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November 16, 1998

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The following students are being offered a place to take Law Offices for Spring 1999.  Please pick up your permission slip by Friday, November 13, to register.  Slips are available from the receptionist in Suite 600.  You must register for the In-House classes shown on this permission slip.  The permission slip is valid only during the November registration period.  Unless the registrar receives a permission slip when you register, your name will be dropped from the class list.  If you decide that you are no longer interested in Law Offices for Fall semester, please let Phyllis Powell, Room 619, know so she can give the place to a waiting list student. 

Continuing                                 Continuing                                            Continuing 
Lisa Weier                                   Michele Katz                                          Lynda Keever 
Erika Campbell-Harris                 Barbara Walter                                       Robert Vitello 
Michelle Rodriguez                      Alycia Fitz 
Kathy Murphy                                                                                           New 
Cynthia Kisser                             New                                                      Ashlee Highland 
David Marco                               Julia Ceffalo                                           Tiffany Leininger 
Erin Hincklin                                Brian Caldwell                                        Julie Johnson 
Julie Burger                                  Tamara Edmonds                                   Fabriza O’Shaughnessy 
Victor Erbring                              Erin Kerby                                             Derek Schroen 
Nathan Ferguson                          Jori Polisher                                           Sirut Attaphitaya 
Lawrence Hill 
Daniel Peters 
Heather Fritsch                            EMPLOYMENT/CIVIL RIGHTS     HEALTH 
Anna Fulkerson                           Continuing                                             New 
Charlotte Cluverius                      Casey Smith                                            Monique Gammell 
Kelly Sullivan                               Nancy Tikalsky                                       Erica Vitsky 
Tinita Scott                                  Jignasa Gadani                                         Maria Mora 
                                                   Lena Sumal                                              Jeanette Lomeda 
New                                            Patricia Haugh                                         Therese Murphy 
Margaret Kelly                            Aaron Rapier 
Lisa Sink 
Daniel Hronek                              New 
Kelly Christl                                 Rob Dixon 
Tanya Ashur                                Heather Ast 
Alison Burnett                              Joseph Grossman 
Lisa Ulrich                                   Brian McKay 
Mark Lauery                                Paul Miller 
Sarah Warner                              Charles Wolf 
Kevin Rosner                               Evelyn Frasure 
Susan Kozlowski                         Beverly Bautista 
Partick Moran                              Juliana Duan 
Matthey Simon                             Laurie Rompala 
Brenda Schaffer                           Jacqueline Wolf 
Richard Turiello                            Suzanne Strickler 

SPRING 1999 

The following students have been placed on the waiting list for their first and second choices for Spring 1999 places in Law Offices.  The names are listed in the order drawn in the lottery.  Students are generally offered places from the waiting list.  If you are interested in a place should one become available, please see the receptionist in Suite 600. 

CRIMINAL DEFENSE                                MEDIATION & OTHER ADR PROC.  
Kimberly Frost                                                 Shawn Deggins 
Lisa Kaplan                                                      Rolf Anderson 
Richard Labrador                                             L. Daniel Liutikas 
Gregory Prill                                                     Thomas Twomey 
Pamela Lannert                                                 Jennifer Simms 
Matthew Ludwinski                                          Mona Chawla 
Jennifer Gill                                                       Jacqueline Childress 
Jessica MacLean                                              Andrew Gagen 
Julia Rodenkirch                                               ----- 
James Caronis                                                  Kimberly Frost 
Brad Chamberlain                                             Michael Curry 
John McGee II                                                 Gregory Prill 
Tammy Evans                                                   James Caronis 
Jose Palacios                                                    John McGee II 
Karl Roche                                                       Karl Roche 
Matt Hachigian 
John Tuhey                                                      HEALTH 
Marios Rush                                                    Rafal Stachowiak 
Shaena Fazal                                                   Michael Curry 
-----                                                               Andrea Boedecker 
L. Daniel Liutikas                                            ---- 
Jennifer Simms                                                Jason Tremblay 
Nicholle Hempel                                              Brad Chamberlain 
                                                                       Matt Hachigian 
                                                                       Andrew Gagen 

Jason Tremblay                                               Ivan Tomic 
Rafal Stachowiak                                            Nicholle Hempel 
Lisa Kaplan                                                     Magdalena Vervilos 
Thomas Twomey                                             ---- 
Pamela Lannert                                                Rolf Anderson 
Matthew Ludwinski                                         Richard Labrador 
Mona Chawla                                                  Julia Rodenkirch 
Jennifer Gill 
Tammy Evans 
Jose Palacios 
Andrea Boedecker 
Marios Rush 
Shaena Fazal 



Interested in Tax Law, Corporate Tax, Estate Planning, Trust Law?  An Externship in Tax, Corporate Tax and Business Law may be for you! 

