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Global Perspective Talk Series continues:  
1.  Russia in Transition:  Overview of Current Constitutional Issues 
  •      Monday,  November 1st  through Wednesday , November 3
Dr. Irina Bogdanovskaia of the Institute of State and Law, Russian Academy of Science, is a leading scholar on comparative law in Russia.  Currently a visiting scholar at Georgetown, she will be spending three days at Chicago-Kent as the guest of the Global Law and Policy Policy Initiative and the Institute for Science, Law and Technology.  Dr. Bogdanoviskaia will discuss current constitutional development in Russia. 

2.  The Danger of Landmines:  Experiences of the Bosnia & Herzegovina Demining Commission 

  •        Thursday, November 4,  1999
  •        10:00 A.M.
  •        Room 355
In this public discussion, the leadership of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Demining Commission will consider the impact of landmines of their country and explain the Commission's efforts to rid Bosnia and Herzegovina of these terrible devices.  

3.  Establishing the Rule of Law in Kosovo: 
    The Challenges of Building a Democratic Justice System 

  •      Thursday, November 11,  1999
  •      10:00 A.M.
  •      Room 305
This panel discussion will examine current efforts in Kosovo to create a functioning judiciary, a legislative framework, and a police force that respects individual liberties.  The panel will include Peter Schuler, who served as a NATO lawyer in Bosnia and teaches a seminar on international policing, and Chicago-Kent's assistant dean, Charles Rudnick, who just returned from two months in Kosovo, where he was coordinating a legal reconstruction program for the American Bar Association.