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News & announcements from Dean Perritt for the week of
September 21, 1998

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Illinois Bar Association Award for Project Bosnia

The Illinois Bar Association will be awarding the Project Bosnia IPRO with the Access to Justice Award.  The award will be presented at a luncheon being held on November 19, 1998, at the Palmer House. 

Jacob Corre

Jacob Corre was hit by a bus while riding his bicycle late Tuesday afternoon.  He has head, shoulder, right arm, and rib injuries, and is in intensive care at Northwestern Hospital. 

I have been to the hospital and have seen Jacob briefly, and talked with his family.  His injuries are very serious and I know everyone in the Chicago-Kent community joins me in hoping that he recovers completely and quickly. 

The hospital has requested that you do not call for information.  Also, the hospital cannot accommodate flowers or packages in the intensive care unit.  The family can, however, receive cards and letters at: 

Corre Family 
Intensive Care Waiting Room 
7th Floor 
Northwestern Hospital 
Olson Pavilion 
710 North Fairbanks 
Chicago 60611 

Operation Kosovo Web Site

Chicago-Kent's Operation Kosovo gained international exposure and recognition this week through a CNN Interactive edition story about Kosovo's refugee crisis.  This CNN Internet site is viewed daily by millions of readers.  The CNN story included the Operation Kosovo site as one of six "related sites" on the subject.  Other related sites included the United Nations, and the International Red Cross. 

Henry H. Perritt, Jr. 

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