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News & announcements for the week of
November 16, 1998

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Thanksgiving Holiday Hours 
Wednesday, November 25    7:45am - 6pm 
Thursday, November 26         CLOSED 
Friday, November 27              CLOSED 
Saturday, November 28         9am - 5pm 
Sunday, November 29           10am - 11pm (regular hours) 

Updated Student ID Stickers 
Please remember to pick up your updated student ID stickers in the Registrar's office. You need to have a current ID in order to check out books, reserve conference rooms, or view faculty reserve items. 

IIlinois Legislative History Tutorial 
If you're interested in researching Illinois legislative history, be sure to come to one of the tutorials being presented this week. Each tutorial will be given by a reference librarian and will last approximately 20 minutes. The tutorial schedule is posted on the bulletin board on the 9th floor of the library.  If you have any suggestions for tutorial topics, please email LGLANZ. 

Exams on eLOISe 
Copies of sample exams are available on eLOISe.  If you're not familiar with eLOISe, stop by the service desk in the library for a "Using eLOISe" bookmark, or ask a reference librarian for assistance.  
Media Services Change 
The large display posters that have been produced by Media Services, are now being done by the Document Center in the Information Center. The procedure is the same. Create an 8 1/2 x 11" flyer as you want it reproduced, and leave it with the Document Center to be blown up.  You can continue to leave flyers that you want to be displayed in the glass case or on stands with Media Services. 
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