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News & announcements for the week of
April 19, 1999

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Legal Newspapers Tutorial 
The tutorial for this week is on legal newspapers.  We will cover which newspapers you should be aware of, local and national, and where to find them. The schedule is posted in the entry way of the library. There is no need to sign up to attend; just come to the Reference Desk at the scheduled time.  If you have any questions or suggestions regarding tutorials please email Liz Robb (EROBB). 

New Library System on the Way 
We are entering the final four month phase of implementation of a new online system for the Information Center.  The entire library staff is working on bringing the new system in by the Fall 1999 semester.  The new and improved Clark is web based, and will provide greater searching capacity and automated circulation. 
Media Services Department 
To assist us in our effort to better serve the Downtown Campus community, the Media Services Department  would like to clarify some commonly used terms.  An LCD Projector is connected to a computer (desktop, personal laptop, or laptop obtained from the CLC) for the projection of presentations such as Power Point.  An Overhead Projector is used only for transparencies.  A Slide Projector is used for the projection of 35 mm slides.  If you have any questions regarding equipment or services provided by our department, please contact us at 6-5699 or by email at MEDIASVC.    
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