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  General Information 

  •       Research assistant needed  
  •       Student worker needed.  
  •       New office hours for International LL.M. program assistants.  
  •       DEADLINE: March 1, for DAAD scholarship. Contact: 

  •         Deb Kanoski ( or visit the DAAD website: 
   Upcoming Events:  
          1. ILSA Annual Career Day  
                  Date:  Friday, February 25, 2000  
                  Activity: International law career fair  

          2. Global Perspective Discussion Series  


               Anti- Personnel landmines and International  
               Efforts to Rid the World of Mines 

               Speaker:  Dr. Christopher Kirkey 
               Mine Action Scholar-in-Residence 

               Date:   Thursday, March 4, 2000 
               Time:  10:00 A.M. 
                Place: Room 305 

Landmines kill over tens of thousands of innocent people every year.  In 1997, the Convention on the Prohibition of the Use, Stockpiling, Production and Transfer of Anti-Personnel Mines and on Their  Destruction, signed by over 135 countries, marked a momentous event in the international effort to eliminate mines.  However, the U.S. government and public have failed to commit to the Convention.  Professor Kirkley endeavors to increase awareness in the United States on the issues of landmines and demining, and to secure greater support for the implementation of the Convention. 

          3. Thursday, March 30:  Prof. Mosseri-Marlio (TBA) 
          4. Chinese Judge delegation to visit Chicago-Kent. (TBA) 


 Spring 2000:  


 Project: ILSA Annual Career Day 
 Date:  Friday, February 25, 2000 
 Activity: International law career fair 
 Opportunity: Volunteers are needed.  Students wishing to attend can register online at 
 Contact: Michelle Katz ( 

 Project: International Humanitarian Law Education Initiative 
 Date:  On-going 
 Activity: Training session 
 Opportunity: Educating youths in Chicago high schools on international humanitarian law 
 Contact: I.V. Ashton ( 

 Project: Refugee/Asylum Law On-Line 
 Date:  On-going 
 Activity: Website publishing, research & writing 
 Opportunity: Students are needed to gather information on refugee & asylum law to publish on the 
 Chicago-Kent website.  The site serves as a database of crucial research information, including 
 statutory requirements, briefs, and forms, for pro bono attorneys representing refugees and asylum 
 Contact: I.V. Ashton ( 

 Project: Rule of Law Projects 
 Date:  On-going 
 Activity: Independent research 
 Opportunity: Students can initiate research and write on topics related to the rule of law in emerging 
 democracies.  Memos and reports contribute to Chicago-Kentís study on the development of the rule 
 of law around the world. 
 Contact: Assistant Dean Charles Rudnick ( 
   I.V. Ashton ( 

 Project: Rule of Law Externship 
 Date:  On-going 
 Activity: Academic/credit 
 Opportunity: Students conduct independent research, write a paper and then work overseas on 
 advancing the rule of law. 
 Contact: Assistant Dean Charles Rudnick ( 

 Project: Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst (DADD) scholarship program: 
 Program For International Lawyers 2000/2001 
 Date:  Application deadline March 1, 2000 
 Activity: Scholarship opportunity 
 Opportunity: Eight-month study visit to the Federal Republic of Germany for young lawyers (or recent 
 graduates who have passed the bar by the beginning of the scholarship period). 
 Contact: Deb Kanoski ( 
   DAAD website: 

 Project: Kosovo Economic Development Project 
 Date:  On-going 
 Activity: Independent research 
 Opportunity: Students are needed to research international commercial transactional law 
 Contact: Scott Waguespack ( 

 Project: International Policing 
 Date:  On-going 
 Activity: Independent research & website publishing 
 Opportunity: Students are needed to research and write on international security and current activities 
 of the United Nations, NATO, and the OSCE. 
 Contact: Scott Waguespack ( 

 Project: Chicago-Kent Colloquium of International Law 
 Date:  On-going 
 Activity: Student organization; On-line journal 
 Opportunity: Students can submit unpublished articles for publication. 
 Contact: Joseph Casas, Managing Editor ( 
   Colloquium ( 

