Office of the Dean:
News & announcements from Dean Perritt for the week of
October 5, 1998

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Meeting of the National Academy of Sciences Committee on Global Networks and Local Values

Dean Perritt participated in the second meeting of the National Academy of Sciences committee on Global Networks and Local Values, on which he is one of twelve members equally divided between Germany and the United States. 

Presentation to the Great Lakes Supreme Court Justices

Dean Perritt and Professor Staudt made a presentation to the Great Lakes supreme court justices on the impact of the Internet on law and judicial decision making. 

Jacob Corre's Condition

I'm pleased to report that Professor Corre's condition has improved greatly since my last update.  He has been moved out of the intensive care unit and is conscious, talking, and displaying more of his usual intelligence and wit.  His recovery will undoubtedly take some time, but we are all very encouraged about his progress.  Cards may be sent to: 

Jacob Corre' 
Northwestern Hospital 
Fourth Floor 
Passavant Pavilion 
303 East Superior 
Chicago, IL 60611 

Dean's Office Seeks Research Assistant 

Dean Perritt's office is seeking a student for a Research Assistant position.  Job responsibilities will be a mixture of special projects and general research and writing.  If interested, please contact I.V. 
Ashton, Director of Institutional Projects and Executive Assistant to the Dean. 

Henry H. Perritt, Jr. 

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