What is the Tax, Corporate Tax and Business Law Externship Program? 

The externship will be a 3-credit hour pass/fail program where each extern will devote approximately 12 hours per week to the program.*  The program will be supervised by Processor Nancy R. Livingston.  The majority of hours will be spent at the extern's designated placement.  An extern will also be expected to meet with Professor Livingston on an individual basis or with the extern group as a whole on a number of occasions  during the semester. 

In order to be eligible to participate in the Tax, Corporate Tax and Business Law Externship Program, a student must meet the following prerequisites: 

              1.  First, a student must be in the top 25 percent of his or her class at the time of  application or have permission from Professor Livingston.  Permission will be based on the following factors: cumulative GPA, current GPA, law school courses taken, professor recommendation(s) and appropriate placement; 

              2. A student must have taken and successfully completed  Personal Income Tax by the time of application; and 

              3.  By the date the placement commences, a student must have taken and successfully completed, or be currently enrolled in, at least three of the following other courses: Bankruptcy, Business Organizations, Business Planning, Commercial Law I: Sales and Secured Transactions, Commercial Law II: Commercial Paper and Banking, Corporate Finance, Employee Benefits Law, Estate Planning, Estates and Trusts, Estate and Gift Tax, Securities Regulation, Tax Procedure, Taxation of Business Enterprises, Advanced Tax Transactions (Seminar), Business Insolvency (Seminar), Dynamics of Corporate Control (Seminar), or  Tax Policy (Seminar); or such other course(s) as approved by Professor Livingston. 

In addition, all applicants must be interviewed by Professor Livingston before submitting a completed application to the Tax, Corporate Tax and Business Law Externship Program. 

* Chicago-Kent only requires 12 hours of work for 3 hours of credit; however a student's placement may from time to time require more hours of work. 

Where Do Students Extern?  

 After a student has been accepted in the program, the student and Professor Livingston begin the placement process.  We may have a limited number of available placements available at the Internal Revenue Service, an in-house corporate legal department, a bank trust department and a law firm or accounting firm. In addition, students may be interested in specific specialties or placements and the student and Professor Livingston will work together to procure a placement.   Please note that a student cannot extern for a current or former employer. 

Why Extern? 

An externship is a wonderful way to gain legal skills, familiarity with tax law and related areas, and generally enhance employment marketability upon graduation. 

If You Are Interested in Applying or Want More Information 

 If you are interested in learning more about the externship opportunities or in applying for the program, please see Professor Nancy R. Livingston in Room 688 to set up an appointment.  You may also email her at NLIVINGS. 

Information meeting Wednesday, November 18, 
from 3:00-4:00 and from 5:00-6:00, in room 580.

This program in which first-year day division students and first- or second-year evening division students may apply is different from any program at any other law school!  The day division students who are accepted begin the program during their second year of law school, and the evening division students who are accepted begin the program during their third year of law school. 

Becoming a lawyer takes more than sitting through three years of law school lectures.  It involves more than learning how to cross examine hostile witnesses, write presuasive briefs, and talk to clients.  Reading about subjects such as legal ethics or law practice management is not the same as learning about them from experience. 

Throughout the LADR program , you will learn legal doctrine, lawyering skills, and professional values, and work in Chicago-Kent's teaching law firm, supervised by clinical professors who are expert practitioners and mentors.  You will learn the art of lawyering through two years of intensive skills and clinical training.  Your experience will teach you how to become a competent, ethical, socially responsible lawyer. 

To learn more about this program, pelase contact Prof. Gary Laser, Room 631, or pick up an application and a brochure in Room 600.  There will also be an Information Meeting on Wednesday, November 18, in from 3:00-4:00 and from 5:00-6:00 in room 580.   Check the Record for more information on the meeting location. 

APPLICATIONS FOR THIS PROGRAM MUST BE TURNED IN BY FEBRUARY 1, 1999.  Please turn in applications in Room 600. 

UPDATE - The LADR Program!

Prior to Spring 1999 semester, ADR for LADR was limited to LADR students in their last year of law school.  LADR students in the day division may now take ADR in their fourth or sixth semester, and evening division LADR students may take ADR for LADR in their sixth or eighth semester of law school.

Evening division students generally begin the LADR curriculum in their fifth semester of law school.  However, evening students who are accepted to LADR in their second semester may take Trial Advocacy I in their fourth semester.




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