases, please pick up an application from Professor Gross in Room 617.

Completed applications must be received at the Office of the US Attorney by Monday, December 10, 2001. The reason for this accelerated date is because each accepted extern must go through a security clearance, which takes several weeks.

To receive law school credit for this externship, should you be selected by the US Attorney's Office, you must enroll in the law school's Legal (Advanced) Externship Program. The law school's externship applications are also available in Room 600 Law Offices reception area and in the Career Services office.

Professor Gross will be happy to answer any questions you may have about either the Externship Program or the externship position with the US Attorney's Office.

1Ls - McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff 2002 Summer Program

McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff, an Intellectual Property Law Firm located in downtown Chicago, seeks 1Ls for their 2002 Summer Program. Technical or scientific degrees are required and advanced degrees are preferred. Submit a resume along with an undergraduate, and graduate transcript, if applicable, to the Career Services Office by 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, December 13th.

2002 Graduates: The Deborah Hauger International Public Interest Fellowship

The Deborah Hauger International Public Interest Fellowship was created to help law school graduates pursue career opportunities in human rights, democracy building, peacemaking or other international public interest work. The program provides the opportunity for a law school grad, working in one of the above mentioned areas, to receive financial assistance ($5,000 per year for 2 years) for education loan repayment. Applications are available in the Career Services Office and must be submitted by December 15th.

Army JAG Corps Seeks 1Ls & 3Ls

Captain Jackie Thomson, from the Army JAG Corps, will interview 1Ls for their summer program and 3Ls for full-time permanent positions at IIT's main campus on February 6th, 2002. Interested students should drop off resumes to the Career Services Office by Monday January 28th at 5:00 p.m. to be considered.

Please Note: The above employer refuses to sign Chicago-Kent College of Law's equal employment opportunity compliance form.

1Ls & 2Ls - Equal Justice America Funding for Public Interest Work During Summer 2002

Since 1993, Equal Justice America has been funding law students all over the country to work meeting the legal needs of the poor. They are offering $3,250 fellowships to 1L & 2L Chicago-Kent students who choose to work FT for a 10 week period for organizations providing direct civil legal services for the poor in summer 2002. To apply: send a cover letter describing commitment and interest in providing legal services to the poor; a resume; 2 letters of recommendation and an employment confirmation letter from the hiring organization to: Equal Justice America, 3010 Fox Chase Drive, Midlothian, VA 23112. All materials must be sent together and be received by March 18, 2002.

New Resources

Stress Management for Lawyers outlines the reasons why law is one of the most stressful professions and presents self-help methods that are particularly appropriate for attorneys.

Dear Sisters, Dear Daughters- Through letters to their sisters and daughters, 84 multicultural women attorneys serve as mentors as they offer practical advice and inspiration that can aid anyone on the road to a successful career. Compiled by the ABA Multicultural Women Attorneys Network, the letters represent decades of experience from the best in the profession.

Double Billing, A Young lawyer's Tale of Greed, Sex, Lies, and the Pursuit of a Swivel Chair - By turns hilarious and horrifying, Double Billing is a clever and sobering expose of the legal profession. Writing with wit and wisdom, Cameron Stracher describes the grueling rite of passage of an associate at a major New York law firm. As Stracher describes, Harvard law School may have taught him to think like a lawyer, but it was his experience as an associate that taught him to behave-or misbehave-like one. Double Billing is a biting glimpse into the world of corporate law from the perspective of the low man on the totem pole.

Transforming Practices - Finding Joy and Satisfaction in the Legal Life - Explores how to transform one's practice of the law in order to gain greater fulfillment from the profession. Author Steven Keeva, senior editor of the ABA Journal, skillfully examines how lawyers can find deeper meaning in their work, practice more compassionately, and enjoy what they do more, all by developing a greater awareness of and respect for their inner lives. Filled with inspiring profiles of lawyers who have changed the way they practice the law, Transforming Practices reveals that working from the heart leads not only to a more gratifying professional life, but also to better and more successful lawyering.

International Public Interest Law: A Guide to Opportunities in the United States and Abroad - Aims to facilitate the process of career exploration for law students and recent graduates interested in public international work. This guide focuses on employment opportunities within three broad categories of organizations: Inter-Governmental Organizations, US Government Agencies, and Non-Governmental Organizations.

Public Interest Job Search Guide 2001 - 2002 - Designed both to facilitate the exploration of public interest career alternatives available to law students and lawyers and to provide the nuts and bolts necessary to help them find a satisfying public interest job with as little personal angst as possible.

2001 Fall Interviewing Program
Classes '02 & '03

As the fall interviewing program comes to a close, we realize numerous students' expectations weren't met. Please feel free to stop by or make an appointment with a career strategist to provide us with your perspective on the process and to discuss other options. Remember, the majority of students do not obtain summer or full-time employment through the fall interviewing program.

Additional Direct Contact Employer:

Pillsbury Winthrop LLP is actively seeking 2Ls with technical backgrounds to be considered for patent positions in our 2002 summer program. Ideal candidates will possess an undergraduate degree in one of the following disciplines: computer engineering, computer science, electrical engineering, or physics. Submit resume and transcript to: Denice Barnes, Attorney Recruitment
Manager, Pillsbury Winthrop LLP, 2550 Hanover Street, Palo Alto, CA 94304, Phone (650) 233-4640 , Fax (650) 233-4545, E-mail


Callbacks and Offers: Please let us know how you are faring in the program. E-mail our office
about any callbacks or offers you receive from on-campus interviews or job fairs. Don't forget about the NALP standards for the maximum number of offers students can hold open from the fall on-campus interviewing process and response dates:

2L/3L Student Response Dates
November 1st
December 1st
2L/3L student previously employed and offer made before September 15
2L/3L student with an offer deadline of November 1 may extend to this date with employer's permission if student holds only ONE OTHER offer  
2L/3L student previously employed and offer made after September 15  
2L/3L student not previously employed must respond  
Number of Offers Students May Hold
4 Offers
3 Offers
2 Offers
1 Offer
After October 15, maximum offers held by student
After November 1, maximum offers held by student with December 1 response deadline  
Maximum offers for student requesting employer's extension from November 1 to December 1    
After December 1, maximum offers student may hold with employer's consent      

Negotiation to extend the decision deadline must occur with an employer before the original deadline
date. If you have any questions about this, please see one of the Career Services Office staff members or the OCI web page.

Fall Semester Office Hours

  • Monday, Tuesday & Friday         8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
  • Wednesday & Thursday              8:30 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.

Please call the office at 312-906-5200, or e-mail, to schedule an appointment.

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