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November 2, 1998

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Women at Chicago-Kent 
75 years ago, women were a distinct minority at Chicago-Kent.  The graduating class of 1923 had 85 students, only 2 of which were women (pictured above), and the faculty included no women. Times have changed. The student body of Chicago-Kent is now 49% women and the faculty is comprised of 37% women. 
While they were few in number, women have been present at Chicago-Kent for over a hundred years. The school was incorporated in 1888, and graduated its first woman in 1895. In fact, it was in 1908 that ten Chicago-Kent women founded the first women's legal fraternity, Kappa Beta Pi.  They formed the organization out of their desire for a "higher professional standard among women law students and to strengthen, by educational and social enjoyment, the tie which binds" them.  For more Chicago-Kent history, check out The Transcript at KF 292.C42 A8 in the Information Center.  
Librarians Available to Assist with Exercises 
Reference librarians will be available in computer classroom 760 over the next two weeks to assist first year students with their Lexis and Westlaw self-paced exercises. We request that you attempt to do the exercises before asking for assistance. Check for the schedule outside room 760 and on the 9th floor bulletin board. 

Study Rooms 
Study rooms are available for law student study groups. Each person in the group can reserve a room for one hour per week.  Rooms can be reserved at the service desk with a student ID. 
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