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October 5, 1998

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 Unavailability of the Financial Aid and Bursar System!!

The Illinois Institute of Technology is in the process of migrating the current student records system to an updated, year 2000 compliant, version known as SIS PLUS.  This system is currently being used by Financial Aid Office and by the Bursarís Office

The migration will begin on Friday, October 2nd, 1998 at 8:00am and the new SIS PLUS system will be available on Friday, October 16th, 1998.  This time period was chosen because it provides for the least disruption in student services.  Nonetheless, there may be some delays in answering student and faculty requests during this period. 

During this migration process, the  Financial Aid and Bursar staff cannot enter new data or update data in the current or the new system; however, viewing the data as of 10/2/98 will be possible throughout the conversion. 

What does this mean to the students? 

Below are some key processes that will be affected by the student information system downtime and how the offices are handling the situation. 

Loan Checks: 
The Financial Aid Office will only be able to view your financial aid data as of Oct. 2, 1998.  We will not be able to update your file, if your student loan check(s) are received between Oct. 2 through Oct. 16.  If the Financial Aid Office receives your loan checks between the dates of down time, we will process it as follows: 

(1) Verify eligibility by viewing the system 
(2) Take loan check(s) along with the disbursement form(s) to Bursarís Office 
(3) Bursarís Office will send out e-mails regarding receipt of loan check(s) 
(4) Students will be able to sign disbursement forms and loan checks.  However, since no data may be updated during the downtime, the Bursar Office is unable to credit your account until the new system becomes available

If you have not received your loan checks by now, please stop by the Financial Aid Office as soon as possible, so that we can expedite the process of getting your loan checks here before the scheduled DOWN TIME.  

Refund Checks: 
When the system goes back on-line on Oct. 16th, the Bursarís Office will be able to enter the loan check information into the system, and if a refund is due to the student, it will be available for pick-up on Friday, October 23rd, 1998.   This date may vary depending on successful completion of the migration on Oct. 16th.  

Payments and Receipts: 
Payments for tuition and fees will continue to be accepted and receipts issued throughout the downtime at the Bursar Office window.  Receipts will be manually generated until the activation of the new system. 

 General Processing: 
Please continue to submit all necessary documents needed to complete your file to the Financial aid Office.  They will be processed as soon as the system goes back on-line on Oct. 16th

Office Hours

The Financial Aid Office is open Monday through Thursday, 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM and Friday, 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM.  We are located on the second floor in suite 230.  Please feel free to stop in our office during business hours with any concerns or questions you may have. 

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