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Week of November 4, 2002

Assistant Director Christine Sturman Adds "Mom" to Resume

Congratulations to CSO Assistant Director Christine Sturman and her husband Jeff on the birth of their son Gabriel!
Baby Sturman weighed in on October 28th at 6 lbs 12 oz.

Not surprisingly, Christine will be on maternity leave for the next few months. In her absence, former CSO Assistant Dean, Lisa Abrams will be returning to C-K to assist with counseling appointments and programming. Lisa, who has authored the National Association For Law Placement's "Official Guide to Legal Specialties" will also be on hand at our "Practice Tracks" program on Saturday, November 16th (10:30 am - 12:30 pm at the law school).

2002 Fall Interviewing Program Class of '03 & '04

Callbacks and Offers

Please let us know how you are faring in the program!  E-mail our office about any callbacks or offers you receive from on-campus interviews or job fairs. Don't forget about the NALP standards for the maximum number of offers students can hold open from the fall interviewing process and response dates. These can be found on

Negotiation to extend the decision deadline must occur with an employer before the original deadline date. If you have any questions about this, please see one of the CSO staff members or the fall interviewing web page.


Resumes and Cover Letters for the Legal Market - Required for Resume &/or Cover Letter Review in Office

Wondering what employers in the legal sector look for in a resume and cover letter or how a legal resume differs from your current resume? Then don't miss out as members of the Career Services office discuss how to make your college and/or work experiences work to your best advantage as you begin applying for legal positions. Questions and concerns about format, structure, and content of legal resumes and general tips on writing strong cover letters will be addressed. Attendance is required for all students who wish to have their resume reviewed by a career strategist. The program will take place on Tuesday, November 5th at noon in Rooms C20 and C50 and at 5 p.m. in Room 510. Day students A through Marcus meet in Room C20. Day students Markley through Z meet in Room C50. Please note: The evening program is reserved for evening division students only and will be geared toward students with professional experience prior to law school and/or working full-time during school. All evening students will meet in Room 510.

1L Tours of the Career Services Office

Cheryl Kunkel, the CSO Resource Specialist, will conduct office tours for all 1Ls interested in learning more about the resources available in the CSO. Tours will be limited to 10 students at a time so be sure to sign up ASAP for one of the following dates and times:

Monday, November 4
Noon & 5:15 p.m.
Wednesday, November 6
Thursday, November 7
3 p.m. & 5:15 p.m.
Friday, November 8

1L Orientation Video

For all the 1Ls who were unable to attend one of the Career Services Orientation meetings, there is now a video available that you can check out and watch. The handouts and surveys are also available in our office.

CBA/YLS Career Assistance Committee-Meeting Notice

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, November 6th, at 12:15 p.m. at the Chicago Bar Association 321 S. Plymouth Court. Cheryl Heisler Esq., President and Founder of Lawternatives, will be speaking on "Law-Related Career Alternatives for Attorneys". For questions about this event, please contact the CBA at 312-554-2000.

Out of State Job Searches

If you're considering working in another state, don't miss this program! On Tuesday, November 12th, at 12 p.m. in Room 345, members of the CSO will give you all the details about available resources and answers to the most frequently asked questions so that you can map out your job search wherever it may lead you!

Practice Tracks 2002

1Ls strongly encouraged to attend!!

You've heard CSO staff talk over and over again about the importance of information gathering in identifying a career path and conducting a job search. We've recommended that you do some informational interviewing with practitioners to help you decide what you want to do and how best to market your skills.
Now our office, and the other members of the Chicago Area Law School Consortium, have made the process even easier by bringing the practitioners to you!

On Saturday, November 16th from 10:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m., J.D.s from over 60 practice areas will be here at Chicago-Kent, for the express purpose of talking informally with students about careers in different practice areas from Administrative Law to Zoning Law. It's your chance to find out directly from practitioners how job seekers are faring in a particular segment of the market, what it's like to practice in an area, which credentials are helpful in finding employment in the area, what skills you should stress in applying, and more! Note: The participating attorneys have volunteered their time. Participation in the program does not indicate job openings at represented organizations.

The Judicial Clerkship Institute

The Judicial Clerkship Institute will be held at Pepperdine University School of Law in Malibu, CA. The purpose of the Institute is to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of judicial law clerks. Any law student or law graduate who has been selected for or has entered a clerkship with a federal district or federal appellate court judge is eligible to attend. Deadline for applications is December 1, 2002, but due to space limitations apply early. The Institute will be held January 2nd-4th, 2003. See for further information.

Employment Related Opportunities

Legal Externship Program for Spring 2003

Do you wish to develop your legal skills, gain practical legal experience in a specialized area of law with a corporation, firm or government agency, and make yourself more marketable to prospective employers upon graduation? If so, consider applying to the Legal Externship Program for Spring 2003 Semester.

The Legal Externship Program is a 4-credit hour non-graded program. The program is open predominantly to students in their last two semesters of law school.

An extern can choose a private or public, civil or criminal practice and is required to work 16 hours a week for a minimum total of 224 hours at his/her designated placement. Externs interested in civil law may select to work under the supervision of general counsel in major corporations or under the supervision of designated teaching lawyers in well-known firms or specific government agencies. Externs may specialize in such diverse legal areas as tax, commodities, securities, corporate, health care, medical malpractice, general corporate law, etc. Those interested in criminal law may choose to work with the States Attorney's Office, Public Defender's Office, or the US Attorney's Office. Many externships offer the externs opportunities to obtain a 711 license and appear in court.

Information about the program and an accompanying application form are available in the Law Offices reception area and in the Careers Services office.

All applicants must have scheduled and completed an interview with Professor Gross prior to turning in their applications.

If you are interested in learning more about externship opportunities or in applying to the program, please see Professor Vivien Gross in Room 617.

Summer Internship in U.S. Attorney's Office Northern Dist. of IL

If you are interested in exposure to and possible participation in federal trial and appellate practice while assisting the U.S. Attorney's Office in handling its multitude of important cases pick up an application from Professor Gross in room 617 or handout #26 in the CSO. Completed applications must be received at the Office of the U.S. Attorney by Tuesday, December 10, 2002. To receive law school credit for this externship, should you be selected by the U.S. Attorney's Office, you must enroll in the law school's Summer Legal Externship program. Professor Gross will be happy to answer any questions you may have about either the Externship Program or this position in particular.

Public Interest Law Initiative (PILI) Spring/Summer Internships

The Public Interest Law Initiative (PILI) will sponsor School-Year and Summer Internships at various public interest law agencies in the metropolitan Chicago area.

Spring Internships are available for 2Ls and 3Ls. The stipend for 200 hours of work is $2,250. Check out Job Posting # 55548 and Handout #20 in the Career Services Office for more information. Applications can also be obtained by logging onto the PILI web site. Applications are due by December 15, 2002, however, some agencies make decisions in October. Thus, the earlier you apply, the better.

Summer Internships are available for 1Ls and 2Ls, PILI will pay $4500 for 10 weeks of work. Check out Job Posting #55450 and Handout #18 in the Career Services Office for more information. Applications can also be obtained by logging onto the PILI web site. Applications are accepted beginning October 15 and are due by March 1, 2003, however, many agencies interview and hire before then. Thus, the earlier you apply, the better. 1Ls please note: you may not apply before December 1st.

2003 Grads - Rockefeller Brothers Fund Fellowship in Nonprofit Law

The Rockefeller Brothers Fellowship in Nonprofit Law is awarded yearly to a US law school graduate to pursue legal work in the public sector for one year at the Vera Institute of Justice in New York City. Fellows are selected for their scholarship, leadership, and commitment to practicing in the field of nonprofit law. All applications are due by 1:00 p.m. on Friday, December 6, 2002. See Job Posting # 55701 and Handout #21 in the career services office for application information (call if you would like it mailed or faxed out to you.) Online applications are also available at

LCC Minority Outreach Program

The AFL-CIO has provided a list of union-side labor law firms and union legal departments that are participating in the LCC Minority Outreach Program. Students with an interest in labor law are encouraged to participate in the program. Be sure to reference the "LCC Minority Outreach Program" in all correspondence. See handout #32 for the list of participating firms and legal departments.

American Bar Association John J. Curtin Jr. Justice Fund

The Curtin Justice Fund Legal Internship Program pays a $2,500 stipend to students who spend the summer months working for a bar association or legal services program designed to prevent homelessness or assist homeless or indigent clients or their advocates. See handout #29 for all the information and application procedures. The deadline is April 4, 2003.

New Job Posting System

The Career Services Office has recently upgraded to a new version of the job posting system. All employment opportunities, paid or unpaid, clerking or volunteer, internship or externship, or fellowship, can be found in the new LawMatch system. To access this system, go to the current job posting system and click on the link for LawMatch Job Listings. Register yourself as a user, even if you have previously registered with LawMatch through another avenue. You will then be allowed to access the job postings. If you have your old password and student ID, please continue using them. If you haven't received your password, please contact the Career Services Office to get it. Remember to use the dashes in your Social Security # when entering your username and password.


PSLawNet Fellowship Corner

Interested in pursuing a fellowship upon graduation? Then be sure to check out PSLawNet's new "Fellowship Corner" which includes the full text of Yale's Fellowship Application Tips for 2002-2003, along with the expanded Appendix listing print and online fellowship resources. The site also contains a Fellowship Calendar with a chronological listing of application deadlines--a big help for potential applicants in planning and preparing their materials. Students can access the Fellowship Corner at the top of the left sidebar menu on the PSLawNet home page.

Chicago Area Law Firm List

As of Monday, October 14th, the Chicago Area Law Firm List, also known as the 4 or More List became available on-line in a password protected searchable database. E-mail notification containing information about the link and user name and password was sent out that afternoon so be sure to check you e-mail. Although every attempt is made at keeping the database current, some information may become out of date due to firm mergers, contact people leaving their firms, etc. It's suggested that all information be double-checked prior to sending out any cover letters and resumes. If you should learn of any changes, please notify our office via e-mail so we can update the database accordingly. Please contact if you have any questions or concerns.

Fall Semester Office Hours

The Career Services Office will close at 5 p.m. Monday - Friday. Evening appointments with Career Strategists will be available for alumnae/i and evening students, by appointment only, on Thursdays from 5 - 6:30 p.m. Please call the office at 312-906-5200 to set up an appointment.



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