Office of International Law and Policy Development:
News & announcements for the week of
September 21, 1998

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The Global Law and Policy Initiative (GLAPI) will have a meeting on Tuesday, October 13th at 12:00 in Room 305 to discuss current international projects and plan upcoming events. 

GLAPI is pleased to host three upcoming Global Perspectives Luncheon Series events: 

Friday, October 23 12:00 in Room 583: Presentation by Professor Leonid Tymchenko. 
Professor Tymchenko is a visiting scholar from Ukraine studying at Columbia University.  He will give a presentation on Russia's relations with Ukraine and other former Soviet republics. 

Friday, October 30 12:00PM in Room 305:   Presentation by Professor Dr. Ludger Kunhardt on the subject of Germany and globalization.

Date TBA:  Presentation by French Professor Mosseri-Marlio on the integration of the EURO into European financial systems.

Please contact Randy Clarke ( (312) 906-5235 if you would like to attend any of these presentations.

Upcoming GLAPI Events:  

November 6: Introduction to European Community Law: How to Comply and Compete in the European Union. 

Mid-November: International Police Force roundtable 

January: Conference focusing on corruption in International business, and the implementation of the 1997 OECD treaty on bribery of public officials.
For more information about GLAPI programming or getting involved with GLAPI contact Randy Clarke, Assistant to the Director for International Law and Policy, at 6-5235 or Be sure to watch this page for future announcements. 

Current GLAPI Initiatives:  
Project Bosnia  
Operation Kosovo 
Project Poland 
The China Bridge Initiative 

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