 Project: Landmine Action Symposium, Chicago-Kent Colloquium of International Law 
 Date:  TBA (April, 2000) 
 Activity: Symposium 
 Opportunity: Students are needed to research and write on the issue of landmine actions and 
 administratively assist with symposium planning. 
 Contact: Joseph Casas, Managing Editor ( 
   Colloquium ( 

 Project: War Crimes Documentation IPRO 
 Date:  On-going 
 Activity: Interdisciplinary project 
 Opportunity: Students can take course for credit or volunteer to assist with building a database of 
 accounts from Kosovar refugees.  The database will be presented to the International Criminal 
 Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia. 
 Contact: I.V. Ashton ( 

               Past Events: 
Spring 2000: 
  Tuesday, February 8, 2000: 

         Topic:     Student Activities Meeting:  Opportunities in International Projects 

  Friday, February 18, 2000: 
          Topic:    Ten Years of Freedom:  The Rule of LAw and the Free Market Economy in 
Fall 1999: 

   Thursday, December 2nd: 

           Topic:    Current Issues in the Middle East Peace Process 

           Global Law and Policy Initiative and the Consulate General of Israel cosponsored a lecture 
           and discussion featuring Yehuda Blum.  Yehuda Blum is the Hersch Lauterpatcht Professor 
           of International Law at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.  Professor Blum 
           served as Law  Clerk to the late Justice Goitein of the Israel Supreme Court, and has 
           been a professor at Hebrew University since 1965, writing widely on international law 
           issues.  Professor Blum also served as Israel's Ambassador to the United Nations from 
           1978-1984, and was on the negotiating team that led the Camp David Accords.  During 
           Professor Blum's presentation  he shared observations on the major issues facing the Middle 
           East Peace Process. 


 Tuesday, November 16th: 


        Representatives from each of the following organizations presented information about their 
        upcoming programs.  Each group focused on opportunities available for student participation 
        in international law. 
                Amnesty International 
                Colloquium of International Law 
                International Law Students Association 
                International Moot Court Honor Society 
                Refugee & Asylum Law Externship I.P.R.O 
                War Crimes Documentation I.P.R.O 

 Thursday, November 11,  1999 

     Topic:  Establishing the Rule of Law in Kosovo: The Challenges of Building a Democratic  
                 Justice System 

     This panel discussion examined current efforts in Kosovo to create a functioning judiciary, a  
      legislative framework, and a police force that respects individual liberties.  The panel included  
      Peter Schuler, who served as a NATO lawyer in Bosnia and teaches a seminar on 
      international  policing, and Chicago-Kent's assistant dean, Charles Rudnick, who just returned  
      from two month in Kosovo, where he was coordinating a legal reconstruction program for the  
      American Bar Association. 

Tuesday, November 9, 1999 

       Topic:  CUBA:  Human Rights Abuse & U.S. Embargo 
       The co-sponsored event with Amnesty International featured Luis Zunig who was a political  
       prisoner in Cuba for 19 years and served on the United Nations Commission for Human  
       Rights f rom 1989-1998.  Mr Zunig spoke to students and faculty about the current human  
       rights and trade issues in Cuba.    Moderated by Professor Bart Brown. 

Thursday, November 4,  1999: 

Topic:  The Danger of Landmines:  Experiences of the Bosnia & Herzegovina Demining Commission 

In this public discussion and luncheon, the leadership of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Demining Commission discussed with students, faculty and area leaders the impact of landmines in their country and explained the Commission's efforts to rid Bosnia and Herzegovina of these terrible devices.  

Wednesday , November 3, 1999: 
Topic:  Russia in Transition:  Overview of Current Constitutional Issues 

Dr. Irina Bogdanovskaia of the Institute of State and Law, Russian Academy of Science, is a leading scholar on comparative law in Russia.  Currently a visiting scholar at Georgetown, she spent three days at Chicago-Kent as the guest of the Global Law and Policy Policy Initiative and the Institute for Science, Law and Technology.  During Dr. Bogdanoviskaia stay  GLAPI hosted a luncheon in which she discussed the current constitutional development in Russia with students and faculty of Chicago-Kent.