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Program in Intellectual Property Law

Constructing International Intellectual Property Law: The Role of National Courts

Chicago-Kent College of Law, October 18-19, 2001

Graeme W. Austin
Professor of Law

B.A. (Hons.); LL.B.; LL.M. (1st class honors) Victoria University of Wellington
LL.M.; J.S.D. Columbia

Professor Austin joined the College of Law as a tenured professor in 2001, having previously held tenured positions at two of New Zealand’s leading universities.  He has also been a senior solicitor in the commercial law firm of Chapman Tripp Sheffield Young, practicing in the field of intellectual property litigation.  In 1997-98, he was Burton Fellow in Intellectual Property Law at Columbia University in New York.

Professor Austin has published extensively on intellectual property law in the United States, the United Kingdom and in New Zealand.  His particular field of research is cross-border intellectual property litigation, and he recently was invited to address the World Intellectual Property Organization on this topic in Geneva, Switzerland.  Professor Austin has also published widely in the area of family law, and has appeared as a barrister in leading family property law cases before the New Zealand High Court and Court of Appeal.  His book on rhetoric in child custody decisions, Children:  Stories the Law Tells, was published in 1994.



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Book Chapters

Copyright Beyond (and Within) Domestic Borders, in Austin & Ricketts (eds.), INTERNATIONAL INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY AND THE COMMON LAW WORLD 2000 (Hart);

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Shorter articles/ Notes, etc

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Foreign intellectual property rights in the English Courts - a common law perspective N.Z. Intell’l Prop. Jnl 1(11) Feb 1998:284;

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Crown Title to Navigable Rivers – paper prepared for the Waitangi Tribunal Poakani B hearings and published as an appendix to the Tribunal’s published Report.

Book review

Review of The Illusion of Equality: The Rhetoric and Reality of Divorce Reform by Martha Fineman, in 21 Victoria University of Wellington Law Review 417 (1991).